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[[File:Psp-mahou-shoujo-madoka-magica-portable.jpg|thumb|250px|Game cover.]]
#REDIRECT [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable]]
[[File:PSP_Game_Scan_Nov_2011.jpg|thumb|250px|Promo image for the game.]]
'''Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable''' is a PSP game developed by Namco Bandai. Yusuke Tomizawa (God Eater) and Yoshinao Doi (Steins;Gate, Madoka Magica) produced the game, while [[Gen Urobuchi|Gen Urobuchi]] collaborated on the project's planning and supervised the scenario. SHAFT and [[Gekidan Inu Curry]] provided the illustrations.  The game was released on March 15, 2012.
It is a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike Roguelike] RPG, with visual novel elements. It also has branching scenarios, new witches, and full voice acting.  A promo video for it can be seen [http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2011-12-28/madoka-magica-psp-game-2nd-promo-video-streamed here] (Japanese) or [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16553987 here].
Over the 5 days leading up to the game's release, short countdown videos ([http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijsXguP4P8k] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQlDYC9xKik] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F8mUhbR5mM] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvig6Qur-3U] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYkYH-97Zis] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_vXGoiyxJI]) showing the characters fighting various witches were released on the website's main page.
== Gameplay Features ==
The official website explains that one of the features will be a "Kyubey Button" that allows the player to take action or choose dialogue as Kyubey.  This can be used to convince characters to contract, power them up for battle, turn them into witches, or stop them from turning into witches.
Interestingly, it seems that some of Kyubey's dialogue choices may be comedic in nature. A picture on the website shows the dialogue choices available for Kyubey during the appearance of Charlotte's Grief Seed. One of them is "Wanna go eat hamburgers?"
According to an issue of ''Dengeki Playstation'', the story is also told from Homura's perspective in the [[Madoka_Magica_Portable_Homura_Route|Homura route]]. Action and Dialogue choices can be made with a [[:Media:MadoMagi_PSP_PV2_Homura_button.png |Homura Button]], much like the Kyubey Button.
The bonus disc that comes with the game (a BD in the Special Edition, and a DVD in the standard edition) will have videos, music, comments from voice actresses, PS3 and PC wallpapers, and illustrations locked with passwords that can be found by finishing game routes.
According to the [[Dengeki PSP Volume 3]] and information from official site, there are 2 main values to determine girls' fate.
* Karma value (因果値): This can be changed before she become a magical girl during dialogue. It will determine if she will become a magical girl, and how powerful she will be when she contracts. It only increases MP.
* Emotion value (感情値): This will be changed after she becomes a magical girl. A magical girl will be more powerful in battle if this value is higher. But it also means more magic will be consumed, and her soul gem will become dark quicker. Thus it's easier for her to become a witch.
According to [[Dengeki PlayStation 2012-02]], these values can be influenced by the following:
*Making choice from dialogues when some event occurs.
*Using Kyubey's button at a proper time to do the following:
** Encourage (はげます)
** Instigate (あおる)
** Deceive (とぼける)
In Homura's route, the viewer becomes Homura. She also has 3 commands to affect these values:
** Encourage (はげます)
** Deceive (とぼける)
** Release (つき放す)
Besides HP and MP, according to [[Dengeki_PlayStation_2012-03-29]], there are 5 visible attributes for all magical girls:
* [STR] Strength, affects melee attack
* [CON] Concentration, affects range attacks (shooting)
* [VIT] Vitality, affects defense
* [DEX] Dexterity, affects accuracy
* [AGI] Agility, affects evasion rate
They can be strengthened by using items found in a witch's barrier. Also, you can also buy in the store a feature that will show when to press the Kyubey button.
== Gameplay Content ==
[[File:Madoka psp game flow.jpg|thumb]]
Among the VN-like game routes, the fates of the magical girls will include a witch transformation. One of those is [[:Media:PSP_Game_02.jpg|Candeloro]], Mami's witch form. 
According to the [[Dengeki_PlayStation_2012-01-12|January 2012 Dengeki PlayStation]], the witch barrier is "a space resembling the magical girl's mental landscape before she became a witch."  For Mami this is "a fancy, elegant space just like a tea party out of a picture book. It's a witch barrier befitting Mami, who loves black tea."  Among the features in her barrier include a teacup, rainbow bridge, apple trees but with an inverted color of the sky that creates a sense of unease.  Familiars as the "projections of the magical girl's heart before she became a witch" are for the lonely Mami, the strangely familiar girls of Madoka and Kyoko.
In Mami's route, Madoka becomes a magical girl. We also see information about Mami's past, extending as far back as her time with her family, before the accident that left Mami an orphan.
In Sayaka's route, it is possible to prevent her from becoming a witch. It is also possible for her to fight Walpurgisnacht with other magical girls. On the other side, the story may also be even more cruel than in the anime.
Kyoko's route details her past with her family and includes her first meeting with Kyubey. Players can see her father and her younger sister in standard anime visuals. She also fights witches with Mami.
Homura can change other girls' fate, and recurit them into her team to fight against Walpurgis Night in Homura's route.
There is another game mode called Mysterious Witch's Barrier. It is a dungeon discovery game. There are some original witches can only be seen in this mode. All magical girls' levels and skills are kept each play. Although strength in this mode won't affect themselves in story mode, some items to empower magical girls in story mode will be unlocked after dungeons cleared.
