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The Madoka Magica Café was an event that took place in Good Smile Café, a café specializing in otaku culture. Located in Matsudo-chi, Chiba prefecture, it was entirely devoted to the Madoka universe: signs and interior decorations, but also special food served for the occasion, official merchandise for display with some items available for purchase.

The event took place from May 3rd until July 18th, 2011. Because of its popularity, with waits commonly exceeding 2-3 hours according to cafe twitters [1], the event was extended to August 14, 2011. The Madoka Magica cafe event ended on August 14, 2011. The cafe is now continuing with normal operations.

Special Menu

In addition to their regular menu of traditional dishes and drinks, the café offers a "special menu" of Madoka-themed dishes for the event. Note that at times items were sold-out or otherwise not available.

Soul Gem Drinks

Sayaka's drink.jpg
There's no way I'd regret this (後悔なんて、あるわけない)

Available from May 24th until June 12th

Blue drink, a reference to Sayaka.
Content yet unknown
Sold 350 yens
Kyouko's drink.jpg
I'll never allow that (そんなの、あたしが許さない)

Available from May 24th until June 12th

Kyoko's drink. Red colored.
Content yet unknown
Sold 350 yens
Madoka's drink.jpg
That sounds wonderful (それはとっても嬉しいなって)

Available from May 3rd till May 22nd and from June 13th till July 10th

Pink-colored Madoka drink
Tropical peach flavor (トロピカルピーチ味)
Sold 350 yens
Mami's drink.jpg
I'm not afraid of anything anymore (もう何も怖くない)

Available from May 3rd till May 22nd

Mami's drink. Yellow.
Mango flavor (マンゴー味)
Sold 350 yens
Homura's drink.jpg
My best friend (わたしの最高のともだち)

Available from June 13th until July 10th

Homura's drink. A suspicious dark drink.
Content yet unknown
Sold 350 yens

Dishes and desserts

Kyubey Plate.png
Kyubey's plate (キュゥべぇプレート)

Available starting May 3rd.

Did you ever rage so much by seeing Kyubey's face that you wanted to eat him? Now is your chance to do so!
Home made hashed beef with rice (自家製ハヤシライス)
Sold 850 yens
Dessert witch's obsession.png
Dessert witch's obsession dessert (お菓子の魔女の執着デザート)

Available starting May 3rd. Usually sold out.

A dessert plate with Charlotte's face on it.
Chocolate rollcake (チョコレートロールケーキ)
Sold 700 yens.


Image Transcription Explanation/Translation Item
Shop Card Back Info Cafe Du Madoka Magica.jpg [Archaic]

Cafe du Madoka Magica
This is supposed to mean "Madoka Magica Café" in French, but there is a grammatical error.

The "du" article can be used only as a possessive for a male possessor, i.e. the grammar used implies male grammatical gender for "Madoka Magica".

The back of the Shop Card, with information about the surrounding area.
21.jpg [Archaic]
Puella Magi
The text below the runes reads 「魔法少女」 (Mahō Shōjo), meaning "Magical Girl". The ladies' bathroom sign
Cafe 19.jpg [Modern]
The text below the runes reads 「インキュベーター」 (inkyubētā), which is "incubator" spelled in Japanese katakana. The gentlemen bathroom
  • The runes are believed to be written using the fanmade font file, a newer version of which can be found on Runes page.
  • The signs are written in singular rather than seemingly more appropriate plural form. This is probably because the Japanese language does not have a concept of singular and plural forms, so both are identical.


The Café

Drinks and Food

Merchandise for Display and Items for Sale

Oversea Good Smile Cafes

Start of a New Madoka-Themed Cafe

According to sources, a collaboration between figure company Good Smile and a karaoke chain Tetsujin Keikaku will be starting a figure cafe in Akihabara and the first project is Madoka Cafe. It started from Oct 28 and ran for 3 months.

They now have an oversea cafe in Taipei, opening at Dec 18, 2011. The theme of the first season is Magical girls.

There may be future ones open in more countries, possibly Thailand and Singapore in the future.

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