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summary movie trailer

映像は計4分 最初の1分が叛逆の冒頭な感じ。神話な感じでまどかとほむらが一緒に喋る。映像はまどかバレエ、最後には拍手する悪魔らしき人物 その後は怒涛のラッシュ 杏子ちゃんキレてて さやかちゃん魔女化で魔獣戦 安定のマミほむ(くー)対立 そしてなぎさちゃんは探偵ごっこ

I’m not the one who watched this concept movie, which is showing off at MADOGATARI exhibition from today. I just tried to translate what he summaried:

- This longs about 4 minutes. - In first minute, things happen just what we saw in Rebellion. Madoka and Homura talk together about something likes fairy-tales. The image is Madoka performing her ballet, and the Devil clapping her hands at the end of the show. - Next is like a rush of angry waves. - Kyouko is exhausting. She’s angry (at?) the cats are being revived by someone’s voice(?). - Sayaka is able to read witch’s language (the runes), and got captured (as like she was in wraith arc). She (or her dead body?) turns into her witch-form and fights againt the Wraith. Before that, her soul-gem fully got dark. - It seems Mami and cool-Homura will get another fight. - This cool-Homura don’t have the earing like what the Devil does. She’s like the normal cool-Homura we’ve known. - And Nagisa plays a detective game in magical-girl form.

Another information: - Madoka gets a new magical-girl costume. It’s cute, but exposes her flesh a bit much… - Super, very cool Mami. She’s like a boss!!

[Kyubey's face]

[The sky is breaking itself. A huge Mami's-head-shaped stone statue falls from it]

[Madoka is performing ballet dancing]

Madoka & Homura - "What is happiness ?"

Madoka - "It's a brightful May sun"

Homura - "It's a warm family"

[The huge stone statue hits the ground]

Madoka - "It's fried eggs for breakfast."


Madoka & Homura - "But there's nothing like that in Paradise."

[Madoka is performing ballet dancing]

Madoka & Homura - "What's happiness ?"

Homura - "It's being called by somebody."

Madoka - "It's being able to call anyone."

[Kyubey's face]

Homura - "It's when someone is thinking of you"

[Madoka is performing ballet dancing, plan on her chest (eyes closed)]

Madoka & Homura - "None of this is accessible for God"

[Still pictures which keep coming : "Homura with a blank stare", "carrot", "demons" (end of episode 12)…]

Homura - "A lizard girl took pity on God"

[Homura's soulgem swings like a pendulum, then stops]

Madoka - "So the lizard girl tore God in two and brought an half from Paradise to Earth"

[Ballet of Madoka : She holds a pose]

[Homura, wearing her uniform, (end of Rebellion) applauds]

Homura - "An act even that cruel can seem like a ray of light, committed from the darkness… it's beautiful"

[Kyouko fights under a full moon sky (you can see ruins)]

A - "There are many cats these days, right ?"

B - "But many of these cats are dead"

A - "How can one tell the difference between the living cats and the dead ones ?"

[Oktavia fights against a demon (in the Mitakihara's ruins, after Walpurgisnacht)]

Kyôko - "I just can't forgive bastards who asks for help without explaining their motivations"

[Sayaka falling in purple water, where Madoka died during Walpurgisnacht]

Sayaka - "That's a joke, right ? What's the meaning of this ? How can I understand these letters ?"

[Law of Cycle's seal, runes below (10 runes)]

[Hitomi, on the way to school]

Hitomi - "You should be discreet. If you disclose the existence of magic too much, it could disappear"

[Sayaka's face, her mouth is covered by a mask, eyes closed)]

[Nagisa is running in the woods]

[Kyubey's face]

Nagisa - "It smells conspiracy"

[Kyubey's face]

Kyubey - "Why me ? Whereas this brings no merit ?"

[Ground collapses. A view of a city in flames (Mitakihara ?)

[Mami crosses her arms, with a stern look on her face]

Mami - "You too, you always kept everything as secrets"

[A giant structure (a witch ?) bursts out from the Earth]

[Mami's face]

[Homura is laughing with a haughty tone]

[Still pictures of Homura's very long nails (claws ?)]

Homura - "So you're planning to get in my way ?"

[Pink ribbon hanging from the branches of a tree, floating in the wind]

Madoka - "You don't need to rescent anyone anymore… you… me…"

[Madoka is running away from something (she wears a new magical girl costume), a crow flies behind her]

Madoka - "Can you help me ? You too, fairies ?"

[Fairy silhouettes appears after Madoka saying "can you help me"]

[A giant structure (a witch ?) bursts out from the Earth]

[Mami crosses her arms (side view)]

[A bullet comes out from a gun (Mami's ?)]



■ニュータイプ2016年1月号より。インタビュー ”コンセプトムービー”について アニメの制作に入る前には、”イメージボード”と呼ばれる作品の雰囲気をつかむための 一枚絵を用意することがよくあるのですが、それと同じような位置づけのものを 今回はムービーで作ってみました。言うなれば贅沢なイメージボード 『こういうふうにつくる』という、現時点での作品の”核”のようなもの 映画でいうなら、限りなく”予告編”に近いものと言えます ・以前から”新作”のためのミーティングを重ねていた ・MADOGATARI展は新作の情報を明かすいいタイミングだった ・まどかがバレエを踊っているのもしっかりと新作の本編にあります ・マミは三国志の関羽のような”戦いの神様”のイメージで新作ではさらに強くなる ・仁美やなぎさも新作で活躍します ・コンセプトムービーだけで完結しているのではなく、ここから新しい「魔法少女まどかマギカ」が始まるんだ、ということが皆さんに伝わるといいなと思っています

two allegories for this series/movie are Three Kingdoms and Swan Lake. As Rebellion's was the Nutcracker, Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Cinderella; and as the series was Faust, Part One and The Little Mermaid.



The Minion of the Witch of Salvation [Kriemhild Gretchen] [no runes/name given]


Their task is measurement.


They can expose the [impurities] of the hearts of those who go to Heaven by weighing the sins place on their scales.


The sinful are perhaps granted even more profound mercy than from by the witch.


The Witch of Despair (#12) [no runes given]


Her nature is direct petition.


The mouthpiece for all the unfulfilled hopes of all spent magical girls.


If a hope is born that can rewrite the universe, then at the same time, it is born from the mud of despair.


Everlasting wailing fills her body, a continuously swelling, empty doll.


At the end of a magical girl’s karma,


This witch continues to swell to absurd sizes


And in the end, her body could even destroy the galaxy.


Alleged new info on Waluigisnacht and Ophelia and Candeloro's minions