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Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 07.JPG Here are more unseen stories of magical girls.
Magical girls are fighting endlessly against witches. Is there any happy endings for them?
Learn the new key elements by starting with Sayaka route.
There is fun intervening the story from Kyubey's viewpoint in the Madoka Magica Portable game. The information about new routes, new witches, and new magic are introduced here.
Also, special comments from Chiwa Saito and Emiri Kato are also written here.
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 01.JPG Left Side

New Route:
The details of a Sayaka route, which is different from the anime, is revealed. The scenario is supervised by Gen Urobuchi who wrote the script for the anime. But there are multiple different 'if' developments. There is a different 'Sayaka route', in which it is possible to prevent Sayaka from becoming a witch. She may fight with other magical girls and enjoy a bitter-sweet event with Kyousuke.
Upper picture:
Sayaka's heart is pounding with Kyousuke's 'skinship'. There is such a happy scene not in the original anime.
Middle left picture:
It is possible to combine Sayaka, Mami and Kyoko to challenge the witch of candy.
Lower left picture:
But it is also possible to become more cruel than in anime, depending on player's choice.
Kyousuke: You're not Sayaka. What the hell are you?
Middle right picture:
Of course it may result in a fight against Sayaka who becomes a witch again. How do Kyoko and Madoka deal with her?
Lower right picture:
There is a possibility that she fights Walpurgisnacht with Madoka and Homura.

Right Side
It is revealed that the scribbling witch is appearing in the game as an original witch designed by Gekidan Inu-Curry. In the anime, only her familiar appeared there. Fighting with this witch in her barrier full of building blocks, crayons and toys. What form does her attack take?
Upper picture:
The scribbling witch can summon familiars from her scribbling. It is important to stop her scribbling.
Lower Picture:
Familiars can grow up to become a witch by eating people. Maybe this witch is coming from the familiar that escaped from Sayaka's attack.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 02.JPG Original Magic
Original magic is there, too. As original magic, Madoka and other magical girls' new skills are revealed. There are a lot of new cut-scene and recordings. And the naming of magic and skills are supervised by Gen Urobuchi.


  • Magical Scroll: Attack magic.
  • White Light of Relief: Healing magic.
  • Pannier Rocket: The magic used in the OP. The effect is unknown.


  • Spark Edge: Cut the enemy with her cutlass.
  • Rhapsody: Become a berserker, just as in the anime.


  • Unlimited Magic Bullets: Summon a lot of muskets and fire them together to clear all enemies at once.
  • The Golden Beautiful Leg: Her way of melee attack.


  • Final Adjudgement: The skill used in fight with Oktavia in anime.
  • Kuu-kai: Supply an apple. It might be able to heal team members.


  • Space Leap: She can escape from surrounding enemies with this.
  • Anti-tank Weapon : With this bazooka, even a tank can be destroyed.

Homura in the cut-scene is different depending on timeline.

When Kyubey, who is in the lower left corner, is shining, a choice can be shown by pressing the square button (Q-button). By making a choice, the karma and emotion values can be changed and whether she becomes a magical girl or witch can be affected. It is an important system to change the story. There are 3 additional commands to intervene with the girls. But if you fail 5 times, you can only intervene by choice in the necessary events of that day (in game).

  • Encourage (はげます)
  • Instigate (あおる)
  • Deceive (とぼける)
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02 08.JPG Comments from Chiwa Saito and Emiri Kato (brief translation):

Q1: What is the best scene or point you recommend?
Q2: Besides the character you played, who is your favorite character?

Chiwa Saito:
A1: There is a Happy Ending for everyone.
A2: It's Madoka.

Emiri Kato:
A1: The way QB trying to lure girls into makimg a contract is interesting. He is always ready.
A2: Mami is best. But Kyoko is also good. It's hard to determine who is my favorite.


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