Dengeki PSP Volume 3

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Additional information and illustrations on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica PSP Game

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Magical girls. They are saving people with their incredible power. Although there is a standard form to perform story of magical girls, there appears some works breaking such concept recently. This special edition will have some introduction to those magical girl stories.

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Advanture mode

The story is happening in Mitakihara where Madoka lives. It changes depending on many choice from what Kyubey prompted. There exists some scenarios different from the original one. There are even situations when some magical girl becoming a witch. Anime fans should feel it fresh, with Kyubey's viewpoint. And it is full-voiced in advanture mode, with VAs' new recordings.

Dungeon RPG mode

The objective of dungeon RPG mode is to defeat witches in the deepest part of the dungeon. You are in a 3D dungeon, with first-person viewpoint, to search for the witch. Although only one magical girl can fight at once, which one to fight can be changed if there are more magical girls. Because the weapons, attack ranges and special attacks are different for every magical girl, you have to determine a way based on the condition, to save their lives in the witch's barrier. And there are newly designed witches by Gekidan Inu Curry.

Values of causality and emotion

There is an original system called the 'Q button'. It can be used during dialog, to make new choices in the story. By choosing it, the emotions of the girls can be manipulated. By swinging her emotions, her causality value will increase for a regular girl, and her emotion value will increase for a magical girl.

  • The power of a magical girl depends on her causality value.
  • If the causality value is not increased, there is chance to stop her from becoming a magical girl.
  • When the emotion value reaches some limit, the magical girl will turn into a witch. But this value is also a factor of combat power.


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