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Enfant Terrible (ENFANT TERRIBLE) is a witch appearing in Puella Magi Tart Magica. She is the Witch form of Lapin (Link). Her first appearance is in the 13th chapter of Tart Magica. After her defeat, it is revealed that she can turn back into Lapin after her defeat. Enfant Terrible also appears in Magia Record as Lapin's Doppel.

Witch Card

Enfant Terrible

TypeWeeping Hare
EpisodesTart Magica Chapter 13, Magia Record

In Tart Magica

The Weeping Hare Witch with a sadistic nature. Her special ability allows her to transform back into a magical girl at her death. She is shown to act like a magnet, drawing (nearly) every weapon on the battlefield towards her before using them to attack her enemies. The only weapons excluded are those given to Tart and Eliza by Pernelle.

Enfant Terrible is shown to also have the power to take the magic away from any Magical Girl who is unlucky enough to look into her multiple eyes. In Tart Magica, Enfant Terrible uses this power to make all of the magical girls unable to fight the Witch for as long as she looks at them. They only defeat her after Tart and Eliza combine their power and take down the Witch, which causes it to turn back into an incapacitated Lapin.

In Magia Record

Enfante Terrible, Lapin's doppel

"The Doppel of sadism. Its form is a weeping hare. The master of this emotion holds feelings of utter brutality in her heart. It may appear to be an adorable rabbit, but one must take absolute care not to lower their guard near it. In reality, it’s the exact opposite of the impression its appearance may give off. Should one be captured by it, they will be overwhelmed as if caught in the fangs of a wild beast, then innocently, playfully, and most cruelly tormented. Accompanied all the while by its pure and terrifying laughter, which resounds far and wide… If one meets this fate, the only option left is to accept the fact that your luck has run out." - Magia Record description.

Enfant Terrible appears in Magia Record as Lapin's Doppel attack, and in her five star card art.