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Note that Another Story begins with Chapter 2, as it occurs the same time as the Main Story.

Chapter 2: Only this City is Different

Section 1: The Disappearance of a Cog

Mami Tomoe fights a witch (Stacey) and thinks she defeated it. However, it is still alive and attacks her. Mami is saved by the arrival of Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko says it's strange that Mami is outside of Mitakihara City, and Mami wonders what Kyoko is doing out of Kazamino. Kyoko explains she was running around trying to find witches. Mami offers Kyoko the witch's Grief Seed, but Kyoko refuses, saying Mami mostly beat the witch before she showed up. Mami then asks if the witches in Kazamino have disappeared. Kyoko isn't sure, but she hasn't run into any. She also thinks the (unnamed) city they're in is out of witches. Mami notes it's just like Mitakihara, which is also seeing a decrease in witches. Kyoko says she'll tell Mami if she finds out something.

The next day, Mami visits the various outer suburbs of Mitakihara and Kazamino, and finds no witches there. Mami wonders if witches have disappeared from the entire world, but thinks it can't be that. Kyubey then arrives and asks what Mami is doing. Mami says she can't find witches in Mitakihara. Kyubey says it's just as he thought and says other magical girls have been reporting fewer witches. Kyubey notes that some magical girls are celebrating and taking breaks, but others are venturing out like Mami. Kyubey also notes magical girls still spend small amounts of energy to maintain their bodies. Mami thinks it's ironic that magical girls must obtain magic from the very witches they defeat. Kyubey says the magical girl system is logical and cyclical. Mami thinks that one of the cogs in this system - the witches - are missing. She then finds that Kyubey has disappeared.

Section 2: Ripples of Doubt

Rena Minami is running away from her friends (an event seen in the Main Story). Rena then finds a witch (Stacey again) and fights it. At the same time, Mami also finds the witch and sees Rena. Rena is losing to the witch until Mami saves her. After they beat the witch, Rena thanks Mami. Mami asks if Rena is from Kamihama City. Rena says yes and tells Mami the witches in Kamihama are stronger than the ones outside. Mami says she was wandering around looking for witches and must have crossed into the city without realizing it. Rena feels bad she was saved by a magical girl outsider. Mami tells her not to worry, and Rena thinks Mami is very composed. She also thinks Mami could compete with Yachiyo Nanami, and that Mami must be a college student.

Mami then hands Rena the Grief Seed, pointing out she's lost more magical energy. Rena says she has a stock of Grief Seeds. When Mami asks how she has so many, Rena explains that witches are basically swarming outside the city. She thinks there might be even more witches than before. Mami realizes that Kamihama is having the opposite problem from the other cities and excuses herself. Mami realizes that something is different in Kamihama and decides to investigate. She's then surprised to sense a familiar and when she fights it, notes that it has incredible power. Mami then senses another barrier, but realizes it's different. Mami wonders what is going on in this city.

Chapter 3: The Same Appearance as Us

Section 1: Double Edged Sword

Concerned about Kamihama, Mami runs into Kyubey. She tells him about some of Kamihama's oddities. Kyubey says he'll tell Mami if he learns anything, and asks her to let him know if she learns something about "that 'Kamihama' city". Mami meets Kyoko again and tells her about Kamihama. She says there are more witches in Kamihama than there ever were in Mitakihara. Kyoko is happy to have a new hunting ground, but Mami is still concerned about the drop in witches elsewhere. Kyoko thinks it's a coincidence and prepares to make Kamihama her new hunting ground. She does promise Mami she'll leave if it gets too dangerous.

Section 2: The Sign of a Rumor

Upon returning to Kamihama, Mami immediately senses a witch. She finds Kaede Akino standing in front of the witch barrier's entrance. Kaede admits she lacks confidence, so she can't decide whether to go into the barrier or not. She is paralyzed by indecision. Mami invites Kaede to come inside the barrier with her. They enter, and Mami destroys the witch (Rebecca). Kaede apologizes for not being able to do anything, but Mami says it's alright. She asks if Kaede will be alright by herself, but she says she's usually with her teammates and was thinking of calling them over. Kaede wonders if she can become a girl like Mami someday.

Afterward, Mami asks Kaede if anything has changed recently in Kamihama. Kaede tells her about the Rumor she encountered (in the Main Story). In her thoughts, Mami brushes it off as a coincidence caused by Kaede getting into an argument with her teammate and then being attacked by a witch. When Kaede brings up Rena, Mami wonders if she's talking about the same girl she's met before. As Mami prepares to leave, she feels a magical signature that matches nothing she's ever encountered. Kaede says it's the energy of the Rumor she encountered, which is nothing like a witch or magical girl's energy. Mami thinks she never heard of anything like that, and is also certain Kyubey hasn't either. Kaede offers to help Mami, but Mami says her feelings are enough. Having heard of how Kaede was forced to fight her friends, and not wanting to put her through that again, Mami goes to fight the Rumor herself.

