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The Wish I Prayed For(私が願った、奇跡)


This choice is unlocked after the Mami route is cleared without Mami becoming a witch. At the beginning, Mami, Madoka and Homura are already magical girls, with Homura wearing glasses. How would this affects Sayaka's fate?


Warning, this section contains spoilers.

One day Sayaka is on her way to school as usual, when she notices that Madoka is walking with a senpai from school. That same day, there is a transfer student called Homura Akemi. After school, Sayaka invites Madoka to go shopping together, but Madoka says that she has something to do with Homura, so Sayaka goes to the CD store alone.

When she leaves the CD store, however, she meets Madoka, Homura and Mami, who have just defeated Gertrud's familiars. Then Sayaka sees a white creature on Madoka's feet. Mami tells Kyubey to hide but Kyubey declares that it would be better to have more magical girls. Mami and Madoka are worried about Sayaka's potential in becoming a magical girl.

Sayaka visits Kyousuke that night, and Kyousuke teaches her how to play the violin. When Sayaka leaves, Kyubey calls her, but she thinks it's a ghost and runs away since Kyubey doesn't show himself.

Madoka, Homura and Mami go to fight Patricia and defeat her. Sayaka still can't be together with Madoka so she feels lonely. She asks to leave the next day, but visits Kyousuke that evening. Kyousuke knows that he can't play the violin any more so he is angry. He damages the CD player with his broken hand and says he doesn't want to see anyone. When Sayaka leaves the hospital, Kyubey goes after her and ask her to become a magical girl. Sayaka refuses his suggestion.

The next day, Sayaka invites Madoka to have lunch together but Madoka says she has another date. After school, Sayaka visits Kyousuke again but he wont see her. Once again, Kyubey suggests that she forms a contract with him. He says that there are many talented artists whose lives were fragile and choose to die when they felt that it was impossible for them to do any better. Maybe Kyousuke is such a type of person. When Sayaka replies Kyousuke is not such a weak person, he tells her to check it herself. Kyousuke is not in his room, he goes to the top of the hospital and he is ready to commit suicide. Sayaka stops him and then contracts with Kyubey to become a magical girl.

After contracting, she goes patrolling at night. Since Sayaka doesn't know that the other three girls are also magical girls she fights alone. But Kyousuke playing the violin for her makes her happy. She also fights against H.N.Elly and finds it hard to defeat witches.

One day, when she is hunting Albertine's familiars, she meets Kyoko Sakura. They then begin to fight. But before Sayaka can get into any danger, Madoka, Homura and Mami appear and stop them. Kyoko leaves unhappily, saying she didn't know there were so many magical girls in that area. Sayaka then joins Mami's team to fight familiars. Sayaka discovers that she is far weaker than all of them. Not wanting to become a burden on the others, she decided to train herself.

Two days later she meets Kyoko again, near the factory. Both of them are ready to fight again but they are stopped by Mami. Suddenly, a witch (Charlotte) appears and sucks them into her barrier. Kyoko understands why Mami is here since she can feel the witch's power, so she stops her fight and tells Sayaka (who can't tell how powerful this witch is) to be careful. Mami says it might have been caused by the fight between them. The girls fight against Charlotte but it is too powerful to even be defeated by all three magical girls, and Mami tells them to escape. But Sayaka, who didn't want to leave Mami alone, insisted on staying to fight alongside with Mami. However, Mami suffers the same fate as in the anime (getting decapitated by Charlotte).

Kyoko helps Sayaka to escape from the witch's barrier. Knowing she is too weak to protect others, Sayaka thinks it is meaningless to be a magical girl any more. So, she throws her soul gem to dismiss her magical girl duty. The gem goes into the witch's barrier and it moves away. Madoka and Homura arrive to the scene to encounter a soulless Sayaka. At first, they think that Kyoko killed her. But Kyubey comes into Kyoko's defense and reveals a shocking truth: He tells them that they need to get Sayaka's soul gem back in two days or Sayaka may die forever. As in the anime, Kyoko use her magic to keep Sayaka's body from decomposing. Madoka and Homura go out to find the lost Soul Gem.

Then there are 3 possible endings after this.

1. Sayaka rescued ending. Madoka and Homura finally find Charlotte's barrier and they manage to defeat her; they recover Sayaka's soul gem. Both of them cry for Mami's death before her barrier disappears. They then go to Kyoko's place to revive Sayaka. When Sayaka wakes up, they tell her the truth. Sayaka is angry and asks Kyubey why he didn't tell them about this. Kyubey then explains the girls same was as in the anime. Sayaka thanks the three girls for helping her, and then she runs away. Sayaka cries near the river all night.

The next day, Sayaka discovers Kyousuke going to school with Hitomi. At noon, she decides to confess to him. But when Sayaka tells him her feelings, her Soul Gem drops and Kyousuke sees it. Sayaka realizes it is impossible to be together with him.

A depressed Sayaka goes to the observatory where she meets Kyoko. Sayaka confesses to Kyoko that she is in pain and tells her that she decided that she wants to leave Mitakihara. Kyoko tells Sayaka about her tragic story, and she says that she is even more 'baka' than Sayaka. The distrust and prejudice between the two vanishes and they begin to become close friends.

