Null Magical Girl Breaking: Homo magica

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Translation courtesy of Project Mokyuu on Tumblr.

Kosane wakes up from the train with a terrible headache. She feels like she had severed the chain between her and her memories. Slowly, her memories of Kyubey, the Time Railroad return and the Magical Girl assaulters. She coaxes herself to not fall asleep, nowing that if she did she would never wake up.
She opens her eyes and realizes she is no longer on the train. Instead, she is in an endless blue sky with magical girls in the endless plane. She screams suddenly, and Kyuubey pops out of her head to ask her what is wrong. "Why did you scream?"
Kosane exclaims that all the girls and their outfits were cute. She says that she is being overwhelmed by all the cute... girls? Kosane begings to look around. Maybe they aren't all girls. Some look fairly androgynous. Kosane disregards the thought and continues gushing about how cute the people are. Some are doing cute things, she thinks, and its too much for her to handle. It's so cute that she can't believe it and begins to question what is going on. She hides her face in Kyubey's tail to hide from the cuteness.
Kyuubey explains that he also doesn't know what is happening here, despite his connected conciseness with the other Incubators. Kyuubey decides that it will instead try and find out where they are and what time it is by measuring background cosmic radiation inside his "home" (Kosane's head). When it comes out, Kyuubey deduces they are nearly 800,000 years in the future, and that all of these people are extraordinarily powerful (which he says may be because of their cuteness).
Kyuubey then goes on a speculation tangent. Maybe they are an evolved form of humans, due to the fact that no Incubators can be found anymore. Since he doesn't think these people signed a contract, he thinks they are simply the next stage for humanity. He dubs them "Homo magica".
Kyuubey then theorizes that the Incubators have all but been erased off the face of the Earth and, possibly, the whole universe. Why? because of these people. Because of the Homo Magica. But how do they prevent themselves from becoming witches, Kosane asks? Kyuubey responds, surmizing that they must have created a new system to prevent "witchification". They avoid this fate by being "cute". Through time, humanity has evolved to erase almost all insecurities. For these Homo Magica, doing cute things keeps them happy and can prevent them from becoming witches.
However, Kyuubey brings up, something's wrong with this plane. It is functionally similar to a large-scale labyrinth. Maybe the Homo Magica created this world themselves, Kyuubey says. In conclusion, Kyuubey says that the Homo Magica are self-sufficient organisms. Kosane has a hard time believing all of this, but eventually begins to understand. Kosane is then confused again. The people here thrive on happiness and their relationships with others. In that case, why did they attack her on the train? Kyuubey begins to answer her.
These people are Homo Magica, not Homo Sapiens. As such, they may be unwilling to form relationships with anyone unlike them.
Kosane strokes her head and finds out that 1) Her skull has a new fracure and 2) Her skull is caving in (likely from the earlier attack). She suddenly collapses and falls unconscious.
When she awakens, Kyuubey tells her that he can help her not get overwhelmed by the cuteness. All she needs to do is let Kyuubey alter her cells and she will be able to stand the cuteness around her. Kosane agrees and, with time, she is able to stand with out "cuteness intoxication". However, it isnt all good. She finds that she cant read any emotions anymore withough focusing extremely hard. She has become more like Kyuubey. Though not mentioned now, it is also revealed that she no longer needs to eat or drink.
Kyuubey hops out of her head and begins to walk with Kosane in tow. While walking among the homo magica, Kosane realizes just how far Kyuubey had gone. She was able to realize the girls were doing "cute" things. However, she was unable to feel any care for the girls. She is now completely and utterly disconnected. Only now does Kosane realize just how bizarre the homo magica are.
The homo magica evolved to maximize "cuteness." Their eyes literally sparkle with many lights, their faces mimic anime and they look like beautiful drawings. They are real and, simultaneously, unreal.
After what seems like a day of walking, they reach the border of the barrier. Beyond the barrier, Kosane and Kyuubey can see a huge, floating object occupying about a quarter of the sky. The surface of the object is covered in holes and craters, like a sponge. Kosane thinks it may be an asteroid, but Kyuubey says that is may be the home of an alien race.
Eventually, the two realize the asteroid is getting closer. It will impact the world they are on. Kyuubey climbs inside Kosane's head and says that it will likely impact soon. While Kosane begins to ask for explanation, she is lifted by a strong wind. The asteroid has made impact. As Kosane flies from the impact, Kyuubey begins to tinker with her again. Her hands begin to morph slowly into wings. Kosane looks below her as she idles in the air, seeing the homo magica also suffer from the shockwave. However, the homo magica begin to show their true magical girl power. Using their magic, the ones not crippled take off towards the asteroid in a single attack.
As Kosane prepares and deals with the second wave and watching the homo magica attack, Kyuubey says that he has received a telepathic signal from a homo sapien-like creature. Kyuubey connects Kosane to the signal, and they speak.
The voice on the other side is boyish and raspy. The voice asks who they are, and Kosane explains that they come from 800000 years in the past. The voice says that they will meet up with Kosane, so she should just stay there. Suddenly, a shadowy figure comes towards them. The girls name is Coeurl. Coeurl grabs Kosane (and, because he is in her head, Kyuubey) and heads towards the meteor.
Suddenly, the homo magica surround and attack them. Coeurl drops Kosane and forms two katana-like swords to defend herself. The homo magica's attacks are strong enough to turn the air around them into ozone. Kosane thinks that Coeurl must be dead, as no human could survive such an attack. However, Coeurl uses her magic to deflect the meams right back at the homo magica. She begins what Kosane calls a "dance", deflecting the many beams with her dual swords. Coeurl calls on the meteor to give her assist fire, and it oblidges.
The meteor (or as Coeurl calls it, the "control tower") sends many whips of light to attack the homo magica, completely defeating them. The homo magica have been cut into pieces.
However, the magica aren't dead. Coeurl curses as the magica come back together, saying that their soul gems must not have been on their bodies. Using a light screen, Coeurl takes Kosane and Kyuubey away to escape. Suddenly, Kosane gets a blasting warning that a Soul Gem Bomb is about to go off. When it does, she and Kyuubey realize what they thought was a bomb was instead a large Soul Gem that has almost become a witch. The witch is a large hand with each finger with the puppet of a family. Coeurl is issued a retreat order, and she launches herself towards her control tower with Kosane following close behind. As the asteroid (now known to be a spaceship called the Yamata no Orochi) takes off, Kosane collapses from the massive g-force and, as she slowly comes to, realizes that she is seeing the entire solar system. The sun, earth, all of it. The Yamata no Orochi opens a wormhole to escape, pulling Kosane, Kyuubey and Coeurl inside with it, and Kosane blacks out again.