=== Basic Game Flow ===
When a game started, a map of Mitakihara is shown. You, as Kyubey, can choose a character and talk to her or move her to where a witch appears. You can do such actions 4 times in a day. By making choice while talking to girls, their karma values or emotion values can be manipulated. Magical girls also can be directed to a witch's labyrinth to fight against her, and get grief seeds or other items.
There are some values affect battles:
* HP will decrease when being hit by enemies or from abnormal status. But it can be recovered by using healing magic, or items. It will also be recovered automatically by soul gem.
* MP will decrease when magic is used. It can also be recovered automatically by soul gem
* LV (level). By accumulating EXP, this value will increase and magical girls will be more powerful. They may cast more kinds of magic, too.
* SG (Soul gem). It will get dimmed when used to recover HP or MP. Recovering HP will cost more than MP, and recovering both will cost even more. By using grief seeds, it can be recovered. But since grief seeds are limited, it is important to decide when to use them. No magic (which costs MP) can be used when SG is completely dark.
* Emotion value: The higher this value, the higher emotion compension will be. If this value is high enough, it will be harder to recover SG well.
* Emotion compensation: The magnification of consumption and power when using magic.
Of course, every magic girl will learn many magic skills. By consuming '''Spell books''' dropped by enemies and some necessary values, new magic skills can be learned. In order to learn all kinds of magic, it is necessary to run many time loops.
For every route, there is a point which determines whether a magical girl becoming a witch. Although it is possible to prevent this happen by using grief seeds, it is also not bad to let it be because a large amount of emotional energy can be gathered. Also, more karma value can be accumulated by defeating the witch.
In the end of every route, Walpurgis Night is waiting there. She is the most powerful witch, the same as in anime. What the future will be is determined by players. After the route reaches its ending, parameters will be exchanged into karma values so that they will be better magical girls in the next timeline even their levels are reset to 1.
This [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Amu6wOa0hazDdDA0LVVtRWFvRDhMOXJ6SjM2OVpBR0E Google Spreadsheet] contains some helpful information.
=== Mysterious Witch's Barrier ===
Mysterious Witch's Barrier is under extra menu. There are five barriers. Each can be unlocked after finishing a girl's route. The labyrinth is randomly generated each play. The familiars are mixed.
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:left;border:none;" |Stages
| Witch's barrier
| Floors
| Boss
| Unlocked by
| Reward after clear
| Joyful barrier (喜悦の結界)
| 5
| Gertrud
| Madoka's route
| Enhancement items x 5, for story mode only
| Sufficiency barrier (充足の結界)
| 9
| Charlotte
| Mami's route
| Enhancement items x 10, for story mode only<br>Can combine with last one
| Fool's barrier (愚者の結界)
| 20
| H.N.Elly(at B10)<br>Albertine
| Sayaka's route
| Enhancement items x 20, for story mode only
| Impeachment barrier (弾刻の結界)
| 30
| Gisela(B10)<br>Izabel(B20)<br>Oktavia von Seckendorff
| Kyoko's route
| Enhancement items x 30, for story mode only<br>If all are bought, there will be 65 items in the beginning of each route.
| Oblivious barrier (忘却の結界)
| 50
| Patricia(B10)<br>Candeloro(B20)<br>Ophelia(B30)<br>Walpurgis Night(B40)<br>Quitterie(B49)<br>Itzli
| Clear Homura's route or the Extra route having already cleared Madoka, Mami, Sayaka and Kyoko's routes.
=== Combat Tips ===
*Homura's combination of the following can be used to defeat any boss with relative ease. Used together, it greatly extends Homura's ability to attack many turns without retaliation. It is even possible to change characters during suspended time to make even more powerful strike. Also, the effect of Clockup is separated counted for every character. For example, even after Homura runs out her effect, by switching to Kyoko, it is still effective.
:*Suspend Time (時間停止) - Stops time for five turns
:*Clockup  (クロックアップ) - Party-wide speed boost (Sayaka's Allegro has the same effect, with more MP consumed)
:*Clockdown (クロックダウン) - Slows enemies
== Game routes ==
[[File:MadoPSP Route Explanation.jpg|thumb|Explanation of how to obtain all routes from [http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv84215759 Dengeki Kanshasai 2012]]]
There are total of six routes (episodes) that are unlocked after certain conditions are met:
;{{Nihongo|夢の中で逢った、ような…|As If We Met in a Dream...}} —[[Madoka Magica Portable Madoka Route|Madoka's Route]]
:This is the default route player will have to play when starting a new game.
;{{Nihongo|あなたが側にいてくれるなら|Only If You Are By My Side}} —[[Madoka Magica Portable Mami Route|Mami's Route]]
:Available after finishing Madoka's route.
;{{Nihongo|私が願った、奇跡|The Wish I Prayed For}} —[[Madoka Magica Portable Sayaka Route|Sayaka's Route]]
:Available after finishing Mami's route without Mami becoming [[witch]].
;{{Nihongo|残された最後の希望だったんだ|That Was My Only Hope Left}} —[[Madoka Magica Portable Kyouko Route|Kyoko's Route]]
:Available after finishing Sayaka's route without Sayaka becoming witch.
;{{Nihongo|運命はきっと変えられる|The Destiny Could Be Changed}} —[[Madoka Magica Portable Homura Route|Homura's Route]]
:Available after Mami or Sayaka becoming witches in their own routes or after finishing Kyoko's route.