Section 3: The Curse of the Girl

Mami is able to enter the Rumor's barrier and fights its minions. She sees Iroha Tamaki use her Doppel and immediately assumes the worst. As seen in the Main Story, Mami attacks Iroha, believing that she's a witch that somehow brainwashed her companions. Iroha's group is saved by Momoko Togame, forcing Mami to withdraw. Afterward, Mami encounters Kyoko and asks if she went to Kamihama. Kyoko says she hasn't to Mami's relief. Mami asks if Kyoko had ever seen a humanoid witch before, explaining her perception of events. Kyoko says it's the first time she's heard of it. Mami tells Kyoko not to go to Kamihama.

Kyoko points out that witches are still decreasing elsewhere. Mami says she can get Grief Seeds for Kyoko if she needs it. Kyoko asks if she should just do nothing. Mami begs to act as Kyoko's senior just for this time. Kyoko reluctantly accepts. Elsewhere, Kaede, Rena and Momoko discuss the day's events. Kaede says Mami was strong and kind. Momoko acan't agree with the kind part. Rena figures the whole thing was a misunderstanding. She also states her belief that Mami has to be Yachiyo's age, especially because of her...assets. Kaede and Rena get into an argument that Momoko stops. The three girls think that they'll meet Mami again.

Chapter 4: The City I Heard About From Her

Section 1: Baptism of the New World

Kyoko narrates that when she first heard about Kamihama she thought it would be the best hunting ground ever. But when she finally entered the city, she really just how bizarre it was. The story jumps to Kyoko trying to enter Kamihama, despite telling Mami otherwise. Kyubey appears and asks what Kyoko is doing. Kyoko reiterates that witches are vanishing from Mitakihara and Kazamino, and so she plans to hunt in Kamihama. Kyubey reveals that Mami asked him to advise Kyoko against going. Kyoko says that she doesn't need to listen to Mami, which Kyubey agrees with. Kyoko wonders if Mami's trying to keep the Grief Seeds to herself. Kyubey thinks Mami isn't that kind of person, and believes she was just worried for Kyoko's safety. Kyoko admits she knows and leaves.

Upon entering Kamihama, Kyoko is constantly attacked by witches. She runs across a familiar and ignores it until it attacks. Angry, Kyoko destroys the familiar. Afterward, Kyoko is annoyed at how she can't even let her guard down against familiars. She then comes across an old man giving away water. Along with Iroha and Felicia Mitsuki, Kyoko is given a glass. Drinking it, Kyoko finds it delicious and asks for another one. Felicia also wants another drink, but the old man says he can only give one glass per customer. After Kyoko leaves, a piece of paper falls on her head with the number 24.

The next morning, Kyoko wakes up to find papers next to her pillow, with numbers counting down. Kyoko wonders if someone brought them to her room, but dismisses that line of thought. She then remembers when the first paper appeared and realizes that the latest number is 10. While she doesn't know what's going on, she realizes the numbers are measuring time. She thinks about telling Mami about it, but believes it wouldn't benefit Mami. Kyoko thinks she would just be asking Mami for advice. She also doesn't want Mami to scold her for going to Kamihama. Kyoko decides to investigate the phenomenon at it's source and returns to Kamihama.

Unable to find the water vendor, Kyoko comes across a school. She sees a bizarre creature talking to a student. After it disappears, Yachiyo goes up to Kyoko and introduces herself. Suddenly another paper falls down on Kyoko. Kyoko explains what happened to her. Yachiyo believes the numbers were caused by drinking the water from yesterday, and explains to Kyoko what she knows about Rumors. She then invites Kyoko to investigate, but Kyoko rebuffs her offer. Kyoko thinks that she can't let someone sacrifice something so that others can be saved, and chooses to confront the Rumor solo.

Section 2: Reality Becomes Clear

Without any leads, Kyoko decides to ask girls her own age about the Rumor. She then runs into Rena and Kaede. When she tries to ask them a question Rena suddenly snaps and admits she's hungry. She says that food comes first, prompting Kyoko to think she's a wild animal and is forced to play along. The group ends up going to Tsuruno's Chinese restaurant. Rena explains she wants to go there because it's close and cheap. Kyoko then points out she doesn't have any money on her - and wasn't really hungry anyway. An annoyed Rena decides to treat her, as she has a "friend discount".

Tsuruno's father rrives and tells Rena that Tsuruno went out with Yachiyo, prompting Kyoko to think she might be on the right track. She is then disturbed by Rena's eating habits. Kyoko then explains she's looking for a girl with blond hair (Felicia). When she describes the girl's uniform, Ren and Kaede recognize it from Central School, one ward over. Kyoko then says she's also looking for Iroha, who Kaede and Rena immediately recognize. The two say they don't know how to get Iroha, and she doesn't go to school in Kamihama anyway. The two suggest that Kyoko wait at the restaurant.

