Misako Ishijima

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Misako Ishijima
Japanese Name 石島 美佐子 (Ishijima Misako)

"You were planning to kill Mr.Tachibana before the bomb exploded, huh?"
"--As the police, the protector of the peace, isn't that natural?"
- Kazumi and Misako Ishijima, Chapter 1.

Misako Ishijima (石島 美佐子) is a character appearing in Puella Magi Kazumi Magica. She is a policewoman who blackmailed Souichirou Tachibana in order to be successful in her male-dominated job.


Despite trying to kill both Kazumi and Souichirou in the first chapter, it is later revealed that this was due to the affect of the Evil Nut implanted inside of her. She is actually a very strong, passionate woman who wants to help young girls who have vanished without a trace, like her friend from middle school did. She is one of the few adults in the franchise who is aware of and truly believes in magic, despite being laughed at by her superiors for it.


This section may contain major spoilers for the Kazumi Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

After Kazumi and Tachibana go to the mall in order to trade the bomb, they are stopped by the policewoman Ishijima alongside a squad of police officers, telling Tachibana he's under arrest. Kazumi breaks out from her suitcase and announces that he is not a bad person. Souichirou is unable to stop the bomb, which is close to exploding. Kazumi closes her eyes and thinks "Stop the bomb. Bibbity Bobbity Boo", causing her earring bells to glow. At this point, Umika passes the bomb to Kaoru, who kicks it into the air. It then harmlessly explodes into smoke, shocking nearly everyone. The police officers believe it was all a prank and start commenting that is was a bad idea to bring a woman with them, referring to Ishijima, who overhears this and feels humiliated.

The next day Ishijima visits Kazumi at Umika's house. Kazumi cooks a large meal for herself that she shares with the detective when she arrives. Kazumi then announces that the detective had set up the entire incident with the bomb to make herself look good, and she arrived at Kazumi's house to kill her. The detective agrees, saying that she followed a lead given to her by someone else, and that someone also gave her the power to kill people without leaving decisive evidence. She then transforms into a pseudo-witch. Kazumi begins getting strange flashbacks as the monster attacks her. When the pseudo-witch grabs her earring-bell, she suddenly yells at her not to touch it, breaks the monsters wrist, and then transforms into a magical girl. Kazumi defeats the witch, which turns her back into a human.

Misako makes a second appearance later in the story, in Chapter 16. She drives Kazumi to Tachibana's shop after finding her alone at a lighthouse, and has no memory of the bomb threat or her transformation into a witch. She tells Kazumi that over 20 young girls have gone missing over the past few months, including Airi Anri, with mysterious text messages from the address "Hyades" left behind on their phones. She later confides to Tachibana that her friend from middle school, Remi Shiina, was a magical girl and went missing.


  • She is called "Ms. Detective" by Kazumi.