;{{Nihongo|想いは現実を越える|A Wish Can Surpass Reality}} —[[Madoka Magica Portable Bonus Route|Bonus Route]]
:Available after finishing Homura's route.
=== Fan Commentary on Game Routes ===
[[File:Madoka_Portable_Story_Select.jpg|thumb|To achieve golden completion, all endings in the route must be completed.]]
'''Note: The following information has yet to be fully fact checked and may contain some misleading information or inaccuracies. It is full of spoilers about the game.'''<br>
{|class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" style="width:100%;"
!style="text-align:left; padding:10px;"|Warning, this section contains spoilers.
|style="padding:10px; background:#fff;"|
<u>[[Madoka Magica Portable Madoka Route|Madoka's Route:]]</u>
*This route is similar to the events in the anime and is something of an introductory route to the game. However, it has only one ending where Madoka contracts to save Sayaka and Homura resets time. Because of the ending, it does not correlate to any timeline shown in the anime.
<u>[[Madoka Magica Portable Mami Route|Mami's Route:]]</u>
*This route seems to correlate with the first timeline of [[Episode 10]] of the anime, if Mami does not become a witch, and incorporates events from the [[Drama CD 1|Drama CD "Memories of You"]] and references Mami and Kyoko's past in the [[Drama CD 3|Drama CD "Farewell Story."]]
*This route covers Mami's background prior to becoming a magical girl. She was a normal girl with parents and friends. However, there are signs of witch activity in Mitakihara, such as a high rate of suicide. Kyubey notices Mami as a candidate with potential.
*The event that triggered her wish is the same as in the anime, a car accident that killed her parents and put her in mortal danger. She makes a wish to Kyubey to be saved.
*After the accident, and caught up with hunting witches, Mami becomes distant from her friends at school and ends up alone. She has difficulties initially with fighting, but practices to become better so that she can save people from witches.
*Several months before the events covered in the anime, Mami saves Madoka from Gertrud. Madoka becomes a magical girl and returns the favor by turning up to save Mami from Charlotte. As in the drama CD, Madoka makes her wish to save [[Amy]] the cat.
*Homura, who is sickly and wearing her glasses, transfers into school. Events occur in this route similar to the initial timeline shown in anime [[episode 10]], though new events are covered in the game.
*Both Kyoko and Sayaka are introduced with scenes showing the events in their lives. Though nothing eventful occurs to either one of them during this route.
*For the [[Gisela]] fight, if Mami has a high emotion value, she will choose to fight it alone. Her soulgem becomes completely dark and she turns into [[Candeloro]]. After she's defeated, Madoka fights Walpurgis alone. She dies and Homura makes a contract with Kyubey for the same wish as the anime, and resets time.
**If Mami's emotion is low, she will call for Madoka to assist her in fighting Gisela. If her soulgem doesn't go completely dark and her emotion stays low, Mami will not turn into a witch. She will fight with Madoka to defeat Walpurgis, but both of them die. Homura will make the same contract as the anime and will reset time.
<u>[[Madoka Magica Portable Sayaka Route|Sayaka's Route:]]</u>
*This route seems to correlate with the second timeline of [[Episode 10]] of the anime, if Sayaka does not become a witch, and incorporates events from the drama CDs.
*Before she made her contract, she didn't know that Madoka, Mami and glasses Homura were already magical girls. She didn't even know what a magical girl is. The first one who told her about it was Kyubey.
*When Kyousuke falls into despair, because he knows that he can't play the violin again, he tries to commit suicide. Kyubey tells Sayaka that many [[:file:Artists psp game.png|talented artists]] choose to die when they feel that they can't do any better than they used to, and Kyousuke's personality might be like this. Kyousuke's attempted suicide is what causes Sayaka to contract with Kyubey.
*Sayaka throws away her soul gem after she and Kyoko witness Mami dying in a fight against Charlotte. Kyubey claims that if Sayaka's soul gem is not found within 2 days (13th day of the game's time), it will be too late to save her. Homura and Madoka hunt witch familiars around the city to try and find the soul gem, which is in Charlotte's stomach.
**If they fail, Kyoko fights witches and finds the soul gem the next day. But Kyoko doesn't have enough magic to preserve Sayaka's body and hunt and fight witches at the same time, so Sayaka's body starts to rot. When Kyoko finally finds Sayaka's soul gem, she passes out from exhaustion. While Kyoko is asleep, Sayaka wanders off unaware of her current condition. Kyosuke visits Sayaka at home. He sees Sayaka's alive but [[:file:Sayaka rotten body PSP game shadow.jpg|in a state of decomposition]], and calls her a monster. Meanwhile Homura, Madoka, and Kyoko, realizing that Sayaka is gone, they arrive at Sayaka's home after Kyosuke runs away. She turns into [[Oktavia]]. If she does, Kyoko will try to turn Oktavia back into Sayaka. When it becomes apparent that it's impossible, Kyoko will suicide with Oktavia, similar to the events of anime episode 9. Homura and Madoka will fight Walpurgis, but exhaust their soulgems. Madoka will ask Homura to kill her before she turns into a witch. Homura does this then resets time.
*If Homura and Madoka find Sayaka's soul gem in time, two possible options occur.