Suddenly Kyoko senses a witch and leaves. Rena and Kaede sense the witch as well and hurriedly excuse themselves. The three of them end up walking in the same direction. As they try to hide their real motivations from each other, Kyoko realizes that Kaede and Rena are also magical girls. She challenges them to compete for "Prey". As the girls fight the witch (Stacey), Kyoko realizes that she's outclassed thanks to the teamwork of the other two. The event causes her to think of her time as Mami's apprentice. At the time, she couldn't beat Mami, but Mami said it's alright because they cover for each other's weaknesses.

Kyoko thinks she's being careless by remembering something during a battle. She thinks that she became strong so she would be fine even on her own and destroys the witch with a final attack. Afterward, Kyoko asks Kaede and Rena about Rumors. When the girls say they have experience, Kyoko asks them if they've heard about papers falling on people's heads after they drink water. As it turns out they do recognize it and explain the Rumor to Kyoko. Apparently when the numbers on the paper reach zero, it will cause a disaster.

Rena and Kaede offer to help Kyoko, saying that as magical girls they need to help each other out. Kyoko flashes back to when she asked to be Mami's apprentice, saying much the same thing Rena and Kaede said. Back in the present Kyoko says they're self-righteous idiots. She gives them the Grief Seed from the witch and leaves. Rena wonders what happened, while Kaede thinks they might have said something that made Kyoko mad.

Section 3: Distance Between Hearts

Kyoko thinks she shouldn't have gotten herself worked up and wondered if she should have just seized the opportunity to get help. She thinks back to meeting Iroha at the water vendor, and guesses that she and her allies are active in the region. She figures that they'll come back here, and when they do they'll pass by the shopping district. Kyoko goes there and waits for two hours. She finally sees Tsuruno, Yachiyo and Iroha pass by. Kyoko follows them.

Events proceed according to Main Story Chapter 4. Kyoko listens as the Wings of Magius Black Feather explains about their goal. Kyoko decides there's no way she's going to waste time listening to an unrealistic conversation and attacks. Kyoko assists the girls in fighting the Wings of Magius and the Rumor. She's shocked when Tsukuyo Amane reveals her Doppel, and thinks back to what Mami said about a human witch. Kyoko thinks Mami only understood that it was dangerous.

Kyoko barges past Tsukuyo and her sister Tsukasa Amane with Iroha and Felicia. Kyoko thought about getting the jump on them and defeating the Rumor first, but figures that the smartest option is to gamble on the chance she'll be one of the winners by working with the others. Kyoko thinks that no matter who gets saved, she won't bear any grudges. Afterward, Kyoko and the others confront and defeat the Rumor. Kyoko thinks Mami was right and Kamihama is a bizarre and unbelievable city. Iroha then asks Kyoko to clear up what happened to Mami. Kyoko says if she runs into Mami she'll tell her she's overthinking it.

Later, Kyoko runs into Mami when she's returning home. Kyoko tells Mami that the humanoid witch she encountered the other day was something like "a projection of feelings" that a magical girl can let out if her Soul Gem was tainted. In other words, it wasn't a witch. Mami asked where she heard that from, but Kyoko said she saw it with her own eyes. Mami asks if Kyoko went to Kamihama. When Kyoko answers yes, Mami says she told her not to get involved and asks why she went. Kyoko rhetorically asks if she would honestly do as Mami said. Kyoko says she'll gladly accept advice, but is free to do what she wants after hearing it. Mami says she can't stand back and let Kyoko put herself at risk. Kyoko asks if Mami is trying to order her around again and wants to know what she's after.

Mami says that she's worried and just wants to protect Kyoko. She claims that even if it was for a moment, Kyoko was her friend. Kyoko thinks about earlier when Yachiyo said she wouldn't give up on her friend, Mifuyu Azusa. Kyoko thinks that even though they were close, even though they were friends and family, none of it is something she can rely on. Thinking of her father, Kyoko believes that people change and human hearts break easily. Kyoko tells Mami that she's changed, and she's not a "stupidly honest" magical girl that believes in justice or protecting happiness. Kyoko does not believe Mami still wants to protect her. However, Mami says that she believes it's possible they'll walk the same path again someday. She says she won't give up on Kyoko.

Kyoko thinks back to Yachiyo's conversation with Mifuyu from earlier, and wonders what happened if her fate and Mami's switched. Kyoko decides that even if that happened, Mami would still walk down the same road. Kyoko believes that her "conceited" wish to make everyone happy destroyed her family. She thinks that becoming alone is just part of her nature, and that her path and Mami's wouldn't cross. While they walked together for awhile, Kyoko believes she was destined to part with Mami, for her nature is to be alone. Kyoko says that she decided a long time ago that she would use her power for her sake and her sake only. The chapter ends with Kyoko telling someone (possibly Yuma Chitose) that no-one will save them no matter how much they cry. Instead, they should stand up themselves and keep on living.

