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Hello. My name is Mokyubacky. Mainly, I'm going to share some little information about witches and Doppels.

I'm not good at English, so I'm using a translation tool. I'd really appreciate if you correct my weird or mistaken English.

By the way, I can provide information about Japanese idioms and folklore, which have less information in English. For example, On the Internet, there are almost not information about Gokumon and Mitsumata-fuchi in English. I think I can help in such cases. Please feel free to talk to me.

My account in Magia Record : NTM8khad

My fan work

  • I summarized the information about Kimochi with Bagua. I relinquished all copyright about it, so anyone can use this document without permission (Sorry, this in in Japanese).

Other fan work

  • This fanwork was created by twitter user @chiki3839. You can search for which characters are in which stories in Magia Record Game. It's very useful and great work, so I introduce it here.

To Do List

  • Prepare images of the game's Uwasa barriers for comparison.
  • Add more etymological trivia about Doppel, Witches and Uwasa.

Sand Box