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A booklet is included with Puella Magi Madoka Magica Blu-Ray Disc Volume 4. The full contents are listed on the Products Page, and the BD is for sale on Amazon.

Gen Urobuchi (Screenplay for All Episodes) & Akiyuki Shinbo (Director) Conversation Part 1

BD 4 Page 3 and 4 Shinbo Interview.jpg

Translation courtesy of symbv of evageeks forum

Shinbo – I was the one who first started to say I want to do a “mahou shoujo anime”. And it started with Producer (Atsuhiro) Iwakami introducing (Gen) Urobuchi-san to me after hearing what I said.

Urobuchi – To be honest, at first I could only wrap my head in my arms. (lol) I thought, “Didn't Director Shinbo already do everything possible in his anime 'Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha'?” But then both “Nanoha” and “Hidamari Sketch,” which were collaboration between Ume Aoki-san and Director Shinbo, share a theme of being about “friendship between girls.” My gut feeling told me this time I should also write the “mahou shoujo anime” as an anime about “friendship between girls”.

Shinbo – I think the screenplay by Urobuchi-san put a lot of care in portraying the girls. If the portrayal of a girl gets overdone too much, it will look too unreal. It is not just Madoka or Homura, but the other female characters who are not mahou shoujo, like Madoka's mother, the teacher or Hitomi, were all done well.

Urobuchi – About Hitomi, a female acquaintance told me, “She still could not follow it through till the end.” (lol) and “A woman will lay the groundwork a bit more and then declare war to her rival!” Wow, just made me think a woman is a scary thing (lol). If a man writes a female character, it is often easy to make her at the end a character that just fits a guy's fantasy. I had to pay particular attention to that. Bringing the blood and flesh of a girl to the characters is all due to the power of the seiyuu-san and everyone in the anime staff.

Shinbo – On “friendship between women,” the relationship between Madoka's mother and the teacher was also very good. It was the settei (design) that the two were close friends.

Urobuchi – I was also aware of the fact that the gender relationship was reversed between the parents of Madoka. A strong mother and a kind father. Although it was a relationship that came simply from a playful mind, the result was that it became like a family of a “mahou shoujo.” It is quite possible that under a strong mother there will be a girl with lots of guts.

Shinbo – Judging from the tone of mother's words, perhaps she used to be a delinquent (lol). Perhaps Wako-sensei also acted together with her since they were students.

Urobuchi – Ah, because of that even though the teacher got a boyfriend she could not make it last (lol) Once they hook up her real character shows and the guy just runs away.

Shinbo – If possible, I would like to make a chapter about the mother taking over the company.

Urobuchi – The mother teams up with Kyubey. Once she learns how to cheat humans from Kyubey, she proceeds to take over the company.

Shinbo – Nice idea (lol) !

Ai Nonaka (Kyoko Sakura) Q & A

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Translation courtesy of symbv of evageeks forum

When I first saw the character pictures of the mahou shoujo, it did not even cross my mind that it will become a story like this.

What was your feeling when you were selected to voice Kyoko?

I was surprised!! At the audition, I was told I could pick the role I liked [for the audition], so I picked Kyoko. It was like No kidding? No kidding?! Because it was a role I wanted to voice so much I was really happy.

How was it like when you started to voice-act as Kyoko?

It was difficult. She came to take over the territory of Mami-san~ Her appearance in the show was as a rival of the protagonists; and after that she got involved with Sayaka and had to talk about her past. I really anguished over it. That said, I enjoyed it even though she came into the show and left the show in the middle. And Kyubey is also such an interesting [character]... When I watch a different mahou shoujo anime I may end up suspecting cute characters (lol). Being able to participate a great work is indeed what one calls “a miracle”. Yeah.

Your thoughts of the work Madoka Magika?

When I first saw the character pictures of the mahou shoujo, it did not even cross my mind that it will become a story like this.

How was it like during the After-recording sessions?

Something like “This Sayaka is so---” . I have memories of talking with a female point of view in conversations over the after-recording sessions (lol) It was fun. Also, Aoi-chan, who voiced Madoka, was standing pigeon-toed in front of the mike. I got “moe” in secret. (lol)

Ume Aoki / 4koma Part Four

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