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Considering that both Mami and Kyouko were visibly younger when they contracted, Kyouko was wearing modern clothes in the flashback, and neither Kyouko nor Mami knew very much at all about the mechanics of being a Magical Girl, I believe this theory can be safely written off as "Proven Wrong."

Not quite. The first time we see Kyouko as a magical girl, she already had the look we see today. The images were from her childhood before she contracted. They did now knew anything about the mechanics, well, simply because nor Kyubey nor anyone else told them. BrickBreak 02:03, 10 April 2011 (UTC)

My personal belief is such:

  • Kyubey has outright stated the bodies are just meat puppets, and as long as the Soul Gem is intact, the body can be repaired.
  • If you can repair your body from any state whatsoever as long as the Soul Gem is intact, then it goes without saying you can regenerate lost limbs and the like.
  • Arguably, you could make a brand new body if you needed, however the magic needed to do that would probably mean you'd need to find a Grief Seed very, very quickly.

Therefore, a Puella Magi is immortal in that they can just regenerate their body as long as they have the magic to do it. The real problem here is that, even if a Puella Magi doesn't age, so far we've seen that they have a life expectancy of "a couple of weeks or months" before a Witch inevitably kicks their ass. So it's possible no Puella Magi will ever live long enough to test that theory. -supporting that theory: homura healed her eyes with magic