Hisaomi Mikuni

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Hisaomi Mikuni
Japanese Name 美国 久臣
"Thank you, Oriko. So what do you want as a reward?"
--"Daddy, you can't give out bribes!"
"Ha-ha-ha! Got me there!"
- Hisaomi and Oriko Mikuni, Chapter 3.

Hisaomi Mikuni (美国 久臣 Mikuni Hisaomi) is a posthumous character from Puella Magi Oriko Magica. He was a prominent politician in Mitakihara City, and the father of Oriko Mikuni.


In Oriko's flashbacks, Hisaomi was shown to be a very hardworking man who promised to work for the greater good of everyone. His intention was to reform corrupt governmental policies and eventually bring peace to the entire world. This heavily inspired Oriko's goal and methods as a magical girl. However, his death revealed that he was a secretly unscrupulous man who had been falsifying fund records. He never faced punishment or tried to protect his daughter from the consequences.

He also liked roses, and kept a large garden of them behind his estate.


Hisaomi Mikuni was forging a steady path to victory in Mitakihara's political climate. His position and affiliate party are not revealed, but he most likely had high aspirations as he sought to change the government outside of the city, as well. His wife apparently died some time before, and Oriko spent her childhood spreading the word about his campaign. He told Oriko that his work was vital to a peaceful future.

During Oriko's school years, it was discovered that Hisaomi had died by hanging himself. He was embezzling money from the city and committed suicide to escape prosecution, leaving his daughter behind as a scapegoat. While she felt betrayed by this, Oriko refers to him respectfully as "father in heaven" and states that she never fully stopped wanting to love or protect him.