**The first is if Sayaka's gem is not completely dark, Sayaka will run into Kyoko and cry in her arms. Afterwards, Kyoko will cheer her up and Sayaka's emotion value will drop 300.  They will fight [[Izabel]] and see Kyousuke and Hitomi in the witch barrier.  Sayaka is afraid to save Kyousuke and Hitomi at first because of what they would think of her, but Kyoko persuades her. Kyousuke and Hitomi pass out and do not see the fight. Sayaka and Kyoko will leave the area before they wake up. They will recall hearing Sayaka's voice saying that she was a hero of justice, but they will dismiss it thinking they were just dreaming. She then fights Walpurgis with Homura and Madoka, but dies during the fight. Kyoko is not there because Sayaka chooses not to ask for her help. The route ends with Homura resetting time.
**The second possibility will be triggered if Sayaka's emotion value is high and her soul gem is completely dark prior to encountering Kyoko, before the fight with Izabel. In this scenario, Kyousuke and Hitomi are awake to see the fighting. After the fight, they're upset, Kyousuke calls Sayaka a monster rather than thank her and Sayaka becomes depressed and eventually turns into [[Oktavia]]. There are new cutscenes and different dialogue, but the result is the same where Kyoko sacrifices herself to kill Oktavia and the events of Walpurgis Night plays out the same way.
<u>[[Madoka Magica Portable Kyouko Route|Kyoko's Route:]]</u>
[[File:Psp kyoko father hang graphic.jpg|right|200px]]
*This route incorporates events from the [[Drama CD 1|Drama CD "Farewell Story."]]
*In this route, Mami has died to Charlotte and Sayaka cannot be saved from turning into [[Oktavia]].
*Kyoko's background and tragic story is more detailed and expanded than from the [[Madoka Magica Drama CD 3: Farewell Story|Drama CD, "Farewell Story"]]. The death of Kyoko's family is shown [[:file:Kyoko mother sister bloody scene psp.jpg|graphically]], instead of using cardboard cutouts like in the anime.
*When Sayaka becomes Oktavia, Kyoko will convince Madoka to help her to turn Sayaka back to normal. However, Homura kills her before Kyoko and Madoka can attempt to turn Oktavia back into Sayaka. Kyoko becomes upset.
**If her emotion value is high, it triggers her witch end into [[Ophelia]]. The player must defeat the witch to go to the route end. In it, Homura fights Walpurgis but it isn't going well so Madoka contracts to help her defeat it. Shortly thereafter, Madoka turns into [[Kriemhild Gretchen]] and Homura resets time.
**If her emotion value is low and her soul gem is not completely dark, Kyoko will calm down. She will end up fighting Walpurgis with Homura. During the fight, Madoka contracts and helps them defeat it. However, she then turns into Kriemhild Gretchen and kills Kyoko with one blow. Homura resets time.
<u>[[Madoka Magica Portable Homura Route|Homura's Route:]]</u>
*This route incorporates events from the anime and drama CDs, but none of the endings seem to exactly correlate to any specific timelines from the anime.
The game shows what was Homura doing right after school, before Madoka met Mami and Kyubey in [[Episode 1]] of the Anime:
*Homura was actually hunting [[Gertrud]] in the building until Kyubey shows up, so she decides to turn her sight on Kyubey instead.
**Homura was thinking of defeating [[Gertrud]] and giving the Grief Seed to Mami, to form a token of friendship. But it backfired because of Kyubey.
*After rescuing Mami from Charlotte, she will overcome her initial mistrust of Homura and strike a friendship with her. Mami will become quite attached to her new friend; inviting her for cake, and making her a bento.
*There's only one way to save Sayaka from turning into a witch, and that's if you take Kyoko to talk some sense into her. Neither her best friend Madoka nor her admired mentor Mami aren't able to get through to her, only Kyoko can. It confirms a connection between them and that Kyoko has the ability to dramatically change Sayaka as Sayaka changes Kyouko. In both the Sayaka and Homura routes, Kyouko is the only one who can save her.
*If Sayaka becomes Oktavia, like in the anime Kyoko will convince Madoka to help her to turn Sayaka back to normal. However, the game has an option where Homura can choose to kill Oktavia before Kyoko and Madoka try to turn Oktavia back into Sayaka. Kyoko becomes upset if this happens.
**If Mami is still alive, Homura tells her the truth about magical girl being witches. If Homura tells both Kyoko and Mami the truth, then kills Oktavia before Kyoko and Madoka tries to convert Oktavia back to Sayaka, this will cause Mami to commit suicide.
***In this scenario, if Oktavia is dead, and Mami committed suicide, then Kyoko will not show up and Homura will end up fighting alone.
****In all other scenarios other than Mami's suicide, Kyoko will assist Homura on her fights.
<u>Other additions:</u>
*[[Junko Kaname|Junko]]'s comment about Homura, "She looks and acts just like me when I was her age…"
<u>Homura Route Endings:</u>
*Ending 1 (Anime ED End): The most common end to the route is the anime's ending. During the wasteland scene, the player has the option to shoot Demons until the ending music (Connect) ends.
**During the wasteland stage, [[:file:MadoPSP Demons.jpg|the Demons]] won't fight back and die in one shot from a Magic Arrow skill.
*Ending 2 (Homura Fights Alone End): There are two ways to achieve this end.  One is if Mami dies to Charlotte, Sayaka never contracts, and Homura does not pick certain dialogue choices with Kyoko, Homura will end up fighting alone.  This can also happen if Sayaka contracts and becomes Oktavia, then Homura makes certain decisions that results in Mami committing suicide and Kyoko never showing up to fight Walpurgis. Homura [[:file:Madoka Portable Homura Goodnight.jpg|dies in Madoka's arms]], glad that she could finally save her. Madoka doesn't contract and it's the end.
