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Madoka Magica - Zero
Madoka Magica - Incandescent

Against Destiny - Chapter 12 Up
Project 00095AAX
Alpha and Omega
The Big Ball of Despair
Rolling Thunder
Gelato with sprinkles
The Studio
Arc Light

"Tonight, I sit in the eye of the storm. As fire boils around me, I press forward, winds and lightning lashing my wings. I am no match for what I face. Yet I will not back down, and though fear may place it's stranglehold on my heart, courage will see me through. With tears in my eyes, I hit full throttle. My engines become an inferno, and my weapons light up, awaiting my command. If I die tonight, I will do so fighting for everything I believe in."
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Diary Of An Unknown Soldier | Saint Viktor

Tthe Weapons page is my baby. Also, working on Kazumi characters for the moment.
Kazumi Done
Kaoru Check
Umika Bibbity
Pleiades Saints Bobbity
Yuuri BOO! Or not.
Saki No rest for the wicked.
Nico Come to think about it, this IS my "rest".

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