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Kyoko is excited with the broadcast of Madoka in Italy, home of the Tiro Finale.

Italian anime fans are lucky. To have such fresh and great series in streaming and TV, and a DVD/BD release as the first nation in the West, even before the US... And not only Madoka, you'll get AnoHana as well... I don't know if living in Italy is that great, especially hearing about all that crisis and politics stuff, but still, it's certainly a great place for the anime fandom, I'm jealous.

The Italian BD release seems splendid as well. Too bad it's still pretty expensive... I mean, it's cheaper than both the Japanese and US releases, but still... eh... I have my hopes for a UK license, the releases there tend to be very cheap and have subtitles in a language I can understand ;) Too bad it looks like that's not going to happen :( --kFYatek 19:13, 1 February 2012 (UTC)

It's not that hard living here. It's harder to find work than usual, that's true. Taxes taxes taxes... And we need a bomb on our Parlament to get rid of all those corrupt and greedy mob. However, I think we'll be fine in one or two years. I hope.
About the Fan Edition... Yes, it's a bit expensive. But look: Nendoroid! That's around 40€ alone! What the hell? They caught me off guard with this. By the way, the shipping is free (because on if you buy more than 19€ you don't pay shipping). Don't know about Amazon in other countries. So only 124.17€ for me.
I'm confident about the dub: most of the VAs I chose won :) Kraff 20:00, 1 February 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, that Nendoroid is definitely the highlight of that Italian limited edition. But well... if I'm going to pay for an official release, I'd very much prefer to have subtitles in some language I can understand, to be able to actually watch the series off those discs instead of buying them just for the sake of buying. And I don't know any Italian, so unfortunately, your release is kind of out of question to me, regardless of the price...
I'm not even dreaming about a Polish license, the anime market here is practically non-existent. A UK release would be perfect, especially considering that Amazon UK is shipping for free to Poland for orders over 20 or 25 GBP (I don't remember clearly). But I guess I'll need to go for the American or Australian version one day... Well, I want to have an official release, the show and the creators certainly deserve the money from me, but, well, call me stingy, but I'm not really comfortable with spending that much on it...
That's good to hear that living in Italy is not that bad despite all that those recent affairs. I wish you all the best in getting out of that! --kFYatek 21:55, 1 February 2012 (UTC)
IIRC, the Australian BD edition is only $35, $40 with the artbook. But the shipping would be pretty expensive I think, so it's not a very good choice.
I understand what you feel. It's pretty useless to buy something in a unknown language and just stare at it. That's why I don't buy so much. There's not so much anime to buy in Italy. Most editions are crap.
Best whises from Italy, hope Poland (and other countries too, anime is not that popular in Europe today) will get some good editions. Kraff 22:37, 1 February 2012 (UTC)
I just checked it and it seems that the shipping rates from Australia are not that much different from the ones from the US. It depends on the shop of course, but still the Australian release may be the way to go.
Anyway, you made me look more into the Australian limited edition release, and, although it's hard to find any clear info about it, it seems to have everything the American one, except the other format disc, ie. you pay for either the DVD or the Blu-ray, not both. And no wonder it's much cheaper that way. Really, the DVD+BD editions are quite ridiculous for me. I don't know, maybe they are marketed towards hardcore fans (hence it's the collector's edition) who don't have a Blu-ray player yet, so that they can watch on DVD now, and enjoy glorious HD later when BD players become commonplace? But if I have a Blu-ray drive already, what's the point of owning a DVD as well for me? And paying almost twice the price for it...
Unfortunately, both the American and Italian releases go the DVD+BD way for the collector's editions... --kFYatek 00:49, 2 February 2012 (UTC)
Not to dampen the enthusiasm(i have preorderd all three boxes myself) but watch out for the nendoroid: it's still good, but it's not the complete one, is the petite version which is smaller and without accessories. The value of it would be around 5/6€ at max. Of course the petit nendoroid it's sold out by itself, so for collectors it can be interesting. -- 10:47, 2 February 2012 (UTC)

The sales rank of the first volume on have reached the top spot now on the general dvd category -- 10:32, 2 February 2012 (UTC)

The dub

Well, not bad. Not bad. Madoka, Mami and Homura are ok for me. Kyubey it's a bit expressive but it's ok. Sayaka it's ok too. Other characters (Hitomi, Madoka's family, Kazuko) are good. Now for Kyoko we'll have to wait for some weeks.