Chapter 5: I Want to Learn the Secret

Section 1: The Last Pancake

Homura Akemi thinks back to the girl she saw in her time stop. One day at school, she suddenly sees the girl again. Homura is broken out of her vision by Madoka Kaname, who thinks Homura is spacing out. Madoka says that Mami has heard a cafe in the next town has great pancakes, and suggests the two go there. Homura agrees, but can't keep her mind off the vision, which is new to her repeating timeloops. Knowing what is meant by "saving magical girls", Homura decides to go to Kamihama City.

Later, Homura asks Madoka if she went to Kamihama. Madoka says that she went there with Mami. She says it seems like a normal town, but it's been getting more stores and becoming more fashionable lately. Madoka asks Homura if she wants to go there. When Homura answers yes, Madoka asks if Homura is hiding something. Put on the spot, Homura tells her that she's heard there are some weird things in Kamihama, and says she wants to go there out of curiosity. Madoka asks to come with her, but Homura is reluctant to accept. Suddenly Mami appears and says the two can't go to Kamihama under any circumstances.

The girls head to a cafe, where Mami explains about the things she encountered in Kamihama. Madoka says she knows from her previous visit that Kamihama has strong witches; however even she was able to beat them. Mami explains about the Rumors and the "human witch" she saw. Mami says she plans on investigating in case the things from Kamihama appear in Mitakihara. Homura asks if she can investigate with Mami. Mami points out she still doesn't know what's going on, and she might run into the hunting grounds of other magical girls. Homura says she still wants to go, and Madoka says she wants to go as well. Mami relents and says they can go after she investigates some more and learns more about the Rumors. Bidding the girls goodbye, she heads over to Kamihama

The next day, Mami goes missing.

Section 2: Two Chance Encounters

Madoka and Homura find that Mami didn't come to school. They go to her house, but she isn't there either. Madoka thinks she should go to Kamihama. Homura protests, saying if the town was dangerous enough to stop even Mami, they have no chance of helping her. Madoka agrees. Homura suggests they wait a day for Mami to come back. However, Homura sneaks off to Kamihama herself to figure out its secrets. At Kamihama's train station, Homura is shocked to find Madoka is there.

Madoka says she suspected Homura's intentions from the start. When she saw Homura get on a train, Madoka went to Kamihama to follow her. She tells Homura not go on her own in secret. Homura apologizes and thinks that while she wanted to protect Madoka from Kamihama's dangers, she feels reassured that Madoka is there. The two set off to find Mami. They decide to also investigate Rumors, thinking they might find Mami that way. Homura then notices a Grief Seed stuck in the wall. The witch (Candy) hatches and manifests its barrier.

Pulled into the barrier, Homura tries to contact Madoka telepathically but fails. Homura fights familiars in the barrier. Outside, Madoka tries to find Homura and ends up near the radio tower. Suddenly she senses another witch (Rebecca) and looks up to see someone with a Witch Kiss go into the tower. Elsewhere, Homura escapes the barrier and tries to contact Madoka. However, Madoka has left telepathy range. Madoka goes to the top of the radio tower and finds the Witch's barrier. She then rescues one of the witch's victims from jumping off the roof. Madoka subsequently meets Homura.

Elsewhere Homura looks for Madoka and wanders near a cafe. In the cafe, Tsuruno and Felicia are busy interrogating Tsukuyo. When Tsukuyo tries to escape, Felicia chases her and the two pass by Homura. Felicia says Tsukuyo was trying to dine and dash and asks Homura to catch her. Needing time to think, Homura transforms into her magical girl costume. After the events depicted in Main Story Chapter 5, Sections 2 and 3, Homura and Madoka reunite. The two tell Iroha's team about the desire to find Mami. Iroha reveals that she is the one Mami mistook for a human witch. Iroha makes Homura nervous as first, but when Madoka vouches for her Homura apologizes. Homura thinks she'll trust Iroha if Madoka does.

Section 3: Unease and Curiosity

Events proceed according to the rest of Main Story Chapter 5. Homura thinks it's their turn to save Mami. In addition, Homura thinks Sana Futaba is like how she used to be, except Homura met Madoka. Homura notes that while she understands Sana's solitude, she has her hands full protecting Madoka and searching for Mami. She thinks Sana may find someone who can save her the way Madoka saved Homura.

During the battle with Alina Gray, Homura notes that her Doppel resembles a witch, and that Alina fought even though her Soul Gem was pitch lack. Homura wonders if Magius really could save magical girls. Homura uses her time stop to help Sana deliver the final blow on Ai, thinking that this is all she can do for Sana. She notes that Sana looked so strong when she fought. After the battle, Homura wonders if Iroha knows something about saving magical girls due to having a Doppel, but Irohha doesn't really know. Homura does notice that Iroha resembles the girl she saw in her time stop.

