Souichirou Tachibana

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Souichirou Tachibana
Japanese Name 立花 宗一郎 (Tachibana Souichiou)

"I won't tell anyone who leaves behind leftovers." - Souichirou Tachibana, Chapter 1.

Souichirou Tachibana (立花 宗一郎) is a character appearing in Puella Magi Kazumi Magica. He is a chef who found Kazumi in a suitcase after she lost her memory.


Souichirou is very passionate about cooking. He shares an outlook that wasting food is bad with Kazumi, and he is easily influenced by her requests. He tries to project a severe and no-nonsense demeanor, but inside, he is moved by sincerity.


This section may contain major spoilers for the Kazumi Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

Kazumi awakens inside a suitcase, having forgotten everything except her name. When she forces the suitcase open, she finds herself in the home of a man named Souichirou Tachibana. Souichirou explains that he had bought a bomb in an identical suitcase, intending to blow up a shopping mall as an act of revenge against the mall's owner, who tricked him into selling his store. However, he switched his suitcase with another one when he bumped into a mysterious girl. Souichirou gets a phone call offering to trade Kazumi for the bomb at the mall. Kazumi goes along with it to find the identity of her kidnapper. While being taken to the mall in her suitcase, Kazumi asks Souchirou not to set off the bomb, saying that he's a good person. When he finds the other suitcase, Souichirou is stopped by two high school girls, named Umika and Kaoru. They open the suitcase containing the bomb, starting the timer. At this point, a squad of police officers led by a female detective named Misako Ishijima appear, telling Souchirou he's under arrest. Kazumi jumps between them and announces that Souichirou is not a bad person. Souichirou is unable to stop the bomb, which is close to exploding. Kazumi closes her eyes and thinks "Stop the bomb. Bibbity Bobbity Boo", causing her earring bells to glow. At this point, Umika passes the bomb to Kaoru, who kicks it into the air. It then harmlessly explodes into smoke, shocking nearly everyone. The mysterious girl from before, who was watching, mutters that the bomb was supposed to be real.

Kazumi and Souichirou part ways, but some days later, they meet again, when Kazumi is feeling depressed. She notices Souichirou closing his shop. Her serves her a bucket of parfait, much to her delight, and reveals that he was the made the manager of a new store. Kazumi then has a vision of Airi and Yuuri enjoying the parfait, prompting her to suggest that Souichirou should put the desert on the menu. Souchirou declines, saying it's not profitable. As Kazumi continues to eat, she suddenly begins crying, saying that Yuuri and Airi couldn't have eaten this. Eventually she falls asleep. Souichirou pulls a blanket over her and puts the parfait on the menu. The chapter ends with the sleeping Kazumi holding Yuuri and Airi's spoon. The next morning, Kazumi thanks Souichirou for the food, and becomes overjoyed when he puts the bucket of parfait on the menu. She leaves when she spies Niko and Juubey walking by.

Soon after, Misako Ishijima and Kazumi come to his shop after Kazumi discovers the truth behind her lack of memories and meets Ishijima during an investigation, though she does not remember what happened the last time they met. Kazumi realizes that Umika has erased Ishijima's and Tachibana's memories concerning witches. Kazumi eats and falls asleep while Ishijima and Tachibana talk over coffee. Ishijima pulls out a photo of a young girl, who she identifies as Remi Shiina. She and Remi were close friends in their last year of middle school. Remi went missing, however, and Ishijima heard from Remi's sister that she had been a magical girl. Ishijima confides that she found evidence of the existence of magical girls throughout her career. The two then discuss whether miracles and magic exist.

Kazumi stays at Tachibana's shop overnight. In the morning, Kaoru drops off Michiru's diary, with a letter to Kazumi in it. Kazumi opens the diary, reading about Michiru's grandmother, how she met Yuuri Asuka before the Pleiades Saints were formed (breaking up a fight between Yuuri and Kyouko at one point), the time she spent with the Pleiades, and finally her grief at having discovered the truth behind witches. Kaoru's letter informs Kazumi that Umika, Saki, Mirai and Niko are planning to kill her, and urges her to run away.

Kazumi and Tachibana have one final meal of strawberry risotto, after which Kazumi thanks him and leaves. She heads to the Freezer, and telepathically announces her location to the Pleiades. She says that she isn't going to run away, and demands that they meet her at the Freezer to end things (threatening to deactivate the Freezer and let the Soul Gems inside hatch if they do not).


  • Souichirou is the only male human character of any importance in Kazumi Magica.
  • He is called "Tachibana-san" (or "Mr. Tachibana") by Kazumi.