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The "Tiro Finale Book" (ティロフィナーレ本), by "Madoka-ya", is a "semi-official" Madoka illustration doujin book first sold at Comic Market 80. It is composed of illustrations and writings by many major figures involved in the production of the Madoka Magica anime or manga, such as the seiyuu and all members of the Magica Quartet. Other notable figures in the anime and manga industry also contributed illustrations and writings.

The "Tiro Finale Book" sold out just past noon on the last day and only those people who joined the line earlier than 7:30am (Comiket didn't open until 10am) received a copy.

All translations courtesy of symbv from evageeks forums. Thanks to +iluna for providing most of the initial scans.


Gen Urobuchi

Tiro Finale Gen Urobuchi.jpg
An 38 Year Old Uttering Non-sense
I dreamt of my first love.

In the dream, she married the despicable man of my imagination. She was abused in every possible way while nursing five children. Mentally exhausted, her eyes had lost their sparkles. Yet, she repeats, "My marriage is full of happiness."

She remained a very beautiful woman, just as when I loved her. I was full of regret when I woke up - Oh, Gen, at least in your dreams, give her a bit of happiness!

I still can't forget being rejected by her. I couldn't move on back then. Now I know she deserve her own freedom. I was shy with a poorly conceived confession; of course she couldn't understand my feelings. I should had been more romantic. I still regret that.

I am now three times of my age since then. How is she now? If I knew even only a bit of her life now, that dream would be made a laughing matter, but now I don't even have a clue of her whereabouts. I can only pray for her happiness.

Speaking of people on my mind, there's another. He's a friend that I have lost contact with for nearly a decade.

In my vague memory, he was a difficult man. His love for movies was second to none, and he would be full of hate and disdain for those that failed to understand it. In the end, it seem like the world became his enemy. With such a difficult temper, why did I ever befriend him? I don't get it at all. Sometimes we even traded blows when our debates became heated. Through thick and thin, we stuck together, ultimately for no particularly good reason. Yet after a brief period when we lost touch, he actually disappeared.

I wrote him, but he never replied. Did he moved? Or was he avoiding me on purpose? I tried to find his old contact information, but I lost that too. I have no clue on how to find him. For someone like him, with zero social skills, even dying in a gutter won't be shocking. This really worries me.

Those two, do they still watch anime? Would they have heard of Madoka Magica?

That Gen Urobuchi who wrote the script, that's actually me. I wonder if you still remember me, even though there're no way to know. We onced walked together on the path of life, boy and girl.

Ah, I finally found success. Now there are many who praise me, and I managed to withstand these congratulations. You can even say that I am proud of the me that I have become.

But the ones that I really want praise from, recognition from, how far are they now? How long has time passed already?

These kind of feelings, in my youth they would had never crossed my mind. It's an experience gained with age, one of many.

This life is doomed to a lifetime without love;
Those that keep on fighting, they're the true "warriors of love."

Masaki Tsuji

026 Tiro Finale Masaki Tsuji.jpg
From Sally to Madoka by Masaki Tsuji
Sally the Witch (1966) was the prognosticator of the magical girl genre. I was one of its writers. Back then, our goal was simple - create a lighthearted children's cartoon with a magic theme. Since then, I also written for "Himitsu no Akko-chan (1969)," "Mahō no Mako-chan (1970)," "Majokko Megu-chan (1972)." Although details changed from title to title, the formula was largely unchanged. Many years passed, I am 80 now, anime has certainly changed with time. Perhaps obvious, but still worth thinking about.

From the opening scene, I was enamored by Madoka Magica's post-modern design, with imaginative visuals possible only with Shinbo's directorial touches. As the story progress, the scriptwriter Gen's mastery in worldbuilding shone in full display. With not a single wasted frame, Shinbo had certainly pushed SHAFT's artists to their limits. The fulfilling, interwoven plot; the tension-filled character development; and the intricate plot design led to a fulfilling, memorable experience.

