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Another Story 10 Summary

  • Homura is still questioning herself “if this is the right place & ending” since it’d better for Madoka to not become a meguca in the first place and she’s not sure if she can keep protect madoka from now on
  • With Kamihama issues resolved, now witches reappear outside Kamihama
  • A witch is kidnapping people in Mitakihara and Mami’s investigating it
  • Kyouko came to Mitakihara from Kazamino, following this witch (this witch was kidnapping people in Kazamino and came to Mitakihara)
  • Kyouko says it’s her prey so other four to hand off from the witch
  • Mami wants to co-op with Kyouko
  • Sayaka arbitrates two and invites Kyouko to Mami’s place to share info.
  • Mami found a pattern in witch’s movement and locates next place the witch is likely to appear
  • PMHQ goes to that place and finds witch
  • In fighting witch, Madoka is endangered that Homura is worried further if this is a right ending
  • Madoka is okay and everyone co-ops to defeat the witch
  • Homura is surprised that they became this strong thanks to Kamihama stuff
  • Homura thinks back when she hesitated from telling the truth to others but she’s happy that PMHQ coped with accepting the truth
  • Mami gives grief seed to Kyouko and asks her if they can co-op like this again
  • Homura, after seeing them getting stronger, believes that this timeline is the right place to stay and be with Madoka
    • (For those who question whereabouts of Alina or Kyubey, they just didn’t appear at all. Solely PMHQ and that witch)