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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram (劇場版魔法少女まどか☆マギカThe Battle Pentagram Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika: The Battle Pentagram) is a PlayStation Vita 3D Action game developed by Artdink and published by Namco Bandai. The original scenario is supervised by Magica Quartet. The game was released in Japan on December 19, 2013.

The limited edition of the game includes the following:

  • Special box
  • Art book
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Dessert witch seal mobile cleaner
  • Five extra character costume codes
  • Voice world


This is the story of some magical girls, whom have been hunting witches throughout the ages. How many times has this been repeating over and over again, Homura Akemi has stopped counting a long time ago. After challenging several times the most powerful of witches, "Walpurgisnacht", without any success, thinking again it was the end, she entrusted everything to Madoka Kaname.

"If we all five magical girls get together, wouldn't we be capable of defeating Walpurgisnacht?"

With that in mind, Homura goes back in time once again. The five girls must forge a bond between them to cooperate and defeat Walpurgisnacht. Now, the girls are left behind, and one of them will be their guide...

Gameplay Features

The game features daytime and nighttime sequences. At daytime, players can talk with the magical girls and strengthen their bonds, while at nighttime players battle witches, the results of which can affect your bonds with the magical girls.

The following characters are confirmed to appear:

  • Madoka Kaname: Shoots an arrow of light.
  • Homura Akemi: Manipulates time and wields firearms.
  • Mami Tomoe: Uses ribbon magic and musket for a long-distance advantage.
  • Sayaka Miki: Attacks in short-distance with swords. Has high mobility and attack speed.
  • Kyoko Sakura: Wields a spear for short to mid-range attacks.

Battle System

  • Melee attack: Press triangle button. Combos are counted.
  • Aerial attack: Press triangle button while jumping.
  • Area magic: By pressing triangle button and left stick, you can attack multiple enemies around, with consumption of some MP.
  • Aerial magic : Press Triangle and left stick front, consume some MP.
  • Aerial magic 2 : Press Triangle and left stick down, consume some MP.
  • Special magic: By pressing the square button, one of special magics can be cast with consumption of MP. There are many magics for every magical girl, and have their own levels. The higher level she gained, the more powerful and wider range it goes. There is a magical gauge which will be exhausted when special magic is released.
  • Combination attack : Press R + triangle, consume 1 tension bar
  • Combination skill : Press R + square, consume 4 tension bar. To use Combination skill the girl must unlock it through the friendship event by reach level 4 friendship.

To increase friendship values, try the following:

  • Choose a pair together during events in the day.
  • Team that pair up in battles at night and get good ranks.
  • Prevent your ally from being attacked and increase combo counts during battle.
  • Resurrecting your teammate is also a good idea.
  • Equip affection up support skills to increase their friendship values faster.


Action List
Skill \ Character Madoka Homura Mami Sayaka Kyoko
Melee Attack (△) Bow Melee Beretta M92FS Musket Cutlass Spear
Dash attack (Dash+△) Hip Attack High Kick Kick around High Kick Kick around
Step attack (Step+△) Kick around AA Gun Moonsault Kick Slash up Stab up
Area magic (Direction+△) Spread arrow Machine Gun Multiple musket shoot Revolving Cut Crushing Iron Whip
Aerial magic 1 (Left stick up+△ during jump) Forward air attack Class 4 Hazardous Materials Air Legare Stinger Dozen thrust
Aerial magic 2 (Left stick down+△ during jump) Pratfall Trample Flawless Legs of Gold Spark Edge Hammer
Special Magic (□) Homing Arrow : Shoot a high speed arrow toward enemy

Twinkle Arrow : Shoot a piercing arrow toward enemy

Magical Score : Shoot rain of arrow to enemies

I don't know why : Use Kyubey as decoy

Time suspend : Stop the time

AT-4 rocket launcher : Shoot rockets at enemy.

M249 Machine Gun : Shoot enemy with machine gun

Sticky Grenade : Throw a homemade time bomb

Tiro : Shoot the enemy with muskets

Legare : Tie the enemy with the ribbon

Infinite Magic Bullets : Summon countless musket to attack enemies

Tiro Finale : Give off super strong blow with giant musket

Typhoon : Create a whirlwind to hit the surronding enemies

Shooting Stinger: Throw sword toward enemy

Wide Slash : Cut through wide area of enemies.

Rhapsody : Succumb into anger, uncontrollable for a little while

Flying Spear : Throw spear toward enemy

Grounded Spear : Summon spears from ground to pierce enemy

Clone Attack : Summon clones to do simultaneous attacks

Last Judgment : Summon a giant spear and shoot a forward sweeping laser at the enemy


There are several stats that contribute to the fighting ability of each magical girl.

