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The following is a summary posted on Magia Union Translation Discord by Mochi.

Stage 1

Ayaka is telling Shizuku about the hottest new rumor circulating Kamihama: that rumor of new facts regarding Nemu's book! Shizuku hasn't heard of it, and wonders if Ayaka's silly impression of Uwasa-san was really necessary. Ayaka laughs, saying the way Uwasa-san speaks is difficult to get. Shizuku asks about Nemu's book.

Jump cut to Emiri saying she heard that Nemu's book still has Rumor space inside of it. Asuka and Sasara aren't happy to hear that, since the rumors still existing means people are in danger.

Jump cut to Kanoko saying that can't be true, since Nemu's magic is so low that they couldn't possibly affect anything outside of it. Himika is happy to hear that, but wonders why this rumor in particular is spreading then.

Jump cut to Kokoro telling Aimi there shouldn't be any victims of rumors anymore, so... Doesn't it seem strange that everyone's talking about this one? Maybe someone is trapped inside of her book! Kokoro wonders about that. Why would someone enter the book knowing the danger?

Jump cut to Ren thinking maybe something incredible is inside the book. That's what Rika heard, and the reason why everyone's heading to the memory museum.

Jump cut to Nanaka reiterating what was just said to Konomi. Konomi says the rumor states that if you go to the memory museum, you can go back to your original resolution as a mahou shoujo.

Jump cut to Yachiyo telling the Mikazuki girls she's heard of it before, but didn't think the rumor would spread. Tsuruno doesn't really remember how she was back when she made her wish, along with Sana. Iroha agrees, thinking she's forgotten her original resolve as well. Yachiyo doesn't believe this rumor, but Ui chimes in that it is true, with Sakurako confirming. The memory museum - that rumors still exist inside Nemu's book - it's all true. Iroha asks if it's also true that they can enter the book.

Jump cut to Livia, telling Iroha she's quick to hear. She confirms the rumors as well: if you tune your soul gem to Nemu's, you can enter the memory museum in her book. Since she herself is an adjuster, of course she can make such tuning happen, but she asks Iroha to confirm if she wants to go through with the risk. After all, some things are better left forgotten, right? Or perhaps what Iroha's forgotten over time is something precious to her, that she needs to remember. She understands what Iroha says (who isn't actually talking, this is all in Livia's pov), and will adjust her for talking about her thoughts.

Stage 2

"Regaining and returning to your original resolve removes your doubts and straightens your mind" says Sensei. Yozuru takes these words as a means for mahou shoujo to become stronger. She has decided to take the memory museum on herself, as a way to test this theory. What she found within was herself, frustrated and screaming. Painful memories. This must be back when she was living with her uncle, after her mother had died.

In this memory, Yozuru is angrily asking another mahou shoujo why they can't fight together anymore. Her mother taught her the importance of not being deprived of freedom. The girl asks her to stop staring, but says it's because Sasame is so selfish. Yozuru claimed to be brand new to being a mahou shoujo, so she thought to help her, but not once has Yozuru ever thanked her. When she defeated a witch and gave the grief seed to Yozuru, she didn't even bother thanking her for that, either! She's done taking care of Yozuru at this point.

Yozuru, however, doesn't understand at all (due to her wish, if you're unsure why). The girl is always risking her life for Yozuru, who has not shown a single sign of getting stronger, and doesn't bother to do anything in return. She finishes by claiming Yozuru isn't kind. Yozuru says kindness is important, but...

She agrees that she is weak, and will not be able to improve, thus she will disband the team she is holding back. Yozuru is frustrated at herself, knowing her freedom is gone.

Livia pulls up with a smile on her face, commenting on how interesting of a scene this was. She says she heard from a customer about a weak and ill-tempered mahou shoujo around town, and came looking for her. She then asks Yozuru if she is aware she matches the description. She is indeed aware of herself. Livia then comments that she's even weaker than she heard, riling up Yozuru. Livia then says breaking up that team wasn't a bad idea, since she would've just brought the girl down with her, and then offers to recruit her. She finishes by saying if Yozuru wants to become stronger, follow her. She ain't one to bite, so there's no reason to be scared.

Stage 3

Livia shows off her store and home to Yozuru, but realizes she should introduce herself before she recruits Yozuru as her apprentice, confusing Yozuru on what's going on. Yozuru jumps the gun a bit and snaps at her, but Livia tells her she will explain everything, and does a quick adjustment on Yozuru's soul gem. Yozuru immediately feels herself get stronger, and Livia reminds her in an instance like this you're supposed to show your gratitude. Yozuru gives a strained "thank you very much," which Livia smiles and notices that at least she knows how to say it even if she can't feel it.

