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Madoka Magica

The soundtrack for the Madoka Magica anime was composed by Yuki Kajiura.

All but two of the lyrical tracks were written by either Kajiura or Sho Watanabe; Mata Ashita was written by hanawaya and and I'm home by wowaka. Doroinu wrote lyrics on two of Kajiura's insert songs for Rebellion.

Madoka Magica Games

The soundtrack for Portable and The Battle Pentagram was composed by longtime Nitroplus collaborator ZIZZ STUDIO. Individual song credits for Portable are unknown, but the entirety of the Battle Pentagram soundtrack is credited solely to Toshimichi Isoe.

The soundtrack for Online was never released officially and its authorship remains unknown.

Magia Record

The soundtrack for Magia Record is composed by a large team consisting of Ryo Furukawa, Yasuhisa Inoue, Kyohei Ozawa, Naoki "naotyu-" Chiba, Tatsuhiko Saiki, Kenji Katoh, and Masayoshi Iimori. All lyrical tracks are written by Sho Watanabe, with the exception of Signal, written by Takamitsu Ono.

Magia Record Anime

The soundtrack for the Magia Record anime was composed by Takumi Ozawa.

The ending theme for Episode 13 and the unused songs performed by ReReGRAPHICS were composed by Takumi Ozawa, with lyrics written by Shito. The ending theme for Season 1 was written by kegani. Uwasa Kazoe Uta was composed by J. A. Seazer, with lyrics written by Doroinu. All other lyrical music was written by Sho Watanabe.