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File:21632997.jpg|Fanart of Uhrmann.
File:21632997.jpg|Fanart of Uhrmann.
File:Uhrmann.PNG|By Xaiena.
File:Uhrmann.PNG|By Xaiena.
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File:Uhrmann2.PNG|By Frenzyful.
File:Uhrmann2.PNG|By Frenzyful.
File:3.PNG|Uhrmann as a Puella Magi by aku-no-hana2.
File:3.PNG|Uhrmann as a Puella Magi by aku-no-hana2.
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Uhrmann (UHRMANN) is a witch whose minions battle Sayaka in Episode 8.

Card Uhrmann.png



TypeCanine witch

The canine witch (has not debuted), with a craving nature. She has taken on the form of a dog in the vain hope of being loved by all. Humans who enter her barrier can't help but embrace her in concern. One hoping to defeat her can do so by feigning love.


Card Bartels.png



TypeCanine witch's minions
DutyInterior design
EpisodesEpisode 8, The Rebellion Story

The canine witch's minions, whose duty is interior design. They have no will and are simply mannequins who revolve in place. A canine witch, unloved by anyone, was unable to create minions with free will.


  • Uhrmann and Bartels are German family names instead of given names.
  • In Official Guidebook, Uhrmann is drawn as a pampered poodle. She also appears in the manga, and defeated by Sayaka.
  • It could be possible that her wish was to be loved/adored by everyone or a certain person/thing, this is not proven so her wish could be different.



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