Livia goes on to explain how adjusting works. Yozuru thinks this must mean she can be adjusted to be stronger than a witch, but Livia corrects her, saying she's too weak compared to other girls. Livia continues, saying it's better that Yozuru become her apprentice. Livia explains how her business works.

Yozuru hates that Livia just laughed her off for being weak when she herself can't even fight witches. Livia claims she's much stronger than her, making her legs give out instantly through the adjustment she gave just before. Yozuru is rightfully pissed off, calling Livia a coward. Livia's fine with "coward."

Livia keeps on smiling, telling Yozuru if she becomes her apprentice she can learn this talent as well. Yozuru immediately refuses, saying she has to be happy for her mother, and becoming an apprentice means losing one's freedom. It's the furthest thing from happiness, and would be close to the most horrible thing she's ever been through. Livia is taken aback. Yozuru says she can't feel guilt, so sad looks won't work on her. Livia realizes Yozuru's mother is the source of her trauma.

Livia reveals she can see the past of people she adjusts. She explains that seeing it is a necessity, to see Yozuru's wish and how it turned out is important in seeing if she can become an adjuster. Yozuru yells at her to not fuck around with her. Livia apologizes for snooping around her memories, saying she can make up for it, but Yozuru doesn't want to hear it.

Yozuru says she didn't like Livia the moment she saw her, and now understands it's because she's just like her mother. Say things that would help you, but steal your freedom away out of selfishness. Livia doesn't give a damn about how she feels. Yozuru opens the door, saying she's going home. Livia tells her the way she is she's going to fall. Yozuru says she'd rather fall than be anywhere near her, and takes her leave.

Stage 4

Yozuru is struggling to walk out in the rain, angry that her legs aren't working right, and even more angry that that woman dared look into her past with her mother. She then comes across a barrier, determined to prove she isn't weak like that woman. She enters the barrier and promptly gets knocked to the ground, her soul gem turning black. She hates that she's thinking back to that girl calling her selfish earlier at a time like this. She knows she isn't kind, but she still didn't care because of her wish. She then thinks back to Livia, knowing she's much stronger than she is.

She then realizes what Livia meant by "weak" and "living strong" earlier, and wishes she would have just spelled it out to her. She thinks of Livia as being too similar to her mother.

Livia then arrives with an army of misc meguca, asking them to handle this. Livia steps up to Yozuru, telling her to watch closely, as this is what the power of being friends with an adjuster does.

Stage 5

The battle is over, the megucae say their goodbyes to Livia, and Livia says thank you to them in kind. Yozuru struggles to also give out a thank you. She turns to Livia, wondering if what Livia meant to say is that mahou shoujo's trust and reliance on her is also part of an adjuster's power. Livia didn't even say anything about that, but yes it is. Yozuru has taken a sudden turn, saying that Livia is strong. Livia teases her, saying she's even cuter now. Livia tells her if she's done calling her a coward, does that mean Yozuru's figured out what her problem is?

Yozuru says she's not quite sure, but she knows she is unable to fight alone. Her problem was that she didn't know how to be strong, and that living strong means to admit your weakness. Since she never admitted before that she is weak, that is what Livia meant by calling her "weak."

Livia is happy with that answer, correcting her that not being able to fight isn't a weakness, but rather not being able to live is weakness. Being unable to fight just means you have to learn how best to survive, so there is no shame or dishonor in accompanying someone. Step one is understanding yourself.

Flashback to Yozuru's mother speaking to her. She tells Yozuru that there are many, many things that she can't do better than other children, so she has to find what she can do and take that for herself. She yells at Yozuru, asking why she can't understand that she won't be able to survive in the future.

Yozuru can't believe how similar Livia is to her mother, saying the same things. Livia is different though, in that she listens to her. She never thought she would realize what her mother was trying to tell her all this time. Yozuru then lets out a little laugh. Livia wonders what this is about, since she didn't say anything funny. Yozuru says Livia was so helpful to her that she couldn't help but smile.

Livia says if she was helpful, then she can't be just like Yozuru's mother then, since she was strict as can be with her. Yozuru apologizes, saying that she still is just like her mother, though. Livia guesses that means she can't take her as an apprentice then. Yozuru disagrees. She thinks to herself that a woman who speaks the same words as her mother has shown up before her, so now that she's realized her mother's words, she should accept them this time instead of reject them. Yozuru accepts Livia's offer, vowing to live with her and devote herself to atoning.

She thinks back on this memory and how Sensei may not even know half the reasons why she chose to become her apprentice. She also doesn't understand Sensei, either, nor where their relationship will take them. Either way, she is certain about one thing: that this memory of her original resolve is precious to her.