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Initial News

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Dynit announced on June 21, 2011 of acquiring license for Puella Magi Madoka Magica in Italy. Following this, Dynit announced free online stream of the episodes for Italian residents. These episodes started airing on September 2, 2011 with official subtitles in Italian on Popcorn TV.

Translation of image:

IF YOU THOUGHT YOU'VE SEEN THEM ALL...THEN YOU CLEARLY HAVEN'T SEEN MADOKA MAGICA YET! The series that rewrote the "Majocco" (Note: This is a synonym for "Mahou Shoujo" or Magical Girl) genre and that has surprised its public with a plot both convincing and full of surprises, is finally available in Italy!

Hidden away in the reaches of this world, there exists the so called "Messengers of Magic," entities imbued with the power to grant a wish to a girl of their choosing. Said girl, however, to be able to do so, has to sign a contract and become a mage. The mages's purpose is to fight against Witches, vile creatures born from curses, the cause of murders and suicides. Two students, Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki come in contact with an odd being named Kyubey. He offers them an opportunity to become young mages but Homura Akemi, their classmate, will try in every way to prevent them from contracting.

The BD/DVD versions are the ones aired online.

Fan Vote for Voice Actors

On September 6 Dynit, along with Animeclick, announced "Voices for Madoka Magica", where the fans would have the choice to vote for voice actors for the main cast. It was split in two rounds: Nominations from September 7 till September 19 and voting polls from September 23 till October 2. Results were revealed on the following day, October 3:

Fans selected the following voice actors:

  • Mami Tomoe - Maria Letizia Scifoni
  • Sayaka Miki - Gea Riva
  • Kyoko Sakura - Veronica Puccio
  • Kyubey - Loretta Di Pisa
  • Homura Akemi - Alessia Amendola
  • Madoka Kaname - Joy Saltarelli

On October 29, Dynit and Animeclick revealed the final cast with only one change: Alessia Amendola was busy with another project, so she was replaced by Jun Ichikawa, who came in third in the fan poll.

On the same day, Dynit announced from Lucca Comics 2011 that they will broadcast on Rai4 and will release 3 DVDs/BDs. They also said the BDs probably won't have the OSTs.

On December 15 Dynit revealed the full cast with one change again: Alessia Amendola is back.

  • Madoka Kaname: Joy Saltarelli
  • Homura Akemi : Alessia Amendola
  • Kyoko Sakura: Veronica Puccio
  • Mami Tomoe: Maria Letizia Scifoni
  • Sayaka Miki: Gea Riva
  • Kyubey: Loretta di Pisa
  • Junko Kaname: Maddalena Vadacca
  • Tomohisa Kaname: Luca Gignone
  • Tatsuya Kaname: Francesca Bielli
  • Kyosuke Kamijo: Renato Novara
  • Hitomi Shizuki: Debora Morese
  • Kazuko Saotome: Debora Magnaghi
Amazon Anime ranking Feb 1, 2012

DVD and Blu-ray release

On November 17, Carlo Cavazzoni (Dynit's executive director) revealed during an interview the following editions: DVD, Blu-ray and Collector's Edition (box with DVD, Blu-ray, CD, Booklet and more, details unknown) starting from February 2012. He also pointed that the Italian edition will have an "exclusive" 5.1 surround, since the Japanese edition had just stereo sound.

On January 4 2012, the details of the "Limited Fan Edition" appeared on Dynit's website. It will be published in three volumes monthly starting March, each containing four episodes on DVD and Blu-ray, a CD with the OST, a 32 pages booklet, a figure and some collectible cards. The figures will be one for each volume : Madoka, Homura, Mami. The Limited Edition is indicated with a print run of 1000 copies. Regular DVD and Blu-ray editions where also showed, each one in three volumes with the first out on April, four episodes each with no additional content listed.

On February 10 2012, a trailer for the edition confirmed the content of the edition showed previously on images by Amazon. The figure contained in volume 1 will be a Nendoroid Petit of Madoka. Also audio/subtitles where detailed: as anticipated an "exclusive" 5.1 italian track will be present in addition of the standard italian and japanese 2.0. Blu ray tracks will be in dts HD Master Audio format, DVD's in Dolby Digital. For subtitle options, only italian will be provided.

As of February 1, 2012, Madoka dominates sales for anime on Amazon. On this date, all three volumes also ranked in the top 10 for all BD/DVD sales.

Broadcasting on Rai4

Madoka Magica will be broadcasted on Rai4's "Anime Morning" every Sunday starting February 5 at 10:30am.

Streaming on Netflix

Beginning with its Italian launch in October 2015, the series is available on Netflix. The service also distributes the third movie, Rebellion.


On October 29, Planet Manga announced from Lucca Comics 2011 that they will publish the manga and spin-offs bi-monthly starting in April. First Madoka 1 and 2, then Oriko 1, then Kazumi 1 and so on.

The first volume of the manga will be released on April 19 and will be published in two editions. In addition to the regular B/W edition for €4.90 there will be a deluxe edition with a dust jacket and color pages for €6.50. A set of pins will be included (not clear if in one or both editions).


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