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A Wish Can Surpass Reality(想いは現実を越える)


This choice is unlocked after completing Homura's route in either ending.

In one of the timelines, Homura Akemi considers the possibility to defeat the Walpurgis by utilizing all five magical girls. However, it is necessary to change their minds in order to prevent them all from falling into despair. So, she decides to take a different action...


Warning, this section contains spoilers.

In one of the many timelines, Homura considers the possibility of defeating Walpurgis with all five magical girls. But since all other magical girls have severe weak points, she concluded that it is necessary to change their minds.

One day after dealing with familiars, Mami, Madoka and Sayaka are leaving the barrier. Suddenly Homura appears in front of them, and requests that they have their minds prepared for what she is about to do. Although they feel that Homura is acting strange, they all see the truth behind Kyubey after Homura shoots him.

The next day, Homura goes to Mami's apartment. She suggests to Mami that she should become an idol so that she will never feel lonely. Mami initially says that she can't, but finally she is convinced to give it a try. After practicing singing, Mami goes to an audition, where she meets a talent scout. The scout tells her that they can offer her an opportunity.

After Mami's audition, Homura tries to deal with Sayaka. After meeting with Hitomi, Sayaka looks very depressed. Homura suggests to Sayaka that she should confront Hitomi. Sayaka refuses, saying she doesn't want to hurt Hitomi, but Homura convinces her of the importance Kyousuke in her heart. The next day, Sayaka gives Hitomi a challenge letter, declaring she won't give up Kyousuke, in front of Homura. After class, Hitomi and Sayaka have a match. Homura suggests to them that they confess together and let Kyousuke choose which girl he likes, but they both refuse this idea. Sayaka tells Hitomi that she has reassessed her feelings and Hitomi slaps her in anger. Sayaka slaps Hitomi back and Hitomi gives up. Sayaka then goes to Kyousuke to confess her feelings while Homura comforts the crying Hitomi with a hug.

Now, because the magical girls are going about their businesses, Homura needs to find someone to hunt witches. She suggests to Mami to let Kyoko do this because Kyoko wants grief seeds. Kyoko is frustrated and doesn't believe what Homura is telling her about Kyubey, but after seeing how Kyubey eats his own discarded body Kyoko accepts Homura's suggestion.

Madoka sees how everyone has changed themselves and she is worried about herself. However, she doesn't know how she should change. Homura comes to her room and slaps her after Madoka talks about how useless she feels. Homura requests that Madoka not change herself.

Mami is now about to become an idol. She is ready for her debut and her first CD is ready to be released. Sayaka now is Kyousuke's girlfriend and looks happy. She even told him that she is a magical girl and Kyousuke thinks it is wonderful. Kyoko is very satisfied to take over Mitakihara Town, which is a very good area to acquire grief seeds. However, Kyoko occasionally needs to give the other girls a few grief seeds. Despite this, everything and everyone appear to be in good condition.

Despite that, one day Homura recalls that she must fight against Walpurgis. She calls each of the magical girls to come and have meeting at her home. Walpurgis is too powerful for even the combined efforts of all the girls. In spite of that, everyone still tries to fight and they ask for Homura's orders on the matter. Homura, who is aware of the hopeless situation, gives no answer and instead resets the timeline.

Observations and Trivia

  • Homura's personality is depicted differently in each separate route:
    • Homura is depicted as an encouraging yet demanding consoler who directly addresses each girl's weaknesses with creative solutions. She occasionally speaks outdated words due to the extensive reading she did during her time in the hospital.
    • She introduces herself to Madoka, Mami, and Sayaka like a strict drill instructor. She states that her mission is to teach them to be magical girls who believe in themselves. She routinely calls for their affirmative salutes.
    • Kyubey doesn't want to get killed by Homura during this route and doesn't make too many appearances as a result.
  • Mami's debut single as an idol is "Tiro Finale of Love" (恋のティロ・フィナーレ, koi no tiro finale).
    • She is thankful to Homura for suggesting her to be an idol, thinking that her busy schedule with lessons and her fans is life changing.
  • Madoka begins to wonder if her becoming a magical girl was pointless since everyone has found happiness through other means. She concludes that she should be content being a magical girl until she figures out her future.
  • Once Kyouske says his emphatic support for her magical girl duties, Sayaka happily ditches school to fight familiars within the city. Homura suspected that her absence meant she turned into a witch, and she is surprised to see Sayaka's Soul Gem without any corruption.
  • Kyoko thinks the other magical girls are nuts for being so happy when she first arrives in the town.
    • She enjoys hoarding the grief seeds for herself at first and keeps a mountain of them within her family church. She doesn't want anyone else to touch them, but she willingly shows it to Sayaka once they are friendly with one another.
    • At Homura's advice, she befriends Sayaka simply by being honest with her emotions. Sayaka is much happier with Kyoko and Kyousuke beside her.
  • Hitomi admires Homura much more than other timelines.
  • Homura realizes that even if everyone is happier and closer to one another in this timeline, their happiness alone isn't enough to win against Walpurgis.



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