Returning home, Homura apologizes to Madoka for getting her involved and for failing to find Mami. Madoka says there's no need because they found a clue and made friends. Madoka says they'll return to Kamihama to search for Mami. She also says she's still getting saved by Homura, to her protests. The girls depart via train. Before she notices, Homura is back in Mitakihara. Both Madoka and Homura are exhausted by the day's events. Homura notes that now that they're back home, everything seems normal. Madoka resolves to bring back Mami when they return to Kamihama. Homura thinks about Kamihama and how in this timeline she has no idea what will happen. She thinks it's possible to change the fate of Madoka and all magical girls.

Chapter 6: Confrontation with Fate

Section 1: Unknown Whereabouts

Sayaka Miki narrates how she became a magical girl for her childhood friend Kyosuke Kamijo. However, she also mentions she became a magical girl because she met Mami Tomoe. In the present, Madoka and Homura tell Sayaka that Mami went missing. It turns out Sayaka didn't come with Homura and Mami in the previous chapter because she was seeing Kyosuke play at a concert. Madoka and Homura explain what happened in Kamihama and Madoka asks her not to go to Kamihama alone. Instead Madoka declares the three of them will go to Kamihama together after hearing from Iroha.

Sayaka admits she hasn't been a magical girl for very long anyway, so she won't go by herself. However, she insists on having Madoka and Homura take her to Kamihama now. Sayaka admits she can't make sense of what she's heard about, but she can't just wait doing nothing. Sayaka explains that while she wished to heal Kyosuke, she also wanted the power to protect the people she cares about. Sayaka says she wants to protect Madoka, Homura and Mami. Madoka admits they can't wait either and agrees to take Sayaka to Kamihama.

Section 2: Amidst the Ruins

The girls arrive at Kamihama. They decide to start by looking up Alina Gray in a library. Unfortunately, they can't find anything. The girls then search on the internet and find that one name pops out: The Kamihama Recording Museum. The girls think there might be something there and investigate. However, they find the building is abandoned. Homura says that when she looked again she found the museum was shut down. Suddenly the girls sense Mami's magic inside the museum. Inside, the girls are accosted by the Wings of Magius. Using telepathy, Madoka tells Sayaka to go ahead while her and Homura take care of the Feathers.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Sayaka arrives to see Mami, now dressed as Holy Mami, about to attack Iroha and Yachiyo. Events play out as they did in Main Story Chapter 6. Sayaka is shocked by the revelations she's seen and heard about, and resolves to reunite with Madoka and Homura.

Section 3: The Price of Magic

Sayaka narrates that when she left the museum she telepathically told Madoka and Homura to run away. The girls had previously decided to meet at Mizuna Shrine in case something happened. Sayaka encounters Madoka and Homura, being pursued by two members of the Wings of Magius. Emotionally unbalanced by what she learned, Sayaka yells at the Feathers and defeats them both with one hit each. She then runs off with Madoka and Homura. Once they're safe, Sayaka explains everything she saw and heard about. The girls are shocked into silence.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka wonders if she'll turn into a witch, and also wonders why Mami changed. Madoka says it's too cruel. Homura suggests they head back to Mitakihara for now. The girls journey in silence. Sayaka becomes afraid of becoming a witch and suddenly asks Madoka and Homura what she should do. Madoka says she's been thinking about it, and decides that even though she's scared she can't throw away hope. She says they need to search for a way to avoid becoming witches. Homura agrees, and thinks this is what she came here for. Madoka thinks they should ask Kyubey, and guesses Mami and the Wings of Magius know something. Madoka says they should first find Mami and try to get her back to how she was. Then they can find out more about transforming into witches.

Sayaka agrees with Madoka and says they need to fight back. Once they return to Mitakihara, Sayaka decides to meet with someone.

Section 4: And Then She...

The person Sayaka meets is none other than Kyoko. Kyoko asks Sayaka what she wanted to talk about. Sayaka asks her if she's heard about Mami. Kyoko says she didn't and, based on Sayaka's reaction, asked if Mami died. Sayaka says that's not it and explains to Kyoko the events she went through.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Kyoko is shocked when she learns magical girls become witches, but then says it makes sense. She explains to Sayaka that she met the Wings of Magius when she went to Kamihama earlier, and they told her about saving magical girls. Kyoko says now she understands they were talking about stopping magical girls from becoming witches. Kyoko wonders if she's going to become a witch, and says she lived a worthless life. Sayaka tells her that she's sure there's some way they can avoid becoming witches. Kyoko agrees, having deduced that Wings of Magius knows how.

Kyoko wonders if Mami was looking for Wings of Magius but then they did something to her. Kyoko says that if her or Sayaka becomes a witch they might fight each other. Sayaka vehemently disagrees. Kyoko tells Sayaka that she would be annoyed if Sayaka gave up and became a witch, claiming she would run her through if she did. Kyoko says she'll look for a way to avoid becoming a witch and clean up the Wings of Magius - by herself. When Sayaka protests, Kyoko asks if Sayaka will try to save her if she's affected the same way Mami was.