Attribute Description Maximum
Level Lv The overall power of your character. 99
HP The maximum health points of your character. 8823
MP The maximum magic points of your character. 9019
Soul Gem Level ソウルジェムLv The overall power of your character. ?
Exp to next Level 次のレベルまで How many points left until you level up again. n/a
Experience Points The total exp your character has gained. 999999
Sortie Count 出撃回数 The number of times this girl was chosen as party lead. n/a
STR Strength. Damage for regular attacks. 255
MAG Magic. Damage for special magics. 255
VIT Vitality. Determines your HP. 255
CON Concentration. Determines your MP. 255
AGI Agility. Determines your run/walk speed and your jump distance/height. 255

The 5 attributes (STR, MAG, VIT, CON, AGI) will increase naturally as you level up. Each girl earns different attribute points at different levels. Additionally, you can increase attributes by spending strengthening points; 1 strengthening point will increase 1 attribute by 1.

Your HP and MP will increase immediately when you spend points on VIT and CON, even at max level (99). However, not all VIT values yield HP boosts; you may not gain HP when increasing VIT from 33 to 34, but you may gain HP when you increase VIT from 34 to 35, for example. The same is true for CON and MP.

You earn strengthening points (those purple orbs) whenever one of your characters gains a level. They can be spent to increase the battle attributes however you choose (STR, MAG, VIT, CON, AGI). Depending on what level they are, you earn different numbers of points. Keep in mind that each character can only obtain a maximum of 255 in each attribute, and any further bonus attributes gained through level up will be wasted. Once all your characters are at maximum level, you can no longer earn more strengthening points.

There are exactly enough strengthening points to raise every character to 255 in all 5 attributes. If you misspent any of your points, you will be given back the excess when you clear story mode.

Strengthening Points Earned per Level
Level Points Earned
1 to 9 0
10 to 29 1
30 to 49 2
50 to 69 3
70 to 99 4

Special Magics

Special magics are the unique spells of each character. They may be the strongest damaging attacks available to you, but they come at a price. You equip 3 at a time, and you are free to switch them between missions.

Special magics require a large chunk of MP to use. Furthermore, as you increase the level of a support magic, the cost will often increase faster than the damage.

Each special magic has its own cool down gauge. The current gauge is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen, and you can cycle through your chosen magics with left and right on the d-pad.

When you target a specific enemy, a red ring circles around them. Depending on the distance between you and the target, sometimes the ring will fill with white; if you hit the target in this condition, it will become a critical hit. The critical distance is different for each special magic.

Special Magics
Required Level Spell Book Cost Madoka Homura Mami Sayaka Kyoko
Level 1 n/a Homing Arrow Lv1 Sticky Grenade Lv1 Tiro Lv1 Shooting Stinger Lv1 Flying Spear Lv1
Level 5 1 Homing Arrow Lv2 Sticky Grenade Lv2 Tiro Lv2 Shooting Stinger Lv2 Flying Spear Lv2
Level 15 3 Homing Arrow Lv3 Sticky Grenade Lv3 Tiro Doppietta Lv1 Shooting Stinger Lv3 Flying Spear Lv3
Level 30 5 Homing Arrow Lv4 Sticky Grenade Lv4 Tiro Doppietta Lv2 Shooting Stinger Lv4 Flying Spear Lv4
Level 50 10 Homing Comet Super Sticky Grenade Tiro Volley Splash Stinger Flying Spear Longinus
Level 1 n/a Magical Score Lv1 M249 Machine Gun Lv1 Legare Lv1 Typhoon Lv1 Grounded Spear Lv1
Level 5 1 Magical Score Lv2 M249 Machine Gun Lv2 Legare Lv2 Typhoon Lv2 Grounded Spear Lv2
Level 15 3 Magical Score Lv3 M249 Machine Gun Lv3 Legare Lv3 Typhoon Lv3 Grounded Spear Lv3
Level 30 5 Magical Score Lv4 M249 Machine Gun Lv4 Legare Lv4 Typhoon Lv4 Grounded Spear Lv4
Level 50 10 Shooting Star M249 Machine Gun Master Legare Vastaria Super Typhoon Supreme Spear
Level 1 n/a Twinkle Arrow Lv1 AT-4 Rocket Launcher Lv1 Infinite Bullets Lv1 Wide Slash Lv1 Clone Attack Lv1
Level 5 1 Twinkle Arrow Lv2 AT-4 Rocket Launcher Lv2 Infinite Bullets Lv2 Wide Slash Lv2 Clone Attack Lv2
Level 15 3 Twinkle Arrow Lv3 AT-4 Rocket Launcher Lv3 Infinite Bullets Lv3 Wide Slash Lv3 Clone Attack Lv3
Level 30 5 Twinkle Arrow Lv4 AT-4 Rocket Launcher Lv4 Infinite Bullets Lv4 Wide Slash Lv4 Clone Attack Lv4
Level 50 10 Starlight Arrow AT-4 Rocket Launcher Master Parottora Infinita Sukuwarutore Rosso Fantasma
Level 1 n/a I Don't Understand Why Lv1 Time Stop 4 Tiro Finale Lv1 Rhapsody Lv1 Last Judgment Lv1
Level 5 1 I Don't Understand Why Lv2 Time Stop 6 Tiro Finale Lv2 Rhapsody Lv2 Last Judgment Lv2
Level 15 3 I Don't Understand Why Lv3 Time Stop 8 Tiro Finale Lv3 Rhapsody Lv3 Last Judgment Lv3
Level 30 5 I Don't Understand Why Lv4 Time Stop 10 Tiro Finale Lv4 Rhapsody Lv4 Last Judgment Lv4
Level 50 10 I Really Don't Understand Why Time Stop 15 Tiro Finale Grande Rhapsody - Last Movement Flame of Purgation

