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Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 05.jpg Mami vs Kyoko?!

Mami lost the grief seed? [Editor's note: From context, could be a mistake and mean soul gem rather than grief seed.]

Mami lying around with blank eyes. But this seems like the same condition as Sayaka from episode 6...?
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 03.jpgDengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 04.jpg (Sayaka and Hitomi) showdown directly. In addition... ?!

To get Kyousuke's heart
In the TV animation, Sayaka gives up confessing. But she chooses to confront in the bonus route. What will be the result?
(Homura: So there is no better way than fighting for confessing first.)
Tears on her face. What's the hidden real meaning?

Homura slapping Madoka's face. What happened between the two?
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 02.jpg --A volatile Kyoko and Homura
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 06.jpg An enemy resembling some creature which has been seen somewhere before, appears.

Is this enemy also a kind of witch or familiar?

The original witch drawn by Gekidan Inu Curry for this product debuts.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 07.jpg Mami vs Kyoko

Muskets are shooting together. The target is not repulsive witches, but her friend, Kyoko.
Kyoko handles gun fire with her lance. The intense sparks show how hard she fights.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 10.jpg Kyoko Sakura

Yeah, that's fine.
Sayaka, let's go bust us up some witches.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 09.jpg Kyoko Sakura

I'll help you out.
It's not for your sake.
I'm doing this for Madoka Kaname.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 11.JPG

Mami Tomoe
Everyone, please form a congregation for me.
Thank you!

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 12.JPG Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 13.JPG

Fight against Walpurgis Night who is waiting at the end of the route.

Although it is possoble to apporoach her by flying across buildings, it is very hard, the familiars around her is also very powerful. She can also attack with fire in near or far range. If you don't make levels high, magical girls may be all killed at once.

Buildings dropped from the head.

Walpurgis Night can do such incredible attack. You will get severe damage and blow away if you fail to destroy it in 3 turns.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 14.JPG

The details of Homura route is discovered.

To prepare for the biggest enemy, recurit magical girls into our side.

At the end of Homura route, just like in TV animation, the biggest enemy, Walpurgis Night, is raiding. Although Homura can fight her alone as in TV animation, she can also fight her with Mami, Sayaka and Kyoko, by how you play. Save Mami and Kyoko from unfortune death, and prevent Sayaka from becoming a witch, to defeat this strongest witch.

Homura: I have to be hurry
Homura: Why can't I defeat her? She looks even more powerful than before.
Kyoko: Ah! That's OK. Let's defeat the witch, Sayaka.

(Mami killed)Homura: I failed to save her again. But fortunately Madoka isn't here.
(Mami saved)Homura: I'm on time now!

Homura: I would have more confidence if you can help me.
(Rejected)Kyoko: I won't team up with such a dangerous guy.
(Convinced)Kyoko: I will help you, but not for you. I do it for Madoka Kaname.

Homura: Where is Sayaka Miki?
(Witch)Sayaka: I'm such an idiot.
(Prevented)Sayaka: I'm excited. Is this the most powerful witch?

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 15.JPG

Strengthen -- Customize your parameters

Besides HP and MP, there are 5 paramaters. The values will affect magical girls themselves, and can be upgraded with 'strengthen points' dropped in dungeons. Use these item to enpower your magical girls.

Parameters list:

  • [STR] Strength, affect melee attack
  • [CON] Concentration, affect shooting
  • [VIT] Vitality, affect defense
  • [DEX] Dexterity, affect accuricy
  • [AGI] Agility, affect elusion

EXTRA -- The elements after story completed.

Two extra choice is shown on title after you cleared the story mode. One is shop, in which you can buy special contents such as event CGs, movies, etc. with points gained in game. The other is mysteric witch's barrier, which is generated automatically. There are various familiars and unseen witches. There will be more types of them after you clear each time.


Comments from staff

Source Translation


  • 新デザインの魔女や使い魔達が続々登場するダンジョンパートの悪魔的な美しさが素晴らしい
  • 魔法少女達の強さと格好良さを堪能出来る演出が満載
  • マミさん以外の魔法少女達にも必殺技を叫ぶチャンスが訪れたのが感無量


  • 新規魔女などをデザイン
  • if要素がふんだんにあるらしい
  • 毎日108回のティロ発声練習をして発売日に備えて欲しい


  • ゲームスタッフの情熱が伝わり、アニメスタッフも楽しんで参加出来た

Gen Urobuchi:

  • It is very good to see the evil beauty of the dungeons of new witches and familiars.
  • It is full of good performances showing the strength and coolness of magical girls.
  • I have deep feelings when I have a chance to hear magical girls other than Mami yelling their attack.

Gekitan Inu Curry:

  • We designed new witches
  • There seem to be many if-elements
  • I'd like to prepare for the release day with practicing Tiro 108 times a day.

Mitsutoshi Kubota (Representative director of Shaft):

  • We felt the passion from game staff, so we anime staff also participated happily in this.

Notes on the game

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Homura route

  • If some conditions are met, the Homura route will be available for playing.
  • It is different from Kyubey's perspective. Story will be different by player's choice.
  • The story will also be different depend on how the game was played before.
  • Mami fights against Kyoko
  • Kyoko has a confrontation with Homura
  • Mami lost her grief seed(?) [EN: Probably an error and should be soul gem] and collapsed
  • If you successfully avoid Mami's death and none of the magical girls become witches, then it is possible to challenge the final boss with four magical girls.









Walpurgis Night

  • At the end all stories, there's a fight against Walpurgis Night
  • When she is attacking with ruined buildings, you will get severe damage if you are unable to destroy it within 3 attacks. You will also be thrown far away.
  • It is possible to replay the scene from the anime.

Bonus Route

  • It is available for play after clearing the Homura route.
  • Mami becomes an magical girl idol.
  • Sayaka has a confrontation with Hitomi about Kyousuke.

―プレイインプレッション  プレイインプレッションより。












Play Impressions

  • Even minor characters are fully voiced.
  • There are many variations in characters' standing poses.
  • The 3D barrier of the witches are scary and make me feel uncomfortable.
  • There are some difficulties with the dungeons. Needs some strategy.
  • Soul gem will be dimming if magic are used, and will cause trouble.
  • The witch of candy is defeated by Homura in 2 attacks.
  • Because the karma value can be accumulated, characters are stronger even when they failed to clear.
  • There are many original view points even from start. Those describes each character's feelings.
  • It is not necessary to use Q-button.
  • The dungeon part is somewhat difficult. The game will be over if you are careless.
  • There are many special attacks.



  • When Gen Urobuchi wrote the script, he didn't thought about potential to remake a game.
  • The game staff utilized much extra materials from Gekitan Inu Curry which was not used in anime. Urobuchi might talked with Shinbo about when can Gekitan Inu Curry return to anime work since they are busy designing witches for game.
  • The names of skills and magics are from Gen Urobuchi, although actual effects are not.
    • He thought Mami's kick is not simply a kick; Mami kicks in the anime when Madoka feels her admiration.
  • The idea to let Mami become a magical idol is also from Gen Urobuchi. He suggested to forget what the anime shows during producing the bonus route, since the story is dark no matter how to modify it.
    • Tomizawa originally thought he's making a joke.

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