Before Sayaka can answer Kyoko says she was just kidding, claiming that she would never screw up like that and that Sayaka is too weak to save her. Sayaka protests again, but Kyoko says she'll be fine on her own. She says she'll tell the others if she finds something and prepares to leave. Sayaka shouts at her and tells her to wait. She tells Kyoko that she doesn't have to bear it all alone, but Kyoko says it's fine. Kyoko leaves while Sayaka shouts her name.

Chapter 7: If We Could All Share with Each Other

Section 1: I Cannot See What's Ahead

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka thinks about the revelations she learned from Sayaka. She decides Wings of Magius can't be trusted, but Madoka is still afraid of becoming a witch. Madoka resolves to find a way to keep magical girls from becoming witches, and contacts Kyubey. Madoka asks Kyubey if it's possible for magical girls to avoid becoming witches. Kyubey answers that he knows of no way to avoid this fate. Madoka accuses Kyubey of tricking her, but Kyubey says she never asked and insists he gave her a fair deal.

Madoka says they won't see eye-to-eye and Kyubey suggests they talk about what the Wings of Magius are trying to do. Kyubey says he doesn't know what they're up to himself, but if they share information Kyubey can interfere with what they're doing. Kyubey suggests they might even find a way to prevent witch transformations. Madoka asks Kyubey why he can't investigate. Kyubey says he can't enter Kamihama and he isn't sure why. Madoka says she can't make any promises. Kyubey says he understands and leaves.

Madoka thinks her only lead now is Wings of Magius, but she thinks they're too cruel to trust. Madoka wishes that Mami was there. Suddenly she gets a message from Iroha, asking if there's anything she can do to help. Madoka decides she can't go moping around, and decides to go to Kamihama the next day with Homura and Sayaka. Suddenly Madoka senses a witch. Investigating, she sees it's a witch from Kamihama.

Section 2: A Shadow of Unease

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka fights the witch, but is still scared of becoming a witch herself. However, she resolves to protect her friends. Unfortunately, the witch proves to be too strong. Suddenly Madoka is saved by Sayaka and Homura, who destroy the witch. Madoka purifies her Soul Gem with the witch's Grief Seed, and asks the others about their stockpile of Grief Seeds. Sayaka says she doesn't have any. Homura gives Sayaka one of her own, thinking that she doesn't want anyone else to die. Sayaka is reluctant, but ultimately decides they should share Grief Seeds.

After Madoka explains what happened, Homura says she saw the same witch in Kamihama and thinks it's a familiar that grew up. Sayaka says the problem is why Kamihama witches are in Mitakihara. Madoka announces her intention to go to Kamihama the next day in order to learn the truth and possible answers to their problems. Both Sayaka and Homura agree to help, although Sayaka seems concerned about something.

Elsewhere, Kyoko is shown to have infiltrated the Wings of Magius. She thinks it was easier than she thought, and they must be short handed if they didn't look into her background. However, she's annoyed that she's being treated as a rookie. Kyoko's White Feather superior asks her if she put on her outfit. When Kyoko asks if she has to wear it, the White Feather says it's better to hide her face. Kyoko thinks the girls must feel shame for what they're doing. Kyoko says she's fine not wearing the costume and asks about her mission. The White Feather says they're to take care of a group that has been erasing Rumors, which includes a veteran magical girl. Kyoko suspects she's referring to Iroha and Yachiyo, and resolves to try and avoid them.

Section 3: The Place We Must Protect

Madoka waits at a train station for Homura and Sayaka, and is worried when they don't arrive. Searching for their magic, she senses a witch, While she can't find Sayaka or Homura, she learns the witch is also from Kamihama. Elsewhere, Homura and Sayaka are also fighting Kamihama witches. Homura thinks it's strange. Sayaka, meanwhile, is having a hard time fighting her opponent, and uses Homura's Grief Seed. Madoka defeats her witch opponent, but it doesn't drop a Grief Seed. Homura on the other hand is kicked out of the witch's barrier and thinks she has to meet up with Madoka and Sayaka. Suddenly, both Madoka and Homura sense the witch Sayaka is fighting.

Sayaka is saved from an attack by Madoka and Homura. The girls fight and defeat the witch together, and get its Grief Seed. Madoka thinks Sayaka is acting strange, but quickly dismisses it. The girls realize the sudden appearance of Kamihama witches isn't normal, and also realize that if they went to Kamihama the witches would swarm unopposed. The girls decides to clean up the witches in Mitakihara. As they fight witches, they note that their magic consumption is high, keeping their Grief Seeds low. The girls get into a fight with a witch more powerful than anything they face before. Sayaka takes hits meant for the other girls. Madoka notices that Sayaka's Soul Gem is corrupting. Suddenly the witch attacks again.