There was no shallow plot development or excessive monologue, yet the story managed to avoid cliche tropes used by creators and expected by the audience alike. It broke new grounds while remained recognizable. This sincerity kept the audience firmly glued to the small screen.

As the saying goes, "don't wake the sleeping children." [T/N: A Japanese idiom, refers to how one ought to avoid trouble once things had passed.] At my age, I have no choice but face the ugly prospect of death. At least before then, I should find serenity in rest, so I always thought. We're born at the wrong time; the 21st century had left the radio and the newspaper to the Showa Eras. Before the village heads and the principals realized, the children had woke up from their slumber. Only for fear of reprehend did they lie awake. A cosplay-filled magical girl story, set in the reality a ruthless society, perfectly resonated with this youth generation. Lure them with cute, and give them a dose of reality.

The finale revealed a truth in the best of science fiction traditions. How convincing it was is a testimate to the work's sophistication. To have such a creative conscientiousness, to reach such a level of perfection, this work is worthy people's admiration.

Hiramatsu Masaki

Minna Magica Club with Hiramatsu Masaki

~Q&B concerning “Puella Magi Madoka Magica drama CD”~

Interview = QB, Interviewee = Hiramacchi (H)

QB: Ciao, Hiramacchi. First introduce yourself.
H: Ciao. I am Hiramatsu who is responsible for the screenplay of the drama CD from the extras of BD/DVD Vol.1.
QB: I heard you once drew and sold doujin in Comiket, right? It was a critic's book on tokusetsu named “Keizo Kanie Magazine – Aniki Techo”, correct? [symbv: Keizo Kanie is an actor who appeared in many TV dramas particularly crime, actions and jidai -geki]
H: ...out of the blue you want to talk about that? So the format is not Q&A but pair talk like “Tetsuko no Heya” [symbv: Tetsuko no Heya is a longlasting TV talk program hosted by (Tetsuko Kuroyanagi)]
QB: In the first drama CD, apparently you got a request from Producer Iwagami to base the story on what happened after Part C of Episode 12. Seems to be an orthodox mahou shoujo anime and is like “Puella Magi Homura Magica”.

H: I even wrote a rough plot for six episodes, and the story is kind of like “Maju consumed the memory of Homura and became aware of Madoka's existence, and so they tried to go back to the world of the age of witches.” Well, because of various reasons it became what it is now.

QB: In the preparation discussions, apparently there were some ideas like, as a variation of the time loops, battles of nudes in onsen or battle of nudes at waterpool. You are such a super dirty man. Putting porn in this work...I just cannot understand.
H: Err... That was Urobuchi-san...(mumbling unintelligibly) Anyway, at the end the proposal from Iwagami-san and Urobuchi-san was taken – “Let's draw in details the relationship between Madoka and Homura, which was covered in double time in Episode 10, by using some parts of the OP.”
QB: So you used the screenplay of Episode 10 and the idea also came from Producer Iwagami. So what have you done?
H: I provided the points on the teacher's lost romance, thought about the incident in the PE lesson, and also the interactions between Amy and Madoka etc. … No, it is not about who wrote it. The key thing this time was whether it would generate any mismatch feeling with the original Madoka. It is just that I think it would be great if the listeners would say “if this drama CD is interesting, I shall give Kazumi a read” and then I started to work hard. Ah, I also wrote the story for “Kazumi Magica”.
QB: There was also a scene that was cut after the recording - “Madoka's finishing move – Finitora Freccia”
H: After the dialogue “keep it a secret!”.... In the final product it was cut but I am contented to be able to hear it live during the recording session
QB: And what do you feel about contributing to this drama CD?
H: I have learned things. The imagination of Iwagamisan, or how Urobuchi-san designed characters. I still have a lot to catch up...
QB: At the completion celebration of Madoka, I heard you exchanged mail address with Seiko Yoshida who voiced Kyousuke.
H: We both worked in the Kara no Kyoukai Movie and she remembered me, a flower without a name.... Thank you, Yoshida-san! I, Hiramacchi, support Yoshida Seiko-san!!
QB: You call yourself a "flower".

