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Gekidan INU Curry (劇団イヌカレー Theatrical Company Dog Curry) are an animation troupe who often work with studio SHAFT. The duo is credited with the design of the witches and the witches' otherworld in Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica. Their techniques draw inspiration from Russian animation and Czech animation. They utilize stop-motion animation and coloring that resembles hand-drawn illustrations.

Their pen names are 2shiroinu (2白犬) (2white dog, pictured right) and Doroinu (泥犬) (Muddy dog, pictured left). 2shiroinu, or Ayumi Shiraishi (白石 亜由美), is a former Gainax animator. Doroinu, or Yousuke Anai, worked at Tanto Do-GA Studio.

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This interview in Megami covers their involvement in Madoka.

According to an interview about their work on Universe, they formed a freelance group in order to pursue artistic expression, explaining "We both had set our eyes on Russian and Czech animation styles. Rather than working with a lot of people like in an orchestra, we prefer to create miniature landscapes that can be accomplished by working individually."

Maaya Sakamoto, who sings Universe, described their art: "Gekidan INU Curry's drawings have the quality of a picture book and the unrealistic feel of a fairytale as well as some dark humor to it. They are really colorful, cute and fantastical. The characters convey this fancy atmosphere at first sight, but if you look at them carefully, you can see them injected with a needle, bandaged, or drooling. You see, they are not only cute, but they also remind us of imperfect mortals. I had the impression each character had a story behind him or her. I thought they were ideal actors to appear on the video."

Doroinu's work in the Magia Record Game includes designing Witch, Doppel and Uwasa, and writing and supervising several event stories. He has also been selected as the General Director and Series Composition of Magia Record Anime.


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