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"I want you to make contracts with me and become Puella wiki Magi."

Top priority

Status Date Finished Task
Waiting June 13th Identify documents in Category:Source request
Waiting June 13th Translate documents in Category:Translation request
Waiting March 20 Rewrite characters page to include details about each character's skills, their appearance, weapon, etc. Also, restructure them to make them less messy.
See guidelines here and an example of a well-structured page here
Waiting May 12 Restructure the episode pages in accordance with the guidelines. Think of the image galleries too! (see below)
Waiting April 25 Create pages for the rest of the staff: Yuki Kajiura, Shaft (a little more article is needed) at least
Done May 7 May 23rd Move all that stuff about Yuri to its own page, and link it from the relevant pages.
Done February 25 May 23rd Cleanup gallery in all pages.


Done February 26 May 23rd Put all we know about Walpurgis Night (be it the real thing, anime speculah, references from real-life works, and so on) on this page


Status Date Finished Task
Partial February 25 February 28 Translate the runic lines in the 'timeline chart' in the train station from Episode 8.


Status Date Finished Task
Partial January 20 March 19 Need guidance over what belongs to Magic rather than Speculah:Magical Powers.
Partial February 19 April 23 More detailed summaries in the Episodes pages (all except episodes 8 and 10 at least).
Partial April 12 Clean speculah section in character pages and properly tag those proven right/wrong by canon. (all but Homura and Kyubey)

Wiki management

Status Date Finished Task
Working March 16 Update the spoiler alerts everywhere to tell which episode is spoilered (use {{spoilers|episode=x}} instead of {{spoilers}})

Planned Redesigns

The following pages are candidates for redesign. Do not hesitate to modify them or give your opinion on the talkpages!

Status Page to redesign New version Discussion
Done Translated Official Documents Translated Official Documents (magazine interviews only)
Translated Official Documents Miscellaneous (added for non-magazine sources)
Done Tweets (tweets only) Need Discussion
Awaiting comments before implementation
(Preview here)
Main page's Menu
(Should be effective once the Documents page is refactored)
See discussion here Here
And here (new)
Planning/Brainstorming Theory and Fanart Alerts
Goal: use the same blue box for both sections, and use headings to sort theories when needed
Here (version with symbols) Here

See also