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A booklet is included with Puella Magi Madoka Magica Blu-Ray Disc Volume 6. The full contents are listed on the Products Page, and the BD is for sale on Amazon.

Audio Commentary Translation - Urobuchi on a Second Season

From ANN:

Urobuchi: I haven't been working in animation very long, but they let me do the project the way I wanted, so I really enjoyed it … So, to give my gratitude to everyone on staff for letting me do as I please, I'm doing my best on what's next.

Cast: A second season? A second season?

Cast: Madoka's …

Cast: No, no …

Urobuchi: I think I can announce it someday, but I'm trying hard to squeeze the ideas out of my mind. I'm doing my best.

Cast: It's got to be a different ending, such as a parallel world from this one, right? It'll have to be … I guess. Is it possible that we can see such a world? I'm looking forward to it.

Urobuchi: Well, I feel it hasn't ended here, not yet.

Alternative translation:

Urobuchi: It's been quite short since I began to work in the anime industry, but I was fortunate that the producers of Madoka let me do in my own way. In order to show my gratitude to the staff, I'm struggling to work out ideas of the next "thing". I think I can announce it someday.

Aoi Yuuki: Second season? Second season?

Urobuchi: I'm twisting my brain now.

Aoi Yuuki: There could be a parallel world or a different ending?

Urobuchi: Possible. We won't let Madoka go.

Gen Urobuchi (Screenplay for All Episodes) & Akiyuki Shinbo (Director) Conversation Part 3 of 3

BD 6 05.jpg

Translation courtesy of symbv of evageeks forum

Shinbo – More than anything it is good that Madoka, being the protagonist of a mahou shoujo show, was able to make her wish at the end. If she ran away at that point she would no longer be the protagonist.

Urobuchi – I was happy that (Aoi) Yuuki-san, who voiced Madoka, acted her in a cheerful manner in the last episode. Before then, I had asked only for non-stop crying performances for Madoka and I felt sorry about this.

Shinbo – After all the after-recordings were done, I had a simple closing celebration with all the seiyuu. But at that time not all the videos were completed yet, so I would like to ask your opinion after actually seeing the videos.

Urobuchi – I was so filled with emotion when all the after-recordings were done. Really, it is so happy for me to see all the seiyuu-san enjoyed [the recording]. At the end, unlike actors on stage or in real life works, seiyuu-san alone cannot create every part of the character they take on. There will always be certain parts that have to match with the animation or sakuga [symbv: drawing and filming for animation]. I think in certain circumstances they could even end up being like some puppets. However, this time for Madoka, all the seiyuu each challenged their role voraciously. Because of that, each character became even more appealing. I am very happy with that.

Shinbo – In particular, many staff worked really hard for the last episode. (Takahiro) Kishida-san, [official role being] Character Designer, also helped draw a lot of key animation sketches. Kishida-san even took up handling all those mahou shoujo from all different times and different places.

Urobuchi – A “mahou shoujo show” is a work that allows miracle to be written. For me, I think by [writing] Madoka I was able to write a “heartwarming story.” To be able to put all these different emotions into a work...that truly owes much to this vessel called “mahou shoujo show”.

Shinbo – The “mahou shoujo show” vessel is extremely big, right? “Mahou Shoujo show” is not just about waving a wand and solving some problems around the neighborhood. With this Madoka, I think we have made this vessel even larger.

Emiri Katou (Kyubey) interview

BD 6 06.jpg

Translation courtesy of symbv of evageeks forum

I think it is a work so amazing that if I go to another recording session I want to ask everyone there to give their views.

Q: What was your feeling when you were selected to voice Kyubey?

A: I can do a cute character~~!! So happy~~!!

Q: How was it like when you started to voice-act as Kyubey?

A: At the beginning → So cute so cute...!!
In the middle → So cute... Eh?
Near the end → It is cute~~! (tears)
Kind of like that. Keeping things unchanged at all times during the after-recording sessions had its difficulty, but it was also fun!

Q: Your thoughts of the work Madoka Magika

A: When I read the scripts, I found it to be a work in which every episode has astonishing development that got my heart beating fast. I think it is a work so amazing that if I go to another recording session I want to ask everyone there to give their views [about it].

Q: How was it like during the After-recording sessions?

A: Every time when Kyubey showed up on screen during recording the shout “Waahhh!!” rose up!! As soon as I arrived at the recording location, I started to talk with everybody about how the story would develop afterwards.

Right page, Madoka design

Settei information #6


Madoka learned the history of all mahou shoujo, and in order to stop their prayers from ending in despair, she finally made a contract with Kyubey and turned into a mahou shoujo.
- by Ume Aoki, original character design

Original Design Artworks