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Note: For actual, consistent facts about the show, please refer to Facts and Observations. For longer articles about the franchise, please refer to Articles.

This page serves as an archive for fan-created articles documenting popular theories and speculations about the franchise. The content below has been roughly ordered by topic and likelihood. Theories that were proven right have been marked with a green and those that have been proven wrong bear a red . All the other theories are unconfirmed, and hence should be considered as nothing more than theories.

Regarding the confirmed theories, please bear in mind that the version posted on these pages is the one that was popular before being confirmed. This means that some of these theories might look inaccurate with regards to the actual story.

We welcome you to submit new articles as you deem necessary.


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Plot theories attempt to explain or anticipate underlying structures or parts of the plot.

The Global Reset Theory (Proven right in episode 10)
Theory stating that the world has been re-created at some point to avoid a fatal outcome.
The Time Travel Theory (Proven right in episode 10)
Theory according to which one of the characters may be a time traveler going back in time to stop Madoka from becoming a Magical Girl. (Yeah, seriously!)
The War Between Good Guys Theory
Theory suggesting that the witches believe themselves to be the good guys.
The Pillar System Theory
Theory positing that witches serve as the 'goddesses' of multiple realities. Possibly an elaboration of the 'War Between Good Guys Theory' and the 'Witches as Fallen Magical Girls Theory.'
Ending Speculahs
Summaries of various ending speculations.


The articles listed below attempt to provide analysis or speculate on the roles and natures of the characters.

Kyubey is Evil Theory (Proven right in episode 8)
Theory foreshadowing Kyubey as having an evil agenda
C.I.Akemi - Homura's intel source (Proven wrong in episode 10)
Theory positing that Homura has a source providing her with information she could not obtain from her experiences.
No Contract Needed
Theory positing that Madoka is capable of manifesting magic without the need for a contract.
Puella Magi Don't Age
Theory positing that Puella Magi don't age based on several evidence provided by Kyoko Sakura.
The Questing Beast Theory
Theory positing that Kyubey's design and naming may be related to the Questing Beast of Arthurian Legend.
Kyubey Familiar Theory (Proven wrong in episode 9)
Theory positing that Kyubey is already Madoka's familiar.
Count Kyoko Theory (Proven wrong in episode Megami interview)
Theory positing that Kyouko's ability is vampiric in nature and allows her to "suck" magical energy out of other Puella Magi.
Mami is the Strongest Theory
Theory positing that Mami is the strongest member of the anime cast (discounting Ultimate Madoka).
Name (Proven wrong in episode 10)
Speculations about the meaning, implication, and secret of each character's name
Homura Identity Swap Theory (Proven wrong in episode 10)
A non-time-travel/non-reset theory positing that Homura may be Puella Magi who swapped bodies.
Archer Theory (Proven wrong in episode 10)
Theory positing the Homura is a future version of Madoka.
Mami as a Magical Girl Generator (Proven wrong in episode 6)
Theory positing that Mami was created by Kyubey as a mechanism to create more magical girls.
Mami Tomoe is a Villain
Theory that Mami Tomoe may be a secret villain in the series.

Animation & Art

The articles below provide analysis or speculation on the visual media of the series

Of Butterflies and Spiders
Speculations pertaining to the visual symbolism of butterflies and spiderwebs.
Lord Humungus
Speculations regarding the presence of Lord Humungus (Mad Max 2) in a guest art following the Ending Animation.

Witches & Puella Magi

Many theories and guesses as how the series will end

The following theories concern the natures of magical girls, witches, and magic, or posit links between them.

Witches as Fallen Magical Girls Theory (Proven right in episode 8)
Theory suggesting that witches are former mahou shoujo who have lost their way.
Prior Lives of Witches
Speculations over the prior lives of Witches.
Magical Girls as Devil Pacters
Theory suggesting that the design of mahou shoujo is based on legends and mythology regarding pacts with devils.
Magical Powers
Theory regarding magical powers girls get by forming a contract.
Human Soul and Magic
Theory regarding the nature of the magic employed by mahou shoujo and witches.
Witches as Byproducts of Magical Girls (Proven wrong in episode 8)
Theory suggesting witches to be a byproduct of a mahou shoujo's magic.

Characters' wishes

Main article: Wish theories

The article linked above discuss both theories and speculations about wishes which have appeared over time, and actual wishes revealed in later episodes.

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