Support Skills

Support Skills are available to everyone (eventually). You can equip up to 3 at a time, and you are free to switch them between missions. Your support skills don't affect your partner, and your partner's support skills don't affect you.

You learn Support Skills during certain level-ups, and you can enhance them by spending spell books (1 for a level 2 skill, 3 for a level 3 skill, 5 for a second-last level skill, and 10 for a level MAX skill). Each girl learns Support Skills in a different order. Some Support Skills are earned by clearing the game, or by buying a full set of DLC costumes (for 400 jpy per costume per character).

Note: The Mitakihara uniforms for Mami and Homura were free, due to issues with VoiceWorld at launch. (VoiceWorld is a service where players can use a real world phone to have private telephone conversations with Mami and Homura.)

Support Skill Learned at Level
Name Description Levels Madoka Homura Mami Sayaka Kyoko
Melee Power Up Increases △ button damage 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 65 63 39 10 1
Magic Power Up Increases □ button damage 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 1 7 51 20 11
Defense Up Reduces damage taken 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 45 73 1 14 56
Max HP Up Increases HP 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 53 70 47 1 16
Max MP Up Increases MP, scales to double MP at level MAX 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 26 1 3 44 29
EXP Up Increases exp gained 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 17 36 35 27 22
Cooldown Reduction Reduce the cooldown of special magic 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 29 25 66 49 7
Reduce MP Consumption Reduce MP consumption of magic 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 41 19 59 31 46
MP Recovery Rate Up Increase the rate of MP regen 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 61 46 31 54 31
High Tension Tension bar is filled faster 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 5 59 21 5 37
Magic Range Extension Increase the range of magic 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 37 31 11 12 5
Unbreakable Defense Reduce the damage taken when using Guard 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX 21 13 55 39 51
Poison Resistant Disable the chance of affected by poison 1, 2, MAX 33 51 46 5 19
Stun Resistant Disable the chance of affected by stun 1, 2, MAX 57 56 64 17 61
Confusion Resistant Disable the chance of affected by confusion 1, 2, MAX 9 41 69 35 13
Bind Resistant Disable the chance of affected by bind 1, 2, MAX 49 76 11 23 43
Slow Resistant Disable the chance of affected by slow 1, 2, MAX 13 67 26 7 26
Soul Gem Capacity Up Increase the capacity of Soul Gem 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX Get the Bad End
Affection Up Increases affection gained with your partner 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX Defeat Walpurgis
Start Tension MAX Begin each map will full tension MAX Defeat Walpurgis
Leadership Your partner's attack and defense increase 1, 2, 3, 4, MAX Defeat Walpurgis
Affection Down Decreases affection with your partner MAX Defeat Walpurgis
Super Armor Enemy attacks do not slow your movement 1, MAX Defeat Walpurgis, max affection between your character and the other 4
Step Count Up Increases number of times you can step (dash) before landing MAX Defeat Walpurgis, max affection between your character and the other 4
Jump Count Up Increases number of times you can jump before landing MAX Defeat Walpurgis, max affection between your character and the other 4
Mitakihara Uniform Complete EXP Up, High Tension, Leadership MAX Purchase the Mitakihara school uniform for all 5 girls
Gym Collection Complete ???? MAX Purchase the gym uniform for all 5 girls
Pajama Collection Complete ???? MAX Purchase the pajama costume for all 5 girls
Swimsuit Collection Complete Defense Up, Max HP Up, Super Armor MAX Purchase the swimsuit costume for all 5 girls
A La Carte Collection Complete ???? MAX Purchase the a la carte costume for all 5 girls

Spell Books are earned whenever you complete a mission. Since you can always attempt missions, there is no limit to the number of spell books you can earn, and buying/upgrading all Special Magics and Support Skills for all characters is possible.