*Ending 3 (Homura Kyoko End): This end can be achieved if Mami dies to Charlotte, Sayaka doesn't contract, and Homura makes certain choices that result in Kyoko fighting with her. In this end, they successfully defeat Walpurgis and Madoka doesn't contract. Kyoko returns home to [[Kazamino City]], leaving Homura and Madoka together in Mitakihara. The ED credits show scenes of Kyoko's church [[:file:Homura Kyoko End Church.jpg|before it was abandoned]] and ends with Kyoko waving good-bye to them.
*Ending 4 (True End): If you defeat Walpurgis with Homura, Mami, Kyouko and Sayaka alive and without Madoka contracting, you will get the [[:file:Teapartyending.jpg|tea party ending]]. The image is accompanied with the word, <i>"This is my prayer, my wish..."</i> in English.
**The Tea Party ending can only be completed on the Homura route and is considered the game's true ending.
**Sayaka forcefully undresses Kyoko to get her to wear Mami's spare school uniform.
***While Madoka and Homura are helping Mami in the kitchen, Sayaka is rambling about how Mami's apartment is always so nice and clean and how awesome it is that she's handling this and school just fine besides being a magical girl. Apparently, Kyoko gets jealous:
:::<b>Sayaka:</b> Marrying someone like Mami would be nice.
:::<b>Kyoko:</b> Anyway, I'm sloppy.
:::<b>Sayaka:</b> Huh, what are you so mad about?
:::<b>Kyoko:</b> I'm not mad at all.
::*And Madoka seems strangely concerned about Homura's flat chest: During the tea party conversation, they talk about going shopping and Sayaka mentions that she wants to try a new dish at their usual fast food restaurant. Kyoko comments that Sayaka would get fat. Sayaka retorts back to Kyoko that she shouldn't talk, because she needs nutrients on a certain part of her body. After Sayaka got Kyoko to wear Mami's school uniform, she commented how it's slightly loose in the chest area. Kyoko is certainly not amused by it. After a bemused "Oh, Sayaka-chan" from Madoka, she suddenly stops, turns to Homura and blurts out, "Oh, don't worry Homura-chan! You're still young and have time to grow!". Homura gives a long pause before she replies, "...I don't care." Madoka, embarrassed, apologizes.
<u>[[Madoka Magica Portable Bonus Route|Bonus Route:]]</u> It is only available for play after clearing the Homura route. It parodies events in the game.
*Mami becomes an magical girl idol upon Homura's suggestion.
**After being scouted, Mami becomes too busy taking idol lessons, so she leaves the responsibility of keeping the town safe to Homura, Sayaka, and Madoka. Homura suggests that she contact Kyoko as well, to which Mami agrees.
*Kyoko shows up shortly after being contacted by Mami. Homura leaves the responsibility of witch hunting to Kyoko, and allows Kyoko to help herself to as many grief seeds as she wants, much to Kyoko's joy.
*Sayaka, after being pressed by Homura, has a confrontation with Hitomi about Kyosuke.
**Homura instigates the fight between Hitomi and Sayaka. She comforts Hitomi who loses with a hug.
***Afterward, Kyosuke accepts Sayaka's confession, and they walk to school together the next day. Hitomi becomes obsessively attached to Homura, leaving Madoka feeling slightly left out.
*Homura slaps Madoka, because Madoka started calling herself clumsy with no other skill whatsoever besides being a magical girl (a reminder of the Drama CD: [[Drama CD 1|"Memories of you"]]). Not only does Homura slaps Madoka, but also tries to comfort her by saying that, "even though you're clumsy and stupid, being a cute magical girl is enough." It is a parody of game 29 evening of Homura's Route, or of the anime's [[Episode 11]], Homura's confession scene to Madoka.
{|class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" style="width:100%;"
!style="text-align:left; padding:10px;"|Full transcript of Homu's Madoslap event in the bonus route:
|style="padding:10px; background:#fff;"|
Madoka: Mami-san's going to release a CD... Everything's going great for Sayaka-chan with Kyousuke-kun, too, and Kyouko-chan is getting along with Sayaka-chan.
Madoka: Everyone is changing in lots of ways... but what's changed for me?
Homura: Do you want to change something?
Madoka: Homura-chan... When did you...?
Homura: Never mind that. So, do you want to change, Madoka?
Madoka: I think maybe it's less like I want to change than like I feel like I have to change.
Madoka: See, there's nothing that I really want to be. Not like Mami-san, Sayaka-chan, or Kyouko-chan.
Madoka: But it's kind of hard just watching that.
Madoka: Because I... became a magical girl with nothing but "I want to be a magical girl"...
Madoka: I guess a girl who can't do anything except being a magical girl is no good.
Madoka: I guess I'm jealous of everyone seeming like they're having so much fun right now.
Madoka: I can't do anything at all besides being a magical girl. I'm a clumsy, slow... useless girl.
Homura: That's not true!
Madoka: Kya!
Homura: Madoka, you're a clumsy and slow... and absolutely adorable magical girl! What else do you want?!
Madoka: That... isn't a compliment...
Homura: I... I... you.... over and over... That's why you have to stay you...
Homura: Never change, the way you are now... Have confidence in yourself!!
Homura: You... You're... someone very important and precious to me. Even though you may not remember.
Madoka: Um, Homura-chan. I don't really understand, but I think I kind of get it anyway.
