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Zenobia (ZENOBIA) is a witch that appears as a boss in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

Witch Card

MagicaRecord WitchZenobiacard.png



TypeSandbox Witch
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

The witch of sandboxes. Her nature is engrossment. An extremely fastidious witch who does not know compromise. She continuously attempts to build a satisfactory sandcastle, but finds fault with every one she builds, knocking them down time and again. By now, even the witch herself has forgotten just what she wanted to build in the first place. However, even though she ends up destroying every castle she creates, building them seems to put her in a better mood. She may resemble a mature woman, but her personality is that of a toddler. If she’s interrupted while playing in the sand, she wails and goes on a rampage.


MagicaRecord FamiliarZabaiicard.png



TypeSandbox witch's minion
DutyPlay pretend trains
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of sandboxes. Their role is to play pretend trains. These minions are always frolicking about and playing with one another. Perhaps due to their physical makeup, objects littering the ground tend to get stuck to them as they tumble and play. The witch always plucks the rubbish off of them afterward, but the minions hardly notice a thing. When they see the witch puzzling over her next castle, they trot over to help her out. However, since they can’t satisfy the witch with anything they make, they tend to get bored and wander off fairly quickly.

Memoria Card Description


A minion of the Sandbox Witch; its duty is pretending to be a train. They are always frolicking and playing with each other. Due to its physical makeup, when it rolls around while playing, anything on the ground that it rolls on will get stuck to its side.


  • Zenobia is a Greek name meaning "daughter of Zeus.
  • Her name could be a reference to Septimia Zenobia.



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