H: Ugh....ugh.. My soul-gem seems to be hatching now...

QB: What works are you working on now?

H: Well... recreating scenes from Comic Bonbon with 1/144 Old-type Zaku and do the same with Perfect Gundam...
[symbv: Examples of MS Gundam as serialized in Comic Bonbon can be found here]

QB: I am not asking about plastic models. I am asking about your job.
H: Oh, that.... I was given the task of writing for the drama CD as the extra of BD/DVD vol.5.
QB: So it is "Farewell Story". I heard the scenario went through 9 drafts, right?.
H: I worked hard on it but I think it came out as a good story. And surprise, a new finishing move will also show up!
QB: So "Puella Magi Kazumi Magica" is still going strong. If it is not axed by somebody....
H: I...I want it to continue...yeah. And I will definitely land my blow against that "white demon"!
QB: Well then Hiramacchi we shall meet again in Asunaro [symbv: the town where the spinoff manga Kazumi Magica took place]. Don't forget me. Ciao!.
H: Ciao~~!



Illustration/Writing Contributor
022 Tiro Finale Assorted.jpg Assorted messages, sketches and TBD signatures in a two page spread.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime or manga contributors:

Illustration/Writing Contributor Illustration/Writing Contributor
013 Tiro Finale Genichiro Abe.jpg Genichiro Abe, main animator in Shaft // OP (the running scene of Madoka), ep. 3, 10 original animation
(阿部厳一朗  シャフト所属主力アニメーター、OP(まどかの走りシーン),3話,10話原画)
Tiro Finale Nozomi Abe.jpg Nozomu Abe, animator // PMMM action director, ep. 1-3, 8-12 original animation
(阿部望  アニメーター、まどか☆マギカアクションディレクター、1話,2話,3話,8話,9話,10話,11話,12話原画)
Tiro Finale Ume Aoki.jpg Ume Aoki, mangaka, illustrator // PMMM orginal character design
(蒼樹うめ  漫画家,イラストレーター、まどか☆マギカキャラクター原案 )
Everyone in the production staff team, thanks for the good job! And thanks to each and everyone who was involved ♥
2011 Ume Aoki
Tiro Finale Yoshiharu Ashino.jpg Yoshiharu Ashino, anime director // PMMM ep. 1-3 storyboard
(芦野芳晴  アニメーターアニメ監督、1~3話絵コンテ)
Tiro Finale Ryoma Ebata.jpg Ryoma Ebata, animator // PMMM ep. 1 animation director
(江畑諒真  アニメーター、1話作画監督)
Tiro Finale Masaki Hiramatsu (L) Takashi Tensugi (R).jpg Masaki Hiramatsu (L), screenplay writer, game scenario writer // author of PMMM spinoff "Puella Magi Kazumi Magica"
(平松正樹  脚本家,ゲームシナリオライター、スピンオフ作品『魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ』原作)
Takashi Tensugi (R), mangaka // PMMM spinoff "Puella Magi Kazumi Magica" illustration
(天杉貴志  漫画家、スピンオフ作品『魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ』作画)
Tiro Finale Ryo Imamura.jpg Ryo Imamura, main animator in Shaft // OP animation layout, OP, ep. 10 key animation
(今村亮  シャフト所属アニメーター、OPアニメーションレイアウト、OP,10話原画)
Tiro Finale Gekidan Inu Curry.jpg Gekidan Inu Curry, animator // animation creation unit // PMMM production design, bewitched space design
(劇団イヌカレー  アニメーション作家ユニット、まどか☆マギカプロダクションデザイン・異空間設計)
Tiro Finale Yoshiaki Itoh.jpg Yoshiaki Ito, main animator in Shaft // PMMM ep. 10 animation director, ep. 1, 11 assist animation director, ep. 3 assistant animation director, ep. 10, 12 key animation
(伊藤良明  シャフト所属主力アニメーター、10話作画監督、1話,11話作画監督協力、3話作画監督補佐、10話,12話原画)
Tiro Finale Yasutoshi Iwasaki.jpg Yasutoshi Iwasaki, animator // PMMM ep. 9 animation director.
(岩崎安利  アニメーター、9話作画監督)
006 Tiro Finale Tomohiro Kamitani (Correct ID).jpg Tomohiro Kamitani, animator // PMMM action director, ep. 3 animation director, ep. 8-12 key animation
(神谷智大  アニメーター、まどか☆マギカアクションディレクター、3話作画監督、8話,9話,10話,11話,12話原画)
Thank you everyone for loving "Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica"!

