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Day 1

A false ending to a false relationship, but that's over now, so bye bye.

An alarm rings, waking Mabayu Aki. She has a concerned look on her face, but it seems she still has one more job to do.

Mabayu walks on her way to school, only this time Mami Tomoe doesn't come up to her because she has no memories of Mabayu.

Mabayu sits in class, ignoring the teacher as usual. Ironically, Mabayu is now in Mami's shoes. She is the one who has to carry the memories of their time together as she pretends to not know the other person. During all this, she was scared and anxious about what sins the other person had committed. A relationship like that was too unbearable. She needed to stop all this thinking or her soul gem was sure to get clouded and that wouldn't help Madoka in the least.

She rides the trains as she prays for that final beacon of hope.

She arrives and quickly makes her way up to Homura's hospital room where Homura had been waiting for her arrival. Homura shows her the latest iteration of her flowchart and Mabayu studies it carefully. It seems Homura plans on stealing a fighter jet this time. However, the members of their team will be different so they won't be able to use the same route as they did last time. She had already spent what time awake going over her most recent strategy and the most recent time loop. Mabayu takes note of how well prepared it is, so much so she argues that Homura won't really need her help for any of it. Homura is more than a little surprised to hear her talking like this. Mabayu explains how Homura had been taking care of her all this time. Even when she was confused about how she was involved much less that she was a magical girl. The sort of deadweight that would have died in a second, but even so she was able to save Homura's life a few times. If that's what made this flow possible, then she's glad to be a part of this world. Homura doesn't like what she's hearing and tells her to stop it, she can't do it without her. But Mabayu is confident she can. If Homura loses her memories of their time together, she'll come to the right end. It's the future she foresaw. She thanks Homura once more for everything she's done and asks her to please take care of the rest. Mabayu transforms and wields her golden scissors.

Homura recalls when Mabayu first made herself known, how she had begged her to not be insensitive to the people of the worlds she visited. When Homura had come to Mabayu and told her she couldn't fall into despair before she did, because she wouldn't allow Mabayu to leave her alone. How she would see her future, and the cheer with which they planned on defeating Walpurgisnacht. All of it gone with the sound of a snip as the film of her memories was cut. Homura stands in a daze as she looks around her hospital room. She notices her flowchart, but finds it oddly detailed. There's no way she could have done all of this on her own, or was she mistaken?

Back in her room, Mabayu goes over her plan. If she cuts out the memories of her, then Homura will break. She needs to cut out the memories of herself from everyone else. Her memories as well must be doomed to fade away as it's the only way to ensure that future. She'll try to be coy, but it's awfully lonely being alone.

The memories would only keep eating away at her until they turned her into a witch. She's knows it's her inevitable future as a magical girl, but she'll still miss them. Although she did rent a movie from the video rental store. It's not much, but it was surprisingly fun the first time she watched it. Well, maybe losing her memories wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. She transforms once more, and with tears in her eyes she recalls everything she'd seen up til now

A lot had happened, and it was a very nice film.

She bids everyone goodbye one last time...

before snipping the film of her memories.

Day 2

An alarm rings, waking up Mabayu Aki. She struggles to wake up before falling asleep again. After a few minutes, the alarm rings once more and forces Mabayu to get up.

Mabayu trudges to school as she squints in the bright morning light. All she wants to do is sneak into school, lay her head on her desk and go back to sleep. She overhears Sayaka Miki teasing her friend Hitomi Shizuki about the love letter she received but she doesn't know who gave it to her. Sayaka tells her she doesn't have to decide right away, and suggests she give dating a try. Mabayu can't help but make an annoyed face as she thinks it's a little early to be talking about romance. Besides, love letters were so old-fashioned (not that it ever mattered to her). Sayaka asks her other friend, Madoka Kaname, what she would do if she ever got a love letter. She didn't think it was such a bad thing, causing Sayaka to tease her for being so full of it. Madoka tells her not to tease her, but instead Hitomi promises to show her the secret to attracting someone. Mabayu rolls her eyes at their youthful display. She thinks they should go and join a club already while she gets to work on her solitude. Not that she was lonely or anything...

Her ordinary days passed her by without a care in the world. She'd take naps during dull school days, skip classes on occasion (but not too much), rent rar old movies and enjoy them in the comfort of her room. Mabayu continues to daydream but her reverie is soon broken by the groans of her classmates as her teacher announces a pop quiz. Mabayu panics as her eyes race over the questions on the test. Time continues to tick away but there are still too many blank answers on her test. She could have swore there was some magic way to know all the answers. But there wasn't. Was there? No, that couldn't have been right.

As a result of flunking the pop quiz, Mabayu had had to stay late after school to take a make-up exam. It was so annoying, which is why she was glad on days like this she would let Amy comfort her. However, Amy wasn't to be found which was just her luck today. However, rather than a black cat like she was expecting, she thought she saw some white creature across the street. Like a cat, dog, or racoon.

She decides to follow it once the traffic light changes colors, but it never did. Unbeknownst to her, time stopped at the moment. To her it seems as if the light continued to shine red for an unusually long time. When she looked around, she saw a man on a bicycle stopped in the middle of the road. But neither the man or anyone else around moved. Mabayu couldn't understand what was going on at first, when suddenly she was hit with the solution: time had stopped.

During her shift at the café, Mabayu was still thinking about what had happened earlier. She could think of no other explanation for why the light had stayed like that for the longest time. But she had no idea how something so unscientific could have happened. She would have loved for that to have happened earlier so she could cheat on the test. No, that couldn't be. She must just have been tired or something. Still, she can't explain what happened other than she must have been dreaming. With a dead serious expression, she asks her aunt Sakie to pinch her cheek.

Sakie is more than happy to comply and immediately pinches her face once on each cheek. Mabayu begs her to stop as Sakie laughs and asks if maybe Mabayu has been staying up too late. Before Mabayu can answer, she's distracted at that moment by a customer walking into the café. Mabayu begins to automatically welcome the customer but stops when she recognizes the customer as her classmate.

She quickly explains this isn't a part time job but rather she's helping out her family so she hopes she keeps this quiet from the school. Mami tells her it's no problem because the store has never let her down. In fact, she would like to offer to help out because she'd love to learn the recipe for Récompense's cakes (and she thinks the uniforms are super cute)! Mabayu gets a little embarrassed at hearing this, but Sakie begins to gush at her. She immediately asks if Mami is a friend of Mabayu's and assures her there are plenty of openings for waitresses available. Mabayu is glad she's getting help but would rather her aunt recruit help like a normal person. Mami giggles at the two of them. Mabayu is embarrassed by her aunt, but even she has to admit she's a top notch pastry chef. She then asks Mami what she would like to order. Mami places her order for a lemon cake and sachertorte. Mabayu gets right on it. Inwardly she's thankful because she never thought she'd be able to find a classmate to help her out at the café much less someone as kind as Mami. She rings up Mami, who promises to be right back. Mabayu happily replies she'll be waiting for her. Weird, why was she so cheerful and outgoing about it? Well, it didn't matter.

The End


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