Homura: Thank you... I'm sorry for hitting you even though you don't really understand.
Madoka: No, it's okay. You're just trying to get things across to me.
Madoka: I think it's probably my fault... But can I say just one thing?
Homura: What?
Madoka: ... I did want you to deny that I'm clumsy and slow, a little.
Homura: (automatically) I'm sorry...
Madoka: I knew it, you really do think that about me.
Homura: Uh, um, well...
(Madoka's emotion value increased 20 points)
== Interview with the PSP Game producers ==
Source: http://hokanko-alt.ldblog.jp/archives/66677411.html.  Translation courtesy of symbv from evageeks forum.
'''Interview with the Producers of the PSP game Yusuke Tomizawa (God Eater Series) [T] and Yoshinao Doi (Nitroplus) [D]'''
'''プロデューサー:富澤祐介(GOD EATERシリーズ)・土居由直(ニトロプラス)'''
<table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="1" style="border-collapse: collapse; border-color: #ddd; margin-top: 20px;">
<th style="text-align: right; background: #efefef;">Original text</th>
<th style="text-align: left; background: #efefef;">Translation</th>
<td>T - About adapting into game, we raised the idea around half a year ago.
D - It was around the time after Ep.2 of Madoka.
T - When I had a drink with Mr Doi we talked about it and thought it would be interesting. After I saw Ep.3 I started to give serious thought about a game project.
D - Around the time after Ep.4 I met Mr Tomizawa at the Machi Asobi event in Tokushima
''[symbv: [http://www.machiasobi.com/poster2011/poster.html Machi Asobi] is the biggest anime event in Shikoku island, held in Tokushima city three times a year.]''
T - When I brought up the game project I was told that he had been expecting it.
D - I predicted that such ideas may come along. I have the impression that Mr Tomizawa made high quality character-based games like GE or Nanoha. I thought if it was to turn into game it got to be done by Mr Tomizawa.</td>
<td>T - At that point the exact genre of the game was not decided yet.</td>
<td>D - The scenarios are all done under supervision by Mr Urobuchi.</td>
<td>T - The reason why we chose PSP was not because it could only be done in PSP but because we thought what game console is used by the people who watched Madoka.</td>
<td>T - We plan to have the story based on a reconstruction of the original anime. Not only from the anime's point of view, we also want to drill into the sides of the points of view of each character which were not depicted in the anime.</td>
<td>T - Not only the mahou shojo, but Kyubey is also involved in the story and there is also an option to adopt his point of view.</td>
<td>D - It would be enjoyable to just play the game, but I would like people to watch the anime first before playing the game.</td>
<td>T - In Dungeon part, it is a Roguelike game in which the characters and the enemy each take turn to move. Although I cannot disclose the details, I can say that one can enjoy the combat rich in tactics where he can switch between the mahou shoujo and maneuver them so that they are not encircled by the enemies.
D - Mami can use guns for long distance and Sayaka's sword can go for the close combat etc. We also thought about original finishing moves besides Tiro Finale.
T - Items like Soul Gems or Grief Seeds are all part of the game.</td>
<td>T - The reason why a figma is included in the Limited Edition is because I want it.</td>
<td>T - The "HomuHomu Handkerchief" in the Limited Edition has the identical design as the one used in the anime scene where Homura folded out a handkerchief and sat on it. I really hope that people can share the feeling of Homura sitting on a handkerchief.
D - HomuHomu is one of the nicknames used between fans. Because of the enthusiasm of Mr Tomizawa, we managed to produce one official merchandise with the name of HomuHomu. ''[symbv: Reminder of what that [[:Media:Moemura post-golf scene.jpg|scene]] is like in episode 10.]''</td>
<td>T - As we all wanted to make it a really good product all the staff are united and worked together to create this game.
D - At the beginning of the project I thought a lot about how the game adaptation should work out but nothing came to fruition. I was so glad that I could team up with the strong staff of Bandai Namco Games. I hope people will contract with Kyubey and become a Mahou Shoujo and buy the Limited Edition.</td>
[[File:PSP Promotional Event 04.jpg|thumb|200px|Game producers and seiyuu attending the event]]
== Coverage of PSP Promotional Events ==
On August 28, Bandai Namco Games held a promotional event for the Madoka PSP game at the Chara-Hobby 2011 convention. Game producers Yusuke Tomizawa of Bandai Namco Games and Yoshinao Doi from Nitroplus were present at this event to talk about the development of the game. Anime and game seiyuu Chiwa Saito (Homura Akemi), Kaori Mizuhashi (Mami Tomoe) and Eri Kitamura (Sayaka Miki) also joined to discuss the game and answer questions.
There was another promotion event held on October 10th at Tokushima that also received some coverage. 
Translated coverage on the event in the relevant article: [[Madoka PSP Promotional Event]].
== Mami's Heart Pounding Tiro Finale ==
[[File:Game_Mami_TiroFinale02.jpg|thumb|240px|Gameplay Screen]]
On October 7th, the game's official website revealed that a smartphone app known as ''マミのドキドキ ティロ・フィナーレ'' (''Mami's Heart-Pounding Tiro Finale'') would be released on October 14th to promote the game. On October 11th, a preview video of the app appeared on the website. According to news sources, new content will be revealed on the website depending on how many players play the game and how well they do.
The game itself appears to be a battle between Mami and Charlotte, with Madoka and Sayaka watching in the background. The game is now downloadable in both Apple's App Store and Android market, but only in Japan or with a Japan App Store account.