It became an important work to me personally as well, so I'm very very grateful.
Although I was the action director I also came to be in charge of parts where Homura would use guns as well as firearms [in general]. Actually, I wanted to have an even greater variety of guns~ Like the M60 or P90 or AUG etc... I enjoyed [drawing] the Minimi...
Sniper rifles are nice too. Like the PSG 1 or the M245WS or SVD... And the Type 4 [T/L: a type of tank] is also nice...
I've dreamt a lot of this kind of thing, myself.
Well, I hope that MadoMagi will always remain in everybody's hearts!

Action director Kamitani Tomohiro. 2011/July
Tiro Finale Emiri Kato.jpg Emiri Kato, seiyuu // PMMM voice-acting Kyubey
(加藤英美里  声優、キュゥべえ役)
I wish it would be like this

The truth about Kyubey
QB - Be a mahou shoujo!

Not pictured. Takahiro Kishida, animator // PMMM character design, ep. 1 assist animation director, ep. 10, 12 key animation
(岸田隆宏  アニメーター、まどか☆マギカキャラクターデザイン、1話作画監督協力、10話,12話原画)
Tiro Finale Eri Kitamura.jpg Eri Kitamura, seiyuu // PMMM voice-acting Sayaka Miki
(喜多村英梨  声優、美樹さやか役)
Puella Magi Sayaka Magica

This is Kitamura, the blue girl whom I am honored to become. Well, about Sayaka, there was "that", but I love it.
QB -> QB - contract with me!
KitaEri Dream
Kyubey sketches -- and making it a girl....
It is just hard to understand, right?
I am really an idiot.

020 Tiro Finale Kenichi Kutsuna.jpg Kenichi Kutsuna, animator // PMMM OP, ep. 3, 10 key animation
(沓名健一  アニメーター、OP,3話,10話原画)
007 Tiro Finale Takao Maki.jpg Takao Maki, animator // PMMM main staff of layout design, ep. 1, 6 assistant animation director, ep. 1, 2, 9, 12 key animation
(牧孝雄  アニメーター、レイアウト設計(メインスタッフ)、1話,6話作画監督協力、1話,2話,9話,12話原画)
Tiro Finale Genki Matsumoto.jpg Genki Matsumoto, animator in Shaft // PMMM ep. 9 animation director, OP, ep. 3, 9, 10 key animation, ep. 4 second key animation
(松本元気  シャフト所属アニメーター、9話作画監督、OP,3話,9話,10話原画、4話第二原画)
Tiro Finale Yukihiro Miyamoto.jpg Yukihiro Miyamoto, animation directing // PMMM series director, ep. 1, 12 direction
(宮本幸裕  アニメ演出家、まどか☆マギカシリーズディレクター、1話,12話演出)
Tiro Finale Mizubashi Kaori.jpg Kaori Mizuhashi, seiyuu // PMMM voice-acting Mami Tomoe & Tatsuya Kaname
(水橋かおり  声優、巴マミ,鹿目タツヤ役)

3rd grade Mami
I wish everyone who loves Madoka Magica will all be linked by the Law of the Circular Ring by the person in Mami-san
[symbv: "the person in (a character)" is the slang used among Japanese anime fans to mean seiyuu for that character]