Section 4: Things We Want to Share

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka apologizes for distracting Sayaka. The witch proves too strong Homura uses her time stop to retreat with Madoka and Sayaka. Sayaka is upset the witch got away, but Madoka says if they were defeated no-one could protect Mitakihara. Homura offers Sayaka another Grief Seed, but Sayaka yells out a refusal. She then apologizes to Homura and says she's okay. Homura says that Sayaka was shaking when she left the labyrinth, and is shaking even now. Sayaka admits she wants to be strong like Homura and Madoka, but is terrified of becoming a witch.

Madoka hugs Sayaka and Homura and tells them she feels scared as well. All of the girls start crying. Afterward, the girls sense another witch. Sayaka says she's not in the best shape, but still feels better. Homura says the she feels similar. Madoka thinks they can face it together. As the girls go back to fight the witch, a Black Feather and a White Feather watch them. The Black Feather says Madoka's group doesn't seem to be leaving Mitakihara, and implies that this was their planned result. The White Feather tells her companion to stay on her guard. Madoka suddenly wonders if someone is watching her group, but when she looks the Feathers are gone.

Section 5: The True Form of the Attackers

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

The girls fight so many witches that they lose count. Suddenly they sense the presence of a magical girl. They track her down, thinking it's an ally, but find it's the Black and White Feathers from before. Both teams fight, and the Feathers are defeated. The trio interrogates the Feathers, who say nothing at first. The Black Feather admits she's terrified of becoming a witch. Sayaka says she understands, but won't sympathize. Homura says if she talks they won't have to resort to violence. The White Feather tells her companion to keep silent, and the Black Feather obeys.

After tying up the Feathers, Madoka gets a phone call from Iroha, explaining what happened with Rumor Tsuruno and her suspicion that Mami became a Rumor. Iroha's message says the cure is getting through to Mami's heart. Sayaka and Homura wonder if they ever understood Mami. Madoka says Mami was someone she looked up to and she never saw her have trouble. Madoka says she'll accept Mami for who she is, and wants Mami to rely on her. The girls resolve to avoid becoming witches and to get the Feathers to talk. Suddenly, Holy Mami arrives.

Mami explains that she brought the witches to Mitakihara. She says that she has a responsibility for bringing the others into the world of magical girls, and so she can't have them be involved any more. Sayaka says that's no reason to release witches in Mitakihara. Mami says if the girls stay in Mitakihara the Magius will save them. Madoka asks if Mami thinks it's okay for witches to hurt people in Kamihama. Mami says she doesn't, but Madoka says that's what the Wings of Magius are doing. Mami says it's necessary for salvation.

Homura points out they're in danger of becoming witches outside of Kamihama and asks if Mami is saying it's better they become witches. Mami says there's no way that's true, but claims Magius can save them. Madoka tells Mami to come back to them and that they'll accept her no matter what. Suddenly Alina appears, saying she was there to get Mami. Alina asks if the trio wants to give up now. She then traps the girls in a barrier, as Madoka protests. Mami uses her ribbon magic to secure the barrier's entrance, preventing the trio from escaping.

Elsewhere, Kyoko fights off a witch to the amazement of the Black Feathers she's with. Kyoko's White Feather superior sends the other Feathers off while telling Kyoko to stay. She says she will show Kyoko around their headquarters. Kyoko thinks this is too easy, but also suspects they might need more people since the individual Black Feathers are weak. Kyoko thinks they might try to imprison strong magical girls. However, she goes with the White Feather to learn the truth.

Chapter 8: Once Again From Here

Section 1: How Magius Operates

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Having been brought to Hotel Femtohope, Kyoko is taken by the White Feather to meet Mifuyu. Mifuyu dismisses the Feather and says she's relieved to see Kyoko. Before she can say anything else, Holy Mami appears. Mami says she's happy Kyoko's here. Mifuyu asks about the other Mitakihara magical girls, and Mami says they were trapped in one of Alina's barriers. Mami says they'll understand once they're saved. Kyoko is fed up with how Mami is acting. She says "Who are you!? You're not Tomoe Mami!"

Kyoko says that the Mami she knew would fight to save everyone. Mami starts breaking down. Suddenly Touka Satomi and [[Nemu Hiiragi] arrive. Mifuyu telepathically tells Kyoko to follow her lead and introduces Kyoko as a new Feather that knew Mami. Kyoko, lying, apologizes for the trouble. Mifuyu takes Kyoko away. Nemu says the Rumor they placed on Mami is coming off. Touka asks if Kyoko is an enemy. Nemu can't say, but thinks it might be fine either way. Nemu tells Mami she will rid her of her misgivings and strengthens the Rumor further.