As usual for PS Vita games, The Battle Pentagram comes with its own set of trophies that can be earned.

Rank JP Name Requirement
Platinum 私の願いは、全てのトロフィーを獲得すること My wish is to earn all trophies Earn all the trophies in TBP.
Gold 最強の魔法少女たち The strongest magical girls Raise all magical girls to the maximum level (99).
Gold だから私は、戦い続ける That is why I can continue to fight See the true ending.
Gold 君は、本当に神になるつもりかい? You really going to become God? Complete every mission on Witch Barrier of Samsara.
Gold 魔法少女はさ、夢と希望を叶えるんだから Magical girls, they fulfill wishes and dreams See the best ending.
Silver 極限の魔女結界の達人 Outer-limit witch barrier professional Clear all 'outer-limit witch barrier' missions.
Silver 混沌の魔女結界の達人 Chaos witch barrier professional Clear all 'chaos witch barrier' missions.
Silver 真 魔女戦の達人 True witch fighting professional Clear all 'true witch' missions.
Silver 私の戦場はここじゃない This is not my battlefield See the better end.
Silver 訳が分からないよ No sense at all Defeat Walpugris Night at day 30 alone.
Silver ベテラン魔法少女 Veteran magical girl Clear a stage without taking damage.
Silver 最強の魔法少女 The strongest magical girl Raise a magical girl's level to the maximum (99).
Silver 私の、最高の友達 My best friend See a 100% bond event.
Silver 時空を超えて巡り会った運命の仲間 The friend that crossed space-time to meet me Obtain all combination magics.
Silver それはとっても嬉しいなって I was really happy Sortie with Madoka 50 times.
Silver 奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ Miracles and magic, they exist Sortie with Sayaka 50 times.
Silver もう何も怖くない I'm not afraid of anything anymore Sortie with Mami 50 times.
Silver 最後に残った道しるべ The last sign Sortie with Homura 50 times.
Silver そんなの、あたしが許さない That, I cannot forgive Sortie with Kyoko 50 times.
Silver もう誰にも頼らない I won't rely on anyone anymore Clear a stage by going solo.
Bronze 絶対にあなたを救ってみせる! I will definitely save you! Clear the prologue route.
Bronze 私は何度でも繰り返す I'll repeat it as long as it takes See the bad ending.
Bronze 薔薇園の魔女退治完了 Cleanse the rose garden witch. Defeat Gertrud.
Bronze お菓子の魔女退治完了 Cleanse the dessert witch. Defeat Charlotte.
Bronze ハコの魔女退治完了 Cleanse the box witch. Defeat H.N. Elly.
Bronze 影の魔女退治完了 Cleanse the shadow witch. Defeat Elsa Maria.
Bronze 委員長の魔女退治完了 Cleanse the class representative witch. Defeat Patricia.
Bronze 芸術家の魔女退治完了 Cleanse the artist witch. Defeat Izabel.
Bronze あたしって、ほんとうバカ I'm really an idiot Fail a stage while playing solo.
Bronze 未来の後輩に、あんまり格好悪いところ見せられないものね I can't show an uncool side of me to my future juniors Defeat the rose garden witch while playing as Mami solo.
Bronze 私、独りぼっちじゃないもの! I'm not alone anymore! Defeat the dessert witch while playing as Mami solo.
Bronze クラスのみんなには、内緒だよ! Keep this a secret from everyone in class! Defeat the artist witch while playing as Mami and Madoka.
Bronze あたし、今最高に幸せだよ I'm... experiencing true happiness Defeat the box witch while playing as Sayaka solo.
Bronze 正義の味方失格だよ… No longer a friend of justice... Defeat the shadow witch while playing as Sayaka and Kyoko.
Bronze 独りぼっちは…さびしいもんな…いいと。一緒にいてやるよ Being alone... is lonely... Alright. Let's die together Defeat the mermaid witch while playing as Kyoko solo.
Bronze もう一度、あいつの演奏が聴きたかっただけなんだ I just wanted to listen to him playing for one more time Defeat the mermaid witch(亜種) while playing as Madoka and Kyoko


  • At the time the game's announcement by Dengeki and Famitsu, the console in which The Battle Pentagram would be release was subject to confusion. Famitsu incorrectly listed the game under the PS3 label. They have since issued an apology for the mistake.[1]


  • In Timeline 3, Madoka asks Homura to "Save everyone so they can fight Walpurgis Nacht together" instead of "Keep me from getting tricked by Kyubey."
  • It was a dream by Homura all along


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