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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Charlotte (CHARLOTTE) is a witch appearing in episode 3 of the anime.

Charlotte reappears in Rebellion, though she has a slightly different appearance. The other characters call her "Bebe", and she helps the magical girls in their fight against the Nightmares. Bebe/Charlotte eventually returns to her human form, a magical girl named Nagisa Momoe.


Card Charlotte.png


Charlotte (First form)

TypeDessert witch
EpisodesEpisode 3

The dessert witch, with a tenacious nature. She desires everything. She will never give up. Though she is capable of creating infinite amounts of any dessert she desires, she is unable to make the cheese that she loves most. One could easily catch her off-guard with a piece of cheese.

Card Charlotte 2.png


Charlotte (Second form)

TypeDessert witch
EpisodesEpisode 3

The dessert witch, with a tenacious nature. She desires everything. She will never give up. Though she is capable of creating infinite amounts of any dessert she desires, she is unable to make the cheese that she loves most. One could easily catch her off-guard with a piece of cheese.

Bebe Card.png


Charlotte (Rebellion)

TypeDessert witch

The Dessert Witch. Once dreamt of tenacity. A mysterious creature who suddenly appeared in Mami's home. Was christened "Bebe," but it is actually the Dessert Witch who arrived from the Law of Cycles. She was expressionless and silent when she was first encountered, but took on its current appearance out of the blue. A bit loud. Mami made its clothes by hand. Mami resembles someone who appeared in the final nightmare the witch saw.


Card Pyotr.png



TypeDessert witch's minion
DutySearching for cheese
EpisodesEpisode 3, Rebellion

The dessert witch's minion. His duty is to search for cheese. However, one shouldn't expect much from him.

Pyotr Polina FIXEDCard.png


Pyotr & Polina

TypeDessert witch's minion
DutySearch for and nurse cheese

The fleeing Dessert Witch and her servants. Their roles are to search for cheese and to nurse the cheese. When saving Homura, the Nurse-like servant helped with Mami's trapezes, while the mouse-like servants generally ran circles around Nagisa's position.


  • A charlotte is a type of dessert.
  • The name Charlotte could also refer to Charlotte Buff, a woman Goethe unrequitedly loved and that deeply influenced him. The central and homonym character from Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther was based on her.
  • Runes in Charlotte's card are styled like biscuits.
  • On the official website, mousing over Charlotte's card changes the image from the first to the second using JavaScript.
  • Although official pronunciations of almost all witches' names are undisclosed, "Charlotte" is pronounced "シャルロッテ" (Sharurotte) like a German name (Shar-lot-teh) according to an official product's document.
  • Pyotr is the Russian form of the given name Peter.
  • Charlotte makes a brief appearance in Puella Magi Oriko Magica.
  • The runes reading "MAMI MOGU MOGU GONBO" in Charlotte's barrier describe Mami's death, as mogu mogu is onomatopoeia for chewing, but also likely reference to a famous educational cooking TV show called Mogu Mogu Gombo.
    • There is no significant difference between the Japanese pronunciations of gonbo and gombo, so gonbo is an alternate romanization.
    • Mogu Mogu Gombo aired from 1993 until 2003 and was hosted by two famous comedians (Kobuhei Hayashiya and HIROMI). The main target audience was children, but many adults also enjoyed it.
    • The cooking and eating themes of the show match Charlotte's themes of sweets and eating Mami. A children's show matches other aspects of the barrier: Charlotte looks like a doll in one form and a clown in the other, she has a tea party setup like what a little girl might arrange, and she fills her barrier with candy.

Charlotte in Rebellion

  • According to the Movie 3 Brochure, Charlotte is called "Bebe" in Rebellion because the other characters can't actually read the runes.
    • It's possible that Bebe's name was meant to contrast with Mami's name ("Baby" and "Mommy").
  • It is suggested that Charlotte's design was changed to make her more expressive.
  • According to Witches Guide, Mami found Bebe in her original appearance (looking as Charlotte does) and was quiet. Mami sews Bebe new clothes and over time her appearance continues to change and she becomes even more interactive.
  • Bebe actually talks to the other characters. When she speaks, bubbles with katakana appear from her mouth, though the noises she makes are just gibberish. The other characters appear to understand her just fine, and subtitles appear to let the viewer know what she's saying.
  • Bebe is shown to be extremely close to Mami. Mami even says that if she didn't meet Bebe she would have fallen into despair long ago.
  • She is called the Witch of Sweets in Rebellion.


