Febri Vol. 44

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Player Guide

There’s a general explanation of how the game works, and a list of magical girls and memorias, explaining both gameplay (effects, discs, connects, rarity, etc) and aesthetic aspects (illustrator and voice actress). It includes everything up to Ren Isuzu’s release.

Animation commentary

This section includes the storyboards for the first game opening, the characters’ transformations and doppel designs. Though these had been made public before in exhibitions, this time it includes commentary from Seiya Numata (who did the opening’s storyboard), Junichiro Taguchi (animation director) and Doroinu (transformations and doppels). Ed54937c125426976ff011fb88aa4828.jpg

4samurai Interview

This was an interview with Masaki Sato, marketing chief of 4samurai and Magia Record producer. He explains how the story of the game was changed during meeting with Aniplex, how his work on Magia Record compares to other games he’s helped develop and offers an explanation as to why some important characters were given a low rarity.

He also talks about future plans for the game. He explains that Oriko characters will be included and that some of the other spinoff characters might also be released in-game, namely those from the Tart, Suzune and Kazumi mangas. He says that the Mikadzuki Villa characters will be able to be upgraded to maximum rarity sooner or later, but that that may or may not be true of every character in the game, depending on future developments. Another possible feature he discusses is releasing in-game customes for the characters.

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