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"Wait..wait..wait... Wh..WHAT IS THIS?", Madoka continued yelling toward the mirror as she walked forward, extending a hand and touching the window. Truth was, you weren't Madoka, Madoka was an anime character. You were now Madoka. ~ Episode 1 of Revolution

The Magia Series (aka Puella Magi /a/nonymous Magica) is a series of Madoka CYOA threads by /a/nonymous magica. Set during the main timeline of the anime, what would happen if you were to one day wake up as Madoka Kaname, with knowledge of the events of the anime? What would happen when you let the anonymous folks at /a/ of 4chan take control over Madoka's body? That is the premise of this series of Choose Your Own Adventure threads from /a/. This is the story of the collective conscious of /a/ in Madoka's body, and their fate.


Kaname Faust

Goddess Faust.jpg

With no memories of herself and her past life, Faust, the main protagonist /a/ controls, wakes up one day, only to find herself in the Madokaverse trapped in Madoka's body. Possessing nothing but the knowledge of the events of the anime, Faust decides to make it her life mission to save this timeline and the girls without resorting to using the anime wish. By the end of Revolution, Faust and Madoka separate, with Faust acquiring her own body in the form of Madoka's Goddess alter-ego.

Kaname Madoka

Magia madoka.jpg

The main protagonist of the anime and whose body Faust is in control of at the beginning of the story, Madoka herself at first doesn't appear in the story, her mind being unconsciously locked away by Faust. After a couple days in her body, Faust however manages to make contact and communicate with Madoka's mind. Faust tells Madoka who she is and and the whole truth about the events of the anime, and reassures her that she is here to help Madoka. Both of them then agree to share Madoka's body, with Faust being in control most of the time, with Madoka switching whenever its safe. By the end of Revolution, Faust and Madoka separate, with Faust acquiring her own body in the form of Madoka's Goddess alter-ego.


Magia anbey.jpg

The main protagonist of Covenant, and a major character in Sketch, Anbey is an Incubator capable of emotions. Interested more in his own personal gain than trying to save the universe from entropy, and intrigued and amused by the nature of humanity, Anbey decides to give humanity the ultimate test: by starting a war between humans and magical girls.

Akemi Homura

Magia homura.jpg

The initial target of Faust's affection, Faust decides to tell Homura the truth as Madoka after the initial confrontation between Mami and Homura in the first episode of Revolution. Believing in Faust, Homura becomes renewed with hope, and decides to do anything for Faust, with becoming friends and cooperating with Mami as the first step.

Tomoe Mami

After her initial confrontation with Homura, Mami becomes friends and cooperates with Homura by Faust's request. After Faust and Sayaka visit Kyousuke in the hospital, they find a Grief Seed about to hatch right outside the hospital, just like episode 3 in the anime. Faust, knowing Mami died during her fight with Charlotte in the anime, decides to contact Homura instead of Mami, preventing Mami's initial death.

Miki Sayaka

Magia sayaka.jpg

Knowing that Sayaka is one of the major factors why Homura fails to save the girls in every timeline when she contracts, Faust prioritizes in preventing Sayaka from becoming a magical girl.

Sakura Kyouko

Magia kyouko.jpg

Kyouko makes her first appearance in episode 5 of Revolution along with Yuma, asking Mami if she heard about the magical girl killings. Faust also knows of the events of Oriko Magica and decides that all the girls should work together in hunting down Oriko and Kirika.

Chitose Yuma

Yuma screenshot oriko ova unknown.jpg

A young orphan under the care of Kyouko. She was tricked into contracting by Oriko, which provoked Kyouko into hunting Oriko and Kirika down.

Shizuki Hitomi

Magia hitomi.jpg


Magia kyubey.jpg

Kyubey maintains the same role as he did in the anime. Not knowing the existence of Faust, he questions Madoka's motives as to why she willingly let Homura kill him, instead of trying to save him in the first episode.


Third Axis: Rage

Due to Faust's distortions in the universe, a third function was 'hacked' into the Soul Gem. Now, when a Puella Magi experiences intense fluctuations of rage, their magical capacity increases. This offers a boost in combat. However, reliance on this power can prove to be quite dangerous. Both Grief and Rage can coexist in the Soul Gem, making for catastrophic results. It can cause a large explosion, consuming the entire surrounding area. An overflow of Rage can cause something covered down below.

Infernal Witches/Infernal

An Infernal is a Puella Magi that has been consumed by Rage. The Soul Gem becomes a bright red before becoming a dark brown. The Soul Gem explodes, causing the body of the original Puella Magi to disintegrate in the blast. The nature of an Infernal Witch is far different than that of a regular witch. Instead of hiding in a barrier, Infernal's will directly attack their targets. They aren't afraid of Puellae Magi and have no interest in hiding. They're a physical manifestation of the Puella Magi's hate for the world. Their behavior is linked to the source of their Rage. For instance, if Homura transformed she would destroy everything but Madoka. Anything that would cause the girl sadness, she would obliterate it without remorse.


Archived Threads

Magia Revolution (Season 1)

Magia Covenant

An interquel taking place right after the events of Revolution and before the events of Sketch, through the eyes of an Incubator named Anonbey/Anbey.


A non-canon Steins;Gate/Madoka crossover one-shot.

Kyouko of the Rebellion

A non-canon spinoff not written by the original author of the Magia series but based on the same universe.

Magia Sketch (Season 2)

Magia Rebuild (Season 2.1)