  • The head of her first form is shaped like a piece of candy in wrap.
  • Watching carefully one can see that when Charlotte's second form gets injured a new Charlotte comes out of the mouth replacing the old as if the layers are being blown away.
  • Charlotte reveals witches' kisses differ from witch to witch.
  • A line in the design for Charlotte's labyrinth in the Official Guidebook says "It's really a delicious cheese cake. My dying mother wanted to eat it, but maybe I should have cured her disease instead. However, that surely wasn't appropriate."
  • A description in the Production Note reveals that Charlotte obtained "one single cheesecake" in strict accordance with her wish.


  • Her second form may have been inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Her second form seems to be visually based on - or inspired by Japanese modern artist Takashi Murakami's art.
  • Charlotte might have been a cancer patient. Patients undergoing chemotherapy are unable to eat certain foods such as cheese. This would explain her hospital-based labyrinth theme and the location of her grief seed. Kyubey is likely to target terminally ill girls.
    • In that case, her caterpillar-like second form would represent unlimited reproduction of cancer cells.
  • A fan theory about Charlotte's life as a magical girl has a number of similarities to Airi, from Kazumi Magica. Like Airi, she was a hospital patient and she wished to live and enjoy eating, just like Charlotte's obsession with cheese. Plus, both become witches.
  • It is possible that she was designed around the theme of bulimia nervosa, which involves restrained food intake, periodic binge-eating, and frequently the purging of consumed foods through vomit. Issues of self-image may be involved.
  • Charlotte might have another true body separately and be immortal without its destruction. (See the gallery)
  • Assuming the cancer patient theory, she could have wished herself able to eat sweets without consequences. Such a wish would have likely cured her, but the selfishness of it -- compared to, for instance, wishing cancer didn't exist saving tons of people -- could have driven her toward becoming a witch. Her double form would then represent the guilt eating away at her: though she looked like an innocent girl, she felt like she was a selfish monster.
    • Although it is also possible, that her magic potential wasn't enough for a wish of such magnitude.
  • She may also have been a familiar that grew into a witch, as they are said to become "Pregnant with a grief seed", and yet we see Sayaka's (Oktavia's) barrier form immediatley after becoming a witch. One could assume that the creation of a larger barrier from a familiar would take longer.
    • However, this seems unlikely due to the fact that a familiar already has a miniature barrier, and was nowhere to be seen. It is also later revealed that Charlotte was in fact a magical girl - Nagisa Momoe.
  • The Guidebook line on Charlotte indicates that it was Charlotte's mother who was ill. One speculation is that her mother loved food, especially cheese and sweets, and often shared them with Charlotte. When Kyubey approached during an emotional moment, Charlotte wished to share a cake with her mother one last time. After they ate the cake and the mother died, Charlotte realized that she could have wished to cure her mother, and quickly became a witch. Cheese, which Charlotte cannot create in her labyrinth, represents her mother.
    • Since the shock of such a realization could darken a soul gem very quickly (much like the speed with which Homura's darkened in Episode 11), this theory allows for the possibility that Kyubey contracted Charlotte while Madoka and Sayaka were visiting the hospital in Episode 3.
      • Perhaps Kyubey was hanging around on Madoka's shoulder, telepathically eavesdropping on people in the hospital, and heard Charlotte and her mother. "Charlotte, I wish I could eat cake with you one last time before I die." Kyubey sent one of his other bodies to make a contract. Once the cake was finished and they said their goodbyes, the wording of the wish caused the mother to die on the spot, and then Kyubey wondered out loud why Charlotte didn't wish to cure the disease instead. Instant witch, and he stuck the new grief seed into the wall where Madoka and Sayaka were headed to pressure them into contracting.
        • Alternatively, Charlotte was an existing witch that was defeated and the grief seed was either overused or, perhaps, Kyubey planted it there after receiving it from the magical girl that used it.
    • The last two lines from the guidebook seem to imply that Charlotte had actually considered wishing for her mother to be healed, but simply never made said wish on the grounds of "But that wish is impossible, isn't it?" It seems very likely that once QB had actually granted said wish and made her into a magical girl, she saw that impossible things really could happen and was either driven into immediate regret and despair or she slowly broke down and destroyed herself with never ending questions and doubts.
    • It should be mentioned the guidebooks clearly indicate prototype witches, and that there were significant differences between what was described in the guidebook and in the anime (see the Witch of cheesecake, below).
  • Charlotte and Mami Tomoe could also be linked to the story “Hansel and Gretel". The witch in Hansel and Gretel lives in a house made of gingerbread, cake and candy, similar to Charlotte's barrier. The witch's intent is to eat the children, which is also like Charlotte's behavior.
  • Charlotte's head also bears strong resemblance to a Charlotte Mold, a cooking vessel used exclusively for the baking and forming of desserts.


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