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Mabayu and Homura continue to collect grief seeds to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Mabayu has since acquired the ability to defeat a Witch by herself, and Homura is able to move efficiently while running away from Kyoko. In the process, Mabayu concludes that the reason she risked her life to fight witches was because she admired Homura, and she's prepared to take on Walpurgisnacht. But once again, Madoka becomes a witch after becoming a magical girl and defeating Walpurgisnacht. Kyubey, who understood why her witch had grown, tells Mabayu she could take Madoka's place.


Day 1

I may never wake up again, but...

An alarm rings, waking Mabayu Aki up in fright. She knows her death wasn't a dream, but if she woke up then that means Homura must have- Homura finishes her sentence for her as Mabayu jumps in alarm. She sputters as she asks Homura what she's doing here. Homura tells her she came here to thank her personally as this is the second time Mabayu has saved her life. Mabayu tells her she doesn't have to thank her. If Homura died, then there will be no one to save Madoka. Homura warns her if she had been able to defeat Walpurgisnacht, then there's no way she could have abandoned the Madoka of that world. Therefore, she won't rewind time just for Mabayu's sake, causing Mabayu to look down sadly. With that said, Homura warns Mabayu not to think about sacrificing herself so easily. It doesn't feel good for Homura to wake up in a future without her. Mabayu perks up and promises she won't. But first, Homura thinks Mabayu should do something about cleaning her room.

Day 13

Mabayu is practicing her fighting skills on everyone's favorite blue drum. She takes several deep breaths before slicing the drum cleanly in two. She gives a little cheer of excitement as Homura smiles at her and even gives her a bit of praise. Mabayu gives a chuckle since she can now handle this much at least. The smile from Homura's face quickly vanishes as she tells Mabayu she now wants her to be able to slice two drums in half at the same time. Mabayu accuses Homura of being TOO Spartan as she cries in terror.

Day 21

Homura looks around the Kazamino train station as she searches for the signs of the witch signature she sensed, however she's soon greeted by a glaring Kyoko who calls her a cat thief. Homura transforms as she prepares to defend herself. Kyoko reminds her this is her territory so she's determined to get back what she's lost. She transforms and swings her spear at Homura, who immediately turns to escape. Kyoko chases her through the station and quickly catches up to her, landing an attack. Although Kyoko's not usually good against projectiles, she is good at slashing and pushing back. She finally manages to pin Homura down and demands she return all the grief seeds. At that exact moment, Homura's phone begins to ring. When the first ring finishes, the phone suddenly explodes. Homura takes advantage of the momentary distraction and escapes onto a nearby train, leaving Kyoko angrily swiping at the smoke around her. Inside the train, Homura can hear Kyoko calling out to her with threatening tones. She calls out the signal to Mabayu and freezes time.

From inside Uhrmann's barrier, Mabayu replies to the signal and soon time stops around her. Homura had played the part of decoy, distracting Kyoko while Mabayu took down the witch. Mabayu leaps in at the witch, slashing her scissors this way and that. Time soon starts up again and the witch is suddenly sliced in all directions. Mabayu takes advantage and finishes the witch off quickly. The barrier dissipates as the train station comes back into view. Mabayu is surprised she was able to do it, and Homura soon approaches her from nearby. She smiles and praises Mabayu's efforts, telling her she did a good job.

Day 22

Sayaka Miki happily serves up her two favorite customers at café Récompense. Hitomi Shizuki marvels at the pretty drawing of flowers in her latte while Madoka Kaname gushes at the cute cat in hers. Sayaka explains it was her amazing senpai who did the art. Sayaka takes lessons from her on occasion but she never really improves. She's also been working extra hard at the café to buy Kyosuke a rare CD she hopes will cheer him up. Hitomi looks at her seriously and asks if he doesn't hate music now since he might never be able to play the violin again. Sayaka admits he was pretty depressed at first, but she believes he was able to dedicate himself to music so much because he loved music itself. So surely music will be the thing to save him. Madoka believes it's wonderful that she has so much belief in Kyosuke, but Sayaka contends she is praying for him more than she believes in him. Mabayu calls Sayaka over to take some customer orders, so Sayaka excuses herself. Once she leaves, Hitomi lets out a sigh. She feels like she has no chance against Sayaka, much to Madoka's confusion.