Shortly after the app was released players unlocked a box illustration for the game on the website.
=== Gameplay ===
Touch lower-left circle to control muskets' direction, and press ATTACK button in the lower-right corner to fire. There are 5 platforms on which Mami can stand. To move to another platform, turn left or right and then press JUMP button. Platforms may be damaged by familiars hitting it, and Mami will fall if it is broken. But don't worry, Mami can jump to another platform even if she falls, and broken platform will be rebuilt after a while. The game will be over when either the barrier to protect Madoka and Sayaka gets broken, or Mami's soul gem gets exhausted.
After some shooting, the magic gauge in the lower-middle will get increased. You can fire special attack by pressing the gauge when it reaches some value. The most powerful attack -- Tiro Finale -- can be fired when the gauge reaches the maximum, and all familiars on the screen will be wiped out. There are still other attacks on lower values.
There are 2 modes can be played. In normal mode, the game will end after Charlotte is beaten. In endless mode, Mami gets a grief seed to recover 30 points of her soul gem after the witch defeated, but then the game will start over until you lose.
Originally there are only 2 stages available. In the update released on Mar 2, Homura and Ophelia are also be included in the game. A preview video of the update was added to the official website, and can also be viewed [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17096433 here.]
==== Stages ====
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:left;border:none;" |Stages
|Player Character
|How to open
|Normal(defeating boss)
|Always can be chosen
|Clear stage 1
|Normal(defeating boss)
|Clear stage 1
|Clear stage 3
|Normal(defeating boss)
|Clear stage 3
|Clear stage 5
=== Special attacks ===
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:left;border:none;"!colspan="3"|Character
|cost MP
|colspan="3" style="text-align:center"|Mami
|パッソ <br/>(''Passo'', step)
|Make Mami move and shoot faster
|レガーレ・ヴァスタリア <br/>(''Legare vasta area'', meaning "Binding of vast area".)
|Stop familiars on screen in a limited time
|ダンサデルマジックブレード <br/>(''Danza del magic bullet'', Italian/English combination, means "Dance of the magic bullet")
|Fire her guns in all directions at once
|ティロ・フィナーレ <br/>(''Tiro finale'', Final shot)
|Wipe out all familiars, and give the witch large damage
|colspan="3" style="text-align:center"|Homura
|クロックアップ<br/>(Clock Up)
|Speed up Homura
|時間停止<br/>(Stop Time)
|Stop time for a little period
|分隊支援火器<br/>(Squad automatic weapon)
|Fire her bazooka in all directions at once
|対艦ミサイル<br/>(Anti-ship Missile)
|Wipe out all familiars and give the witch large damage
=== Online Quests ===
This game comes with some online quests. Some artworks will be revealed when the quests are completed.
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:left;border:none;"
|Quest #
|Over 500 downloads
|Artwork of limited Box (see [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable#Website Artwork | Website Artwork]])
|There are over 600 players who gain over 140,000 points
|Wallpapers for mobile phones in various sizes, showing the title screen
|There are over 6000 and 10000 players cleared Ophelia stage.
|A new image and another wallpaper for smart phones, with Mami painted on it as an idol singer. See [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable#Website Artwork | Website Artwork]]
== Madoka Kaname iP Application ==
The "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica iP" & "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica iP for Android" was released on January 20, 2012.  It can be downloaded [https://market.android.com/details?id=com.namcobandaigames.banadroid.madomagi_ip here] or [http://www.mediafire.com/?w8nndkeq6y3hp4a directly here]. Short vid of what it looks like it [http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TG7MiRpmTPw here].
Madoka Kaname will be on stage in the App "iP" series, which utilizes Live2D technology. Her voice (messages) will change depending on the time. She will also do some cute actions by touching or flicking the screen.<br>
[[File:Madoka Android App SS 01.jpg|800px]]
In additional to playing with Madoka, there are also 4 functions in this app.
*Twitter: Show twitter about the app.
*Alarm: You can set alarm. Madoka will call you when time is up.
*Schedule: Show data in your schedule.
*Information: Connect to official website.
==Special editions==
A special edition of the game will include the following:
* Figma Madoka Kaname ~School Uniform Ver.~ (Kyubey included)
* Special image recording BD
* Homu Homu handkerchief
* Illustration collection
* Kyubey pouch
* Special clear card
* Limited edition box
[[Dengeki_PlayStation_2012-01-12|Further details]]:
* Special video: I will be pretty happy if I have some cookies.
* Video of VA interviews
* Special gallery from Gekidan Inu Curry
* Illustration gallery by entering password
* Game OST
* Original wallpaper for PS3
* Original wallpaper for PC
* Character introduction gallery
== Gallery ==
=== Merchandise and Advertising ===
File:Psp special edition.jpg
File:Artbook special.jpg
File:Dvd special.jpg
File:PSP_figma.jpg|On display at Comiket 80
File:Madoka Figma For PSP 01.jpg
File:Game and goodies bonuses.jpg|''"Look on my goodies, ye Fanboy, and despair!"''
File:3e28963e9bf90b23ef4e6ad4feb692f3.jpg|Carddas.com Bandai game-related products
File:PSP Bandai Illustration.jpg
Exhibit 17.jpg|From the [[Movic_Madoka_Magica_Exhibit|Movic Madoka Exhibit]]
Madoka PSP SS 06.jpg|[http://madoka-magica-game.channel.or.jp/ Website] bonus descriptions
=== Gameplay ===
File:PSP Screenshot1.jpg
File:PSP Game 01.jpg
File:MadoMagi_PSP_PV2_Homura_button.png|The Homura Button in action.