Tiro Finale Kuroe Mura (L) and hanokage (R).jpg Kuroe Mura (L), mangaka // PMMM spinoff "Puella Magi Oriko Magica" illustration
(ムラ黒江  漫画家、スピンオフ作品『魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ』作画)
Hanokage (R), mangaka // PMMM manga adaptation "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" illustration
(ハノカゲ  漫画家、コミカライズ作品『魔法少女まどかマギカ』作画)

I enjoyed it as a fan while despairing as the main characters' remaining lives counted down every week! The unexpected developments of each episode made by heart thump-- The first time I saw the moving Kyouko-chan she was so pretty that I meganted. [T/L: "Megante" (not sure about how it's spelled in English) is a suicide spell in the Dragon Quest series.]
Tiro Finale Kousuke Murayama.jpg Kousuke Murayama, animator // PMMM ep.2 key animation
(村山公輔  アニメーター、2話原画)
Kyubey - Make a contract with me and become an animator!
I drew a part of Mami's action in episode 2.
I think of wonder at every time we forced [an episode] to completion by some magic despite the difficult schedules.
Thanks to the staff for all their hard work.
Tiro Finale Naoto Nakamura.jpg Naoto Nakamura, animator // PMMM OP animation director, ep. 7 assistant animation director animation
(中村直人  アニメーター、オープニングアニメーション 作画監督、7話作画監督協力)
Tiro Finale Ai Nonaka.jpg Ai Nonaka, seiyuu // PMMM voice-acting Kyoko Sakura
(野中藍  声優、佐倉杏子役)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyoko - Sayaka, this is chocolate flavor..
Sayaka - Wow....
to be continued
To be able to voice Kyoko, I am really really happy. It is such bliss to me. I hope you all will continue to support Madoka Magica!!!