Mabayu and Homura weave their way through the labyrinth as they shoot and slash at Elsa Maria. The witch attempts to defend itself, but the girls are too familiar with its movements and easily dodge. They unleash another barrage of attacks on the witch before Homura throws the finishing bomb. The witch is destroyed, leaving the two magical girls pleased with themselves.

Day 31

Standing in Homura's pendulum room, Mabayu gives a pleased giggle as they look at the tons of grief seeds they've managed to collect over the past month. With this many grief seeds they'll be able to use their magic however much they want, so it was well worth the trouble of the excursion. Not only that, Homura reminds Mabayu she herself has now become a force to be reckoned with in a short amount of time. She couldn't have gotten this far on her own and she tells Mabayu how grateful she is from the bottom of her heart. Mabayu blushes and tells her it was nothing. She's happy so long as she's able to help. Mabayu suddenly realizes something: the reason she risks her life to fight witches is because of her admiration for Homura. Homura is determined to put an end to this recurring nightmare once and for all.

Scene 1 (Mami)

Mami stands in her apartment, listening to the howling winds outside. Kyubey gets her attention and asks her once more if she's hiding something from him. When Mami asks what he means, Kyubey explains she handed over her territory to Homura a month ago which put her at great risk. Not a very logical move according to him. Mami points out how strong Homura is and that even she can tire of this life, which Kyubey agrees to. Yet her power is still a mystery to him; Somehow she knows exactly where and when the witches will appear. Mami asks if he was wondering if she could read the future, but Kyubey believes it's more likely that she's able to repeat the same stretch of time over and over again. She nods her head, as it would certainly explain her seeming ability to also teleport. Maybe she's able to move when time is stopped for everyone else? The one thing Kyubey is certain of is she is blocking him from contracting with Madoka. If this is true, it would explain the reason behind Madoka's seemingly vast potential as the cause and effect behind the time repetitions. However, since neither of them can remember previous time loops, there's no way to prove the hypothesis. But this does mean that Kyubey should be very careful with what kind of information he entrusts with her. He asks Mami to imagine if she had the power to manipulate time. How long could she keep her sanity if she were to lose her friendships, memories, and feelings each time she repeats the time loop? Mami thinks its sounds like a movie on endless loop, and would be an unbearable kind of loneliness that can only make someone more and more desperate. She once had a friend who loved movies tell her this a long time ago. Kyubey thinks on this and comes to the conclusion that humanity needs to combat loneliness if they are to maintain their sanity.

Day 32

Mabayu looks on in disbelief as Kriemhild Gretchen towers over them. She can't understand how this could have happened: they had used each grief seed they had and yet none of their attacks had amounted to any damage to the witch. Homura stares up at Madoka's witch form and frowns. For whatever reason, she's sure it's grown bigger. Kyubey believes he knows the reason why if he assumes they're time travelers. Homura freezes time and shoots him full of bullets before he can finish speaking. Homura is sure there's something else they can do and prepares to leave.

Suddenly, another Kyubey appears and correctly assumes they must not have anything more to do with this place. He compares Mabayu to an observer who is capable of manipulating the film. Because of this, she shares subjective time with Homura. For a moment, Mabayu wonders just how many Kyubey there are. Kyubey understands it's difficult for them to understand his mental structure because human minds have trouble understanding parallel timelines. If it wasn't for Mabayu, Homura's mind would have collapsed by now. He assumes she had sustained Homura throughout the numerous time loops and expresses his gratitude towards her. If this is his old gimmick, then his plan is a success. Mabayu is confused by what he means, but Kyubey only tells her she could become the one to replace Madoka in response. Before she can question him further, Homura turns her time shield and resets time once more.

Key Points

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  • Day 21: Avoid pursuit by Kyoko
  • Day 31: I conclude that the reason I fight for my life is my admiration for Homura.


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