Before the two of them leave the scene, they hear some screams. They finds Izabel's barrier and in the center are Kyousuke and Hitomi. Sayaka is afraid to save them at first because of what they would think of her, but Kyoko persuades her. Kyousuke and Hitomi pass out and they do not see the fight. Sayaka and Kyoko then leave the area before they wake up. Kyousuke and Hitomi would recall hearing Sayaka's voice saying that she was a hero of justice, but they dismiss it as thinking that they were just dreaming. After this event, Kyoko decides to return to Kasamino and she points out that there are already three successors to Mami's will. Kyoko suggests that they can call her whenever they need her help.

Sayaka then fights Walpurgis with Homura and Madoka, but she dies during the fight. Kyoko is not there because Sayaka chose not to ask for her help. Sayaka says it an insurance to keep Kyoko from this battle because they might all die. If this happens, Mitakihara will be left for Kyoko.

2. Soul gem is found, but is too tainted. The beginning is the same as above, but Kyousuke and Hitomi witness the fighting. After the witch is defeated, they're both upset with Sayaka. Kyousuke calls Sayaka a monster rather than thanking her and Sayaka becomes depressed and eventually turns into Oktavia. There are new cutscenes and different dialogues, but the result is the same where Kyoko sacrifices herself to kill Oktavia and the events of Walpurgis Night plays out the same way.

3. Soul gem is not found. After 2 days, Kyoko fights witches and she finally finds the soul gem the next day. But Kyoko doesn't have enough magic to preserve Sayaka's body and hunt and fight witches at the same time, so Sayaka's body starts to rot. When Kyoko finally finds Sayaka's soul gem, she passes out from exhaustion. While Kyoko is asleep, Sayaka wanders off unaware of her current condition. Kyosuke visits Sayaka at home. He sees Sayaka's alive but in a state of decomposition, and calls her a monster. Meanwhile Homura, Madoka, and Kyoko, realizing that Sayaka is gone, they arrive at Sayaka's home after Kyosuke runs away. She turns into Oktavia. If she does, Kyoko will try to turn Oktavia back into Sayaka. When it becomes apparent that it's impossible, Kyoko will commit suicide to defeat Oktavia and so that Sayaka will not die alone, similar to the events of episode 9 in the anime. Homura and Madoka will fight Walpurgis, but exhaust their soul gems. Madoka will ask Homura to kill her before she turns into a witch. Homura does this then resets time.

Observations and Trivia

  • Kyubey says that a magical girl's body will begin to rot after losing contact with her soul gem for 2 days.
  • In the 3rd episode of anime, Kyubey suggest Mami not to go too fast to avoid stimulating the witch. In this route, Charlotte becomes abnormally powerful because of the fighting between Kyoko and Sayaka.
  • Mami seems not too welcome new magical girls. When Kyubey tells her about irregular magical girl Homura, she is not happy. When Sayaka sees Kyubey, she concerns about her becoming a new magical girl. Mami doesn't think it better to have more magical girls.


  • Kyubey suggests Mami to have special training with both Madoka and Homura. Kyubey may try to get close to and make contract with Sayaka, without being aware by Mami, Madoka and Homura by doing this way.


  • This route allows access to many abilities through multiple encounter opportunities with Albertine familiars, which is recommended to accumulate spell books.
    • Sayaka can fight them once in day 9. Homura and Madoka can fight them twice or three times (in day 12~13), depending on whether Sayaka is meant to be given up.
  • Glasses Homura's base stats are very low by default, which means many of her powerful abilities cannot be accessed. However, she can use Suspend Time (時間停止), Time Bomb (時限爆弾), and High Caliber Pistol (大口径拳銃). These abilities will even allow her to solo Albertine familiars and Charlotte, the most difficult encounters Homura and Madoka will face alone. Though it is recommended to also make use of Madoka's higher damage attacks to minimize damage. The use of Suspend Time is also helpful in support of the fight against Oktavia, the most difficult encounter in this route, though Homura's lack of firepower should be compensated through the use of Kyoko's more damaging abilities. For Sayaka's route, the Oktavia fight will end when her health is at 30%.
  • Because the route offers opportunities to face Oktavia, it is preferable to invest more play time, base stat points and abilities with Kyoko, rather than Sayaka. Even if Sayaka is saved in the route, her soul gem tends to get dark quickly, so it's suggested to switch to playing Kyoko as much as possible to avoid using up too many grief seeds. It's recommended to invest in Kyoko's Negate Spec. Stat Effects (精神系状態異常無効), for the encounter with Izabel. Kyoko's Steal (盗む) and Dozen Thrust (打突) are also useful for all encounters. For Kyoko, Hammer Down the Witches (魔女に与える鉄槌) is effective for single target damage to bosses. Sayaka's strong ability for single target is Spark Edge (スパークエッジ), which is easy to obtain, has effective damage for the cost, and does not have a charge delay.
  • Madoka's higher level abilities such as Starlight Arrow (スターライトアロー) is effective, particularly against stacked enemies. However, she tends to take damage much more easily than Kyoko and lacks Homura's avoidance abilities, so it requires more of an investment to make her as useful in combat. But as in the case of fighting Charlotte, her Twinkle Arrow ( トゥインクルアロー) works in excellent combination with Homura's Suspend Time to quickly kill her off.
  • Although this is Sayaka route, it is unnecessary to give Sayaka too many enhancement items since she doesn't have many chances to fight. Leave most of them for Kyoko and Homura is better. Her status is OK to handle battles by herself.

Choice and effects

(This section list a table which the result of choices are listed)


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