Great dub afterall. Kraff 10:30, 5 February 2012 (UTC)

I managed to find a recording of the first episode from Rai4. I don't speak any Italian, but... this dub seems to work, it's quite good indeed! Madoka sounds a bit too cheerful to my opinion, and that deep voice of Homura... I don't know, maybe I got too used to Chiwa Saitou ;) And I can't believe they actually redubbed Anthonies' voices! xD And Mami is just perfect! She sounds almost like Kaori Mizuhashi, I can't believe it! Pretty good dub, overall! --kFYatek 09:59, 9 February 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, Anthonies were weird. I was like "wait WHAT?". Maybe they were dubbed for the sake of understanding?
What do you think about Sayaka? I read on 4chan a lot had "eargasms". Kraff 12:56, 9 February 2012 (UTC)
Sayaka will always stay KitaEri to me, and it'll even take time for me to accept KitaEri in other roles as well ;) When I hear Karen in Nisemonogatari this season, I can't get Sayaka's image out of my head... and the fact that Karen acts all righteous and gallantly doesn't help either... so Italian Sayaka... not bad, but I still prefer the original. --kFYatek 14:38, 9 February 2012 (UTC)
Oh, and... well, it may be terrible, but I think that any attempt at rating any dub of Madoka is too early before hearing ep10. I'm very curious how the dub VAs (both Italian and English) will handle the Voice Actors' Hell which is Madoka ep10... --kFYatek 14:40, 9 February 2012 (UTC)
Yes, we need to hear how they will perform the tons (or litres) of tears. Kraff 21:27, 9 February 2012 (UTC)

The irony!

Today episode 3 aired. Dub pretty good and totally uncensored. I was browsing Animeclick expecting a shitstorm from new guys while waiting for ep 3 of Anohana. But then, instead of Anohana, Madoka ep 3 again! There was a problem in the studio and it was broadcasted two times in a row. They might broadcast eps 3-4 of Anohana next week, so when it comes they can broadcast Madoka's finale in one day (Anohana is only 11 eps afterall). Kraff 13:49, 19 February 2012 (UTC)

So Italy decapitated Mami twice? --Mutopis 14:36, 19 February 2012 (UTC)
Yes we did. We are bad guys ;)


Maybe in the next days (the release date is 14) some other photos will appear but here the first images of the LE Box 1 directly from a guy working for dynit (the encoder, in the same post there is the raw info of the blu ray). You can see that the box show two covers (1-2 of the original release) and the same is for the bd and dvd: they have reversible covers. It appears that there is some extra booklet or pages added, because the black booklet titled 'The witches book' was not present on the japanese booklets.

Got it. It's awesome. Kraff 12:47, 14 March 2012 (UTC)

Video quality

Reportedly, video quality on the Italian BDs is better than on the Japanese ones :D - tri4 posted two screenshot comparisons for that. That's... somewhat scary... --kFYatek 11:27, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

My monitor must be crap, I can't see the difference. --randomanon 12:07, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
Sometimes it's hard to notice differences on BD quality levels if the two compared are of good quality... In any case here a review with some other comparison shots: look after the character boxes on the links 'giapponese' e 'italiana'. Most of them are differences in banding and details. 17:14, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
It's visible on the right (ours) side of Homura's collar in the tri4 one, and just barely in Hitomi's eyes. [1] and [2] show it better. KM 20:26, 16 April 2012 (UTC)
Also, on the first comparison on tri4's site (JP, IT) - to the right of Hitomi, on the height of her ear, behind the big fencing you can see some building with a stripe pattern to it. It's much more clearly visible in the Italian encode. --kFYatek 19:06, 19 April 2012 (UTC)