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File:Ep7witchandflashback.jpg|Shared symbolism raises the possibility that Elsa Maria might be Kyouko Sakura's sister.

Does a dead-looking tree really count enough towards symbolism, especially since they're not even shaped exactly the same? The speculation seems to kinda be grasping at the straws, since I thought Kyouko said she was killed...?

  • Well, the witch is clearly Christian, so unless she came from an entirely different town, it's possible that she was at least a member of Kyouko's church. It's too much of a coincidence otherwise.
    • She and Kyouko could have come from different denominations, assuming that Mitakihara is large and diverse enough to have more than one church. Kyouko's family is most likely Anglican judging by her father's cassock and his ability to marry, whereas Elsa Maria monstrance suggests that she could have been either Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, or Anglican. With all that said, it's possible that the use of tree branches and religious symbolism for both the Kyouko flashback and the Elsa Maria fight was just a means of providing a unified aesthetic for the episode. 20:21, 16 April 2011 (UTC)

I dont know why, but i think elsa maria's rune's/ barrier's it's look a same like Letter bee's man madded sun, i think...

Does the hand thing remind anyone of the Statue of Liberty? Akuma Homura-chan 10:36, 23 April 2014 (UTC)