File:PSP Game System 1.jpg
File:PSP Game System 2.jpg
File:PSP Screenshot6.jpg
File:Homutree.png|Homura's game abilities translated
File:Madotree.png|Madoka's game abilities translated
=== Mami/[[Candeloro]] ===
File:Mamitree.png|Mami's game abilities translated.
File:PSP Mami Route 1.jpg
File:PSP Game Mami's Soul Gem.png|Soul gem just before transformation into...
File:MadoMagi PSP Candeloro 5.jpg|"[[Candeloro]]," her [[Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12|witch form]]
File:PSP Candeloro SS 01.jpg
File:PSP Candeloro SS 02.jpg|[[Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12|Familiars]] resembling Madoka and Kyoko
=== Sayaka/[[Oktavia]] ===
File:Sayatree.png|Sayaka's game abilities translated
File:PSP Sayaka Route 1.jpg
File:PSP Sayaka Route 2.jpg
File:PSP Oktavia.jpg
=== Kyoko/[[Ophelia]] ===
File:Kyoukotree.png|Kyoko's game abilities translated
File:PSP Kyoko Route 1.jpg
File:PSP Kyoko Route 2.jpg
File:PSP Kyoko Route 3.jpg
File:Kyoko PSP2.jpg
File:PSP Ophelia SS 01.jpg
File:Ophelia RossoPhantasma PSP.jpg|Rosso Phantasma witch version
=== New witches ===
File:PSP Game Albertine.jpg|[[Albertine]]
=== Character profiles ===
File:PSP Madoka.jpg
File:Madoka PSP SS 01.jpg
File:PSP Madoka Powers.jpg
File:PSP Homura.jpg
File:Madoka PSP SS 03.jpg
File:PSP Homura Powers.jpg
File:PSP Mami.jpg
File:Madoka PSP SS 04.jpg
File:PSP Mami Powers.jpg
File:PSP Sayaka.jpg
File:Madoka PSP SS 05.jpg
File:PSP Sayaka Powers.jpg
File:PSP Kyoko and others.jpg
File:Madoka PSP SS 02.jpg
File:PSP Kyoko Powers.jpg
=== Seiyuu/Staff ===
File:MadoMagi PSP PV2 003.jpg|Game discussion by production staff and seiyuu
File:MadoMagi PSP PV2 004.jpg|Aoi Yuuki playing the game
File:PSP Game Seiyuu.jpg|Website seiyuu profiles
=== Mami's Heart Pounding Tiro Finale Screenshots ===
File:Game Mami TiroFinale03.jpg|Stage select
File:Game Mami TiroFinale04.jpg|Game Help
File:Game Mami TiroFinale05.jpg|How to play page 1
File:Game Mami TiroFinale06.jpg|How to play page 2
File:Game Mami TiroFinale07.jpg|How to play page 3
File:Game Mami TiroFinale08.jpg|How to play page 4
File:Game Mami TiroFinale09.jpg|How to play page 5
File:Game Mami TiroFinale10.jpg|How to play page 6
File:PSP Homura App Update.jpg
File:Game Mami TiroFinale11.jpg|New title screen after update on March, 2012
File:Game Mami TiroFinale12.jpg|Ophelia
File:Game Mami TiroFinale13.jpg|Ophelia's familiars in fish shape
=== Website Artwork ===
File:MadokaPortableArt1.png|For Quest 1
File:MamiTiroFinaleQuest02a.jpg|For Quest 2
File:MamiTiro MamiSinger.jpg|For Quest 3
File:MamiTiroFinaleQuest03.jpg|Wallpaper for smart phones
=== Fanart ===
File:Worst Ending.jpg|Bad End?
File:Witch_End_Cute.jpg|Not as bad end.
== See Also ==
*[[Madoka_Magica_Portable_Locations|Game Map Locations]]
* [[Translated_Official_Documents_Miscellaneous#Official_Guides.2C_Books_and_Games|Other official books, guides and games]]
* [[Translated_Official_Documents|Translated magazines]]
==External links==
*[http://madoka-magica-game.channel.or.jp/# Official Website]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JJ1JLv3UCs Promo vid from the site]
*[http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2011/08/11/puella-magi-madoka-magica-portable-screens-more-details-released-site-revealed Crunchyroll article]
*[http://www4.atwiki.jp/madomagi_portable Japanese wiki]
*[http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2011-10-11/madoka-magica-mami-game-app-promo-streamed Information on Mami's Heart-Pounding Tiro Finale]
*[http://www.siliconera.com/2011/10/14/madoka-magica-leaps-on-to-smartphones-with-a-platformer/ Information about Kyubey button]
*[http://www.siliconera.com/2011/10/24/madoka-magica-portable-told-from-homuras-perspective/ Information on Homura's role and Bonus disc]
*[http://www.mediafire.com/?fv0dylvftij5jak Download] of some game screenshots or viewable in this [http://imgur.com/a/5Luxh#0 gallery]
*[http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mdoka-debu Liveplay stream recordings, most recent videos listed first]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQzMoPzdf8E Game play Youtube clip]
*[http://www.facebook.com/tradukosoft Fan translation in progress (Facebook)]
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