Kazumi Magica Chapter 21: Jubey

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Released on September 24, 2012.

With Kyubey's sudden appearance, Kaoru asks where he's been until now. He says it's nice to meet Kazumi, and that he had never left town. He denies observing them in secret and claims they just never noticed him. He says to ask Umika for an explanation.

A flashback begins, showing the real scene where the girl realized that magical girls become witches. Instead of Jubey, it was Kyubey who contracted with them and explained the system when Michiru became a witch with the same speech from Episode 8. In a rage, Umika smashes Kyubey into the wall and stabs him with her spear. When Satomi says she didn't have to kill him, Umika responds that without him around, they won't become witches. Kyubey, in a new body, appears behind them, saying killing him is futile. He explains that Incubators are of one mind and have many "terminals" to replace broken ones. Niko then says, "Then, we can take this one, right?" She places the broken body in the container she later uses for Evil Nuts and magical girls heading to the Freezer.

The scene changes to Niko doing research on the body, using a computer and her Soul Gem to create a new kind of Incubator. She introduces him to the other Pleiades, calling him "INCUBATOR VER. DEPENDENT. Sub-or-din-at-ed (Juu-zoku-su-ru) Incubator. It's abbreviated to 'Juubey,' how about that?" Mirai thinks the name needs some work, but that this is amazing and they no longer need Kyubey.

The next time they meet Kyubey, they bring Jubey along. Jubey tells Kyubey that they don't need him for Grief Seed disposal anymore. He also demonstrates his Gem-cleaning ability. Kyubey says they don't need to do all this and should just use Grief Seeds, but Saki tells him that no one wants to use the remains of a friend to live. Kyubey doesn't understand, but Niko responds that they don't expect him to. Umika says she will not let him make another contract in this city ever again. Kyubey asks that they not waste resources by killing him over and over, and Umika agrees. They will just erase his existence instead. The Pleiades cast a spell that will make all Incubators save Jubey invisible and change the memories of all the girls in the city to Jubey instead of Kyubey. Their memories of casting the magic will also be forgotten. Kyubey compliments her on the well-though plan and Umika responds, "Ciao, Kyubey."

The scene returns to the present as Kyubey continues speaking, "That was interesting experiment. Turning Grief Seeds into programs and using our bodies as a cleaning system wasn't a bad idea." He says his theory for why it ultimately failed was in using the Incubator bodies to clean the Gems. He says they weren't actually being cleansed, only polished, which is why the Pleiades slowly became witches while their Gems appeared to be untainted. Kaoru accuses Kyubey of tricking them, but Kyubey says that they were incapable of cleaning Gems from the start because it goes against their entire purpose of harvesting despair from hope. Kyubey says he wanted to talk to Jubey, who was one of his own kind even though he was man-made, but even Jubey couldn't hear his words because of the spell.

Kaoru and Umika's Gems are darkening, and Kyubey says two witches will be born soon. Kazumi begs him to clean their Gems, but he says he isn't able to do that, only Grief Seeds can. The only remaining witch is the one born from the Souju sisters, pinned to the wall with Kanna by Kazumi's staff. Kazumi kills it, hoping that a Grief Seed will appear, but it doesn't. Kyubey explains that not all witches drop Grief Seeds as Kazumi panics and goes to her friends' sides, holding their hands as she calls their names and begs "please".