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Izabel (IZABEL) is one of the witches that appeared in Episode 10. Her name appeared in the episode as Isadel, however a card that was released later corrected her name to be Izabel.

Witch Card

Card Isabel.png



TypeArtist witch
EpisodesEpisode 10

The artist witch. Her nature is vanity. Without a slightest doubt, she believes her existence is blessed. Wanting someone to see her work, she often interferes with human world. However within her barrier only exist works that you have probably seen somewhere before. To defeat this witch, just bring a well-known critic with you.


Card Michaela.png



TypeArtist witch's minion.
EpisodesEpisode 10, The Rebellion Story

The artist witch's minion. Her role is to be a piece of artwork. Any human that has been killed by this witch will have their body parts placed within this familiar.


  • She seems to be able to speak, being the only witch who spoke something so far (Except Elly who could speak with Backmasking).
    • There is a possibility that a witch's speaking can be understood only by people who have been targeted by her.
  • Her barrier seems to be art-related. For example, the patterns Homura walks over before being engulfed by her barrier bear a striking resemblance Pablo Picasso's Guernica, and Izabel is killed while bound to a facsimile of the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Her name may have been derived from Princess Izabela Czartoryska, founder of the first Polish museum.
  • The familiar's name may be a reference to Michelangelo.

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