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Quick question - most of the Ume Aoki designed magical girls have a memoria card featuring them on a flowery background except for Mami and Felicia. Have their cards just not been added or is there a reason these two weren't included (even though minor characters like Asuka Tatsuki were).

There's no particular reason that I know of that would explain why Felicia doesn't have a 4* character card yet. Although, they did barely just release the 4* memorias for Momoko, Kaede, and Rena not that long ago so maybe they're just slow. As for Mami, she has a 4* card with her on it called "Black Tea of Victory", it's just drawn in a different style for some reason. No idea why it doesn't have the standard flower background. Sondenise (talk) 13:44, 24 August 2019 (UTC)