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Zenobia (ZENOBIA) is a witch that appears as a boss in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

Witch Card

MagicaRecord WitchZenobiacard.png



TypeSandbox Witch
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

The Witch of Sandboxes. Her nature is Immersion. This Witch has strong preferences and never compromises. She is trying to build an acceptable sandcastle, but she can never satisfy herself. She has destroyed and rebuilt her castles so many times she doesn't even remember what she wanted to create in the first place. When she does manage to make a nice castle, she feels much better for a while, but ends up destroying it again. She looks like a young lady, but acts like a little child. If she is interrupted when she is playing with her sand, she cries and goes on a rampage.


MagicaRecord FamiliarZabaiicard.png



TypeSandbox Witch's minion
DutyToy Train
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the Witch of Sandboxes. Their role is Toy Trains.These Familiars are always playing amongst themselves. A quirk of theirs is that as they roll around, all of the things on the ground stick to their bodies. As they do this their Witch collects the debris without them noticing. When their Witch is coming up with a plan for her next castle, they come to her aid. But soon they realize that it is impossible to satisfy her, no matter how hard they try, so they get bored and stray away.

Memoria Card Description


A minion of the Sandbox Witch; its duty is pretending to be a train. They are always frolicking and playing with each other. Due to its physical makeup, when it rolls around while playing, anything on the ground that it rolls on will get stuck to its side.


  • Zenobia is a Greek name meaning 'daughter of Zeus'.
  • Her and her familiar's name could be a reference to Septimia Zenobia.



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