Ai Nonaka (seiyuu for Kyoko Sakura)
Tiro Finale Shinichi Omata.jpg Shinichi Omata, animation directing // PMMM ep. 5, 8 storyboard, ep. 4 direction
(小俣真一  アニメ演出家、5話,8話絵コンテ、4話演出)
Tiro Finale Ryouchimo.jpg Ryochimo, animator // PMMM ep.12 key animation
(りょーちも  アニメーター、12話原画)
Tiro Finale Chiwa Saito.jpg Chiwa Saito, seiyuu // PMMM voice-acting Homura Akemi
(斎藤千和  声優、暁美ほむら役)
There is absolutely no intention from me to say more than I meant to. Everything you feel through experiencing this anime...that would be "all the answer." But there is yet one more thing...being able to meet Homura, able to think about her and love her, MY BIG THANK YOU!!
Homura Akemi
Tiro Finale Tomoyuki Sakamura.jpg Tomoyuki Sakamura, animation directing // PMMM OP animation, storyboard, direction
(板村智幸  アニメ演出家、オープニングアニメーション絵コンテ,演出)
016 Tiro Finale Shinsaku Sasaki.jpg Shinsaku Sasaki, animation directing, board director of Japanese Animation Creators Association // PMMM ep. 4, 6, 10, 12 storyboard
(笹木信作  アニメ演出家,日本アニメーター・演出協会理事、4話,6話,10話,12話絵コンテ)
Tiro Finale Akiyuki Shinbo.jpg Akiyuki Shinbo - animation directing, director // PMMM director
(新房昭之  アニメ演出家,アニメ監督、まどか☆マギカ監督)
Guess who is who? Everyone, thanks for the good job
Akiyuki Shinbo
012 Tiro Finale Kazuya Shiotsuki.jpg Kazuya Shiotsuki, animator in Shaft // PMMM ep. 3, 9, 10 animation director, ep. 11 assistant animation director
(潮月一也  シャフト所属アニメーター、3話,9話,10話作画監督、11話作画監督協力)
Tiro Finale Nobuhiro Sugiyama.jpg Nobuhiro Sugiyama - animator in Shaft // PMMM ep. 1 key animation
(杉山延寛  シャフト所属アニメーター、1話原画)
007 Tiro Finale Hirofumi Suzuki.jpg Hirofumi Suzuki, animator // PMMM ED animation
(鈴木博文  アニメーター、エンディングアニメーション担当)
004 Tiro Finale Mika Takahashi.jpg Mika Takahashi, animator // PMMM shief animation director, ep. 2, 12 animation director, ep. 1 assistant animation director & key animation
(高橋美香  アニメーター、まどか☆マギカ総作画監督、2話,12話作画監督、1話作画監督協力、1話原画)
Tiro Finale Yuichi Takahashi.jpg Yuichi Takahashi, animator // PMMM ep. 12 key animation
(高橋裕一  アニメーター、12話原画)
I'm really glad that the final part was completed at the end of the end
I'm looking forward to the next work!
Takahashi Yuichi
012 Tiro Finale Akihisa Takano.jpg Akihisa Takano, animator // PMMM ep. 3 assistant animation director
(高野晃久  アニメーター、3話作画監督補佐)
020 Tiro Finale Masaaki Takiyama.jpg Masaaki Takiyama, animator // PMMM OP, ep. 5, 12 key animation
(滝山真哲  アニメーター、OP,5話,12話原画)
Tiro Finale Junichiro Taniguchi.jpg Junichiro Taniguchi, animator // PMMM chief animation director, ep. 12 animation director
(谷口淳一郎  アニメーターまどか☆マギカ総作画監督、12話作画監督)
Thank you, Madoka!!
018 Tiro Finale Yasuomi Umetsu.jpg Yasuomi Umetsu, animator // PMMM ep. 10 key animation [symbv: also known for being character design and animation director of Megazone Pt. 2 and director of A Kite and Mezzo Forte]
(梅津泰臣  アニメーター、10話原画)
Tiro Finale Gen Urobuchi.jpg Gen Urobuchi, scenario writer // PMMM series composition and screenplay
(虚淵玄  シナリオライター、まどか☆マギカシリーズ構成・脚本)
Tiro Finale Aoi Yuki.jpg Aoi Yuuki, seiyuu // PMMM voice-acting Madoka Kaname
(悠木碧  声優、鹿目まどか役)Aoi Yuuki

Good day, everyone! It is the person in Madoka, Aoi Yuuki! [[symbv: "the person in (a character)" is the slang used among Japanese anime fans to mean seiyuu for that character] Being such an amateur regarding drawing things, I feel humbled to be given the chance to mix in this marvellous project....
Yet I am trembling and shivering with happiness ((((;゜Д゜)))
This time, let me turn my favorite Charlotte into a girl.
Char-sama is cute.
Actually in the anime, the drawings made by Madoka were drawn by the person in her.... In this anime even my drawings were given a chance to participlate, I just feel Wow..! Wow! I LOVE Madoka Magica!!

Thanks for staying with me. Bye! (≧ω≦)

Other contributors:

Illustration/Writing Contributor Illustration/Writing Contributor
025 Tiro Finale Hideo Azuma.jpg Hideo Azuma, mangaka // main works include "Fujōri Nikki,", "Nanako SOS", "Disappearance Diaries"
(吾妻ひでお  漫画家、代表作『不条理日記』『ななこSOS』『失踪日記』など)
029 Tiro Finale Ryota Fujitsu Part 1.jpg030 Tiro Finale Ryota Fujitsu Part 2.jpg031 Tiro Finale Ryota Fujitsu Part 3.jpg Ryota Fujitsu, anime critic // works include "Anime Hyoronka Sengen", "Channel wa Itsumo Anime - Zero Nendai Anime Jihyou" etc.
(藤津亮太  アニメ評論家、著書『アニメ「評論家」宣言』『チャンネルはいつもアニメ―ゼロ年代アニメ時評』など)
027 Tiro Finale Ryusuke Hikawa Part 1.jpg028 Tiro Finale Ryusuke Hikawa Part 2.jpg Ryusuke Hikawa, Free writer, animation studies expert // works include "Seiki-Matsu Anime Netsuron" and "Anime Shinseiki Oudo Hidensho"
(氷川竜介  フリーライター,アニメーション研究家、著書『世紀末アニメ熱論』『アニメ新世紀王道秘伝書』など)
023 Tirole Finale Masashi Ishihama.jpg Masashi Ishihama, animator // character designs of works like "R.O.D." "Speed Grapher" and "Welcome to N.H.K.
(石浜真史  アニメーター、『R.O.D』『SPEED GRAPHER』『N・H・Kにようこそ!』キャラクターデザインなど)
024 Tirole Finale Daizen Komatsuda.jpg Daizen Komatsuda, animator // vice director of "Evangelion NME 2.22"
(小松田大全  アニメーター、『ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:破』副監督など)
021 Tiro Finale Melon-Pan 158-en no suke.jpg Melon-Pan 158-en no suke, animator // illustration (sakuga) of doujin animation "Gensou Mangekyou"
(メロンパン158円の助  アニメーター(?)、同人アニメーション『幻想万華鏡』作画)
Tiro Finale Hideyuki Morioka.jpg Hideyuki Morioka, animator // character design and chief animation director of "D.Gray-man" "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" series, "Maria†Holic" etc
(守岡英行  アニメーター、『D.Gray-man』『さよなら絶望先生シリーズ』『まりあ†ほりっく』キャラクターデザイン,総作画監督など)
Tiron Finale Tatsuya Oishi.jpg Tatsuya Oishi,animator, animation directing // responsible for OP directing, storyboarding, episode directing, key animation of many Shinbo Shaft works
(尾石達也  アニメーター,アニメ演出家、新房シャフト作品のOPディレクター,絵コンテ,演出,原画など多数担当)
026 Omiomi (corrected).jpg Omiomi, mangaka // known for illustrating the detective novel "Summer Only - The incident of Tropical Parfait"
(おみおみ  漫画家、『夏期限定 トロピカルパフェ事件』作画)
Tiro Finale Takashi Shiina.jpg Takashi Shiina, mangaka // main works include "Ghost Sweeper Mikami" and "Zettai Karen Children" etc
(椎名高志  漫画家、代表作『GS美神 極楽大作戦!!』『絶対可憐チルドレン』など)
018 Tiro Finale Naoyuki Tatsuwa.jpg Naoyuki Tatsuwa, animator in Shaft, animation directing // vice-director of "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" series, "MariaHolic" and "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" etc.
(龍輪直征  シャフト所属アニメーター,アニメ演出家、『さよなら絶望先生シリーズ』『まりあ†ほりっく』『それでも町は廻っている』副監督など)
026 Tiro Finale Masaki Tsuji.jpg Masaki Tsuji, screenplay writer for anime and tokusatsu, author of mysteries and adventure tales, original author of manga // responsible for the screenplay of many famous anime.
(辻真先  アニメ・特撮脚本家,推理冒険作家,漫画原作者、日本の名作アニメ多数脚本担当)
Tiro Finale Hiroki Yamamura.jpg Hiroki Yamamura, animator // character design and chief animation director of "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" "Katte ni Kaizo" etc.
(山村洋貴  アニメーター、『それでも町は廻っている』『かってに改蔵』キャラクターデザイン,総作画監督など)


KitaEri with her C80 bounty
  • Apparently at least some of the contributors were unaware of details of the book ahead of time. Translation of a twitter from hanokage:
Tiro Finale Book.. I think I will receive a copy? Right, right? (by the way, I first knew the details about this book only yesterday)
Editor's note: She did end up receiving a copy within a week.
  • Sayaka's seiyuu Eri Kitamura, or KitaEri as she's nicknamed, also shows off her copy of it.

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