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この感情の主はドッペルという存在を知りながらも、心の内から現れた自身の写しに驚愕して、腰を抜かしてしまっている。 そんな主のドッペルは、魔女に対して力を発揮する主とは真逆に、魔法少女に対して強い殺傷能力を持つ内皮を持っているが、性格は主と似ているため、発現したのが戦いの場だと、すぐにパニックになってしまって防御姿勢をとってしまう。


The Doppel of Deception, its shape is reversible. Despite knowing the existence of her Doppel, the Master of this emotion is astonished by her own copy that has emerged from her heart, and kneels down. The Doppel of the Master has an endothelium that has a strong killing ability against magical girls, contrary to the Master who exerts power against witches, but the character is similar to the Master, so it appeared. In a battleground, it quickly panics and take a defensive stance.

By the way, while Doppel is out, the Master is scared and closes her eyes, so she has never seen his own copy, and she is impressed by Doppel because the enemy has disappeared. (Provisionary translation, please anyone do better) --NepetaLeijon27 16:58, 25 February 2020 (UTC)

Her magical girl description in Japanese, if anyone can translate then they can add it to her page.