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Age +110,000 years
Weapon None

"So fades the great harvest of my betrayal. Even these beasts recognized what you were oblivious to, human. Your nobility has blinded you, as ever. The Librarian left little to chance, didn't she? Turning my own guardians... my own world... against me. But what hubris to believe she could protect her pets from me forever. If you haven't mastered even these primitives, then Man has not attained the Mantle. Your ascendance may yet be prevented. Time was your ally, human, but now it has abandoned you. The Forerunners... have returned." ~ Ur-Didact, Halo 4.

My Opinion about MMO

It's a good game: great campaign, great animations... but the PvP mode is the worst mode I've played in my entire life!!!! It's so outbalanced!!
Username: IClarke
Server: Shadow
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Trivia: My character design is based on Agent Carolina's.