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Kimihide Mikuni
Japanese Name 美国 公秀

(Note: As all chapters of Sadness Prayer are currently only available in Japanese, most of the info here comes from rough translation and interpretation of events. Thus, some of the information may be incorrect, so please do not treat anything as 100% accurate.)

Kimihide Mikuni (美国 公秀 Mikuni Kimihide) is a minor supporting character appearing in Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer. He is Oriko Mikuni's uncle, Hisaomi Mikuni's brother, and Yurako Mikuni's brother-in-law, and a member of the House of Representatives.


Not much has been seen of Kimihide. He seems to be a genial person. While he appears to get on fine with Hisaomi, he and Oriko appear to have a strained relationship — in particular, Oriko as a child seemed to be afraid of him.


Not much is currently known about Yurako. In his brief appearance in Sadness Prayer, he is under the influence of a witch's kiss.

He gets mistaken as shady by Kirika Kure, leading to her drop-kicking him in the head to save Oriko from him. Kirika then proceeds to freak out when Oriko tells her who exactly she kicked.


  • Mikuni "美国" means "beautiful country".
  • The kanji for Kimihide "公秀" mean "public"/"governmental" and "excellent" respectively.


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