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Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 03.jpg Mami was called into the heaven just in front of her.

Mami, who was seen as a reliable senpai for Sayaka, who is only a newbie magical girl, was eaten by the witch. Sayaka is astonished by this. Bear this, Sayaka!!

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 04.jpg I couldn't confess to Kyousuke! Because I'm a coward, Kyousuke and Hitomi will....!
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 05.jpg Instigate

(Sayaka: It's no good to get into it without more consideration. And I didn't think it through well.)
The QB Button is always shown during dialogue. If you think it is right time to intervene the story, just press it.
(QB: Sooner or later, the outcome will be the same.)
There are 3 choices can be made: encourage, instigate, and deceive. This time, we are trying to instigate Sayaka.
(Sayaka's emotion increased by 20 points.)
Sayaka's emotion increased! It seem to be a correct choice. Please do your best to be effective.
(Sayaka: Madoka, is it okay to bring him with us?)
Sayaka seems to have doubts about Kyubey (and you). Is it good to deceive?
(QB: Kyuppui)
Choose the unlit QB button to deceive. Is it okay by making 'Kyuppui' sound?
(Sayaka's karma increased by 10 points.)
Sayaka's karma increased! By doing this, Sayaka will become a better magical girl even when she is still regular girl now.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 06.jpg What if it failed?

When the Kyubey which always shown in the dialogue, is dimmed, it is possible to fail. This may be caused by pressing it at the wrong time or making wrong choices. The karma and emotion values only change when the command succeeds. In order to make it succeed, it may be important for Kyubey to understand the characters' mind.
Madoka: What are you talking about, Kyubey? Please help! Do not let Sayaka die!

Dengeki G 1203 1.jpg

After recording of PSP version is also over, and all casts are satisfied with the result.
Interview Emiri Kato
Q: What scene do you feel most impressive?
A: I tried "to call Mami via telephone" but it seems failed. Sometimes I found "Oh! Kyubey thinks so".
Q: Which character you want to see her become a witch most?
A: Homura. Since she is supporting magical girls most, what will happen if she become a witch? How Madoka handle such situation?
Interview Chiwa Saito
Q: About the scene in episode 11 in anime
A: I made the same feeling as what during recording the anime again.
Q: What do you want to say to Homura?
A: It's well not doing that hard.
Upper Right Page
Story: Fighting witches who threaten the human world everyday.
System: There are two parts: battle and dialogue.

New! There are new magics and cut-ins in the battle part.
Dengeki G 1203 2.jpg

Sayaka route revealed. What's the future her life will become? Up or Down?
Left page(Up side)

  • Her dream comes true by Kyubey
  • She practice magic with her friends
  • Mami smoothly worried about her
  • Super up! She is hold by her beloved man
  • She is no longer fight alone

Right page(Down side)

  • Madoka is brought away by Homura, the transferred student. It is lonely.
  • Super down! Turning into a witch
  • She cannot confess and lose her love
  • Her beloved man is stolen by another woman
  • Mami was called into heaven in front of her
Dengeki G 1203 3.jpg

There are 2 states of Q-button. When you have to make choice, the Kyubey will lit. Karma or Emotion values will be affected no matter which one you choose. In the other hand, you can also interfere their dialogue any time you feel it a chance. In such situation, the Kyubey is not lit, and it might fail if you made incorrect choice. Both values will not change when you failed.

  • Fufufufu... I want to make magical girl Mami to become a witch. Is her emotion value increasing by encouraging her?
  • Praise Mami for her brief fight against witches. Will she more enthusiastically do her job?
  • Good! Her emotion value is increased. It should be more likely she turns into a witch. It's well I didn't choose the option to increase her karma value.

In fact, with emotion value increased, attack and defense are also strengthen. It is easier to defeat enemies. But because consumption of magic is also increased, it is more likely to turn into a witch. Please keep balance if you do not want them to become witches.


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