Having secretly watched the whole thing, Mifuyu explains that Mami is being brainwashed and apologizes for what happens. She tells Kyoko to run away, saying that she can't let anyone else become involved. Kyoko says that after seeing that, she would have to be an idiot to join Magius. Mifuyu then says she has one more thing to show Kyoko and takes her to the "Eve". Even Mifuyu admits she has no idea what it is, other than that it will release magical girls. She says that in order to hatch the Eve, the Magius are bringing Walpurgis Night to Kamihama. Kyoko asks if they're insane. Mifuyu thinks they lost part of their humanity.

Kyoko asks what Mifuyu will do. Mifuyu says she must atone by rectifying Magius. Kyoko understands and allows Mifuyu to lead her out. Mifuyu takes Kyoko out of Femtohope and shows her the way out. Mifuyu departs, wondering if she should have left Kyoko a will, and apologizes to Yachiyo. Kyoko decides the best thing to do is leave Kamihama and head back to Mitakihara.

Section 2: If I Can Protect Despite Being Resented

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka, Homura and Sayaka wander through Alina's bizarre barrier. Homura starts thinking about Walpurgis Night. She isn't sure if the barrier would protect them from Walpurgis, and thinks they girls should head to Kamihama when the leave to escape Walpurgis. Suddenly the barrier begins shaking. Kyoko then arrives and leads them out of the barrier. Kyoko says she didn't come to save them and says she's paying them back for sharing information earlier. Kyoko then explains what she saw in Kamihama. Homura is horrified to learn that Walpurgis is coming to Kamihama, and thinks they should stay in Mitakihara instead.

Sayaka then asks about Walpurgis. Madoka says that Mami told her it was a witch that can destroy towns. Sayaka says they have to stop Mami. Homura suggests they should go home first, since the trio was trapped in the barrier for more than a day. Homura is relieved Madoka and Sayaka accept her logic. Kyoko begins to depart, but Sayaka asks what she's going to do. Kyoko says it's her own business. Sayaka and Madoka say they'll go with Kyoko if she heads to Mitakihara, but Kyoko says she isn't going to pretend she's friends with them. Kyoko leaves. Homura thinks she has to convince Madoka and Sayaka to stay.

Later, Kyoko berates herself for abandoning her own philosophy. Kyoko thinks she'll go back to Kazamino, but wonders what to do next. She decides she hates how Magius is acting, and decides to crush them. Kyoko says it's ironic that she won't listen to people preaching salvation.

Section 3: Even So, I Am The One Who Chooses

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Having returned home, Madoka mopes over worrying her parents. Suddenly she receives a call from Homura. Homura tells Madoka she doesn't want her to go to Kamihama, because she thinks they won't be able to do anything to Walpurgisnacht. Homura admits she doesn't want Madoka to die. Thinking of her parents, Madoka tells Homura she won't go to Kamihama. Madoka then mentally apologizes to Mami for her weakness. That night, Madoka dreams of eating at a restaurant with Kyoko, Sayaka, Homura, and Mami. Madoka finds she can't control her actions in the dream and suddenly awakens.

Later at school, Sayaka talks to Madoka. She says Homura also called her, asking her not to go to Kamihama. Sayaka says she told Homura to wait for her answer, but has now decided to go to Kamihama. Sayaka says she'll go by herself if she has to. Madoka asks to be left alone for a moment. Later, after school, Madoka tells Sayaka and Homura that she will go to Kamihama because she can't just do nothing. Homura admits she expected this to happen and says she'll go with them. The night before she leaves, Madoka thinks the little moments she had with her family were amazing. The trio then heads out to Kamihama. Madoka tries to contact Iroha, but can't get through.

Section 4: Kamihama's Abnormality, and Reunion

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Entering Kamihama's Sakae Ward, Madoka, Sayaka and Homura are attacked by Black Feathers. The girl quickly notice something is wrong with the cloaked girls. Suddenly the Feathers abruptly stop and come to their senses. They then run away. The trio pursue them into Central Ward, but lose the trail due to a high presence of magic and a blackout. Suddenly, the girls run into Kanoko Yayoi, Karin Misono, and Natsuki Utsuho. The girls introduce each other. The trio admits they don't know what happened; Karin says she was reading manga at her club when it all started, and she can't contact her senior or Kanagi Izumi.

Natsuki says they ran into magical girls that were heading for a heliport. They suggested that Natsuki and the other girls head to Mitama Yakumo to learn what's happening. Kanoko says it's a secret about magical girls. Madoka, Homura and Sayaka quickly deduce it's the truth about witches. Natsuki invites the girls to go with them to Mitama's. Homura and Madoka say they need to find Mami. Karin asks for a picture of Mami, and after seeing it, says she saw Nanaka Tokiwa's carrying a girl with "spirally drill twintails". Karin says the girl was being taken to Mitama's.

Entering Mitama's place, the six girls are greeted by Akira Shinobu and Nanaka. Nanaka says that Mami is unconscious, but safe. The girls head to Mami's body and apologize for not being there for her. Suddenly Mami awakens and says she's ok.