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Homo magica
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Homo magica are a species of human that appears in Null Magical Girl. They are the next step in evolution for humanity, where all of the people are "magical". They rarely become witches because everyone is nice to eachother and because their many years of evolution have stripped away their insecurities. They are at war with magical girls from the planet of Terminus and other galaxies. They are colonizers of all of the galaxy and are close to taking over the whole universe. They are, despite their cute looks, highly aggressive towards anyone who is not a Homo magica.

In the novel, the Homo magica are seen using staffs, wands, swords, shields and Soul Gem Bombs (weaponized muddy soul gems, become witches when they explode) as weapons.


The Homo magica are, as Kosane states, immensely cute girls who maximize cuteness with their every action. While humanoid, they are very unnerving. Their eyes literally sparkle with multiple colors and they are very "kawaii". Kyubey assumes that the Homo magica get stronger the cuter they are. The Homo magica seen appear to wear typical Magical Girl attire.

Everyone in the Homo magica race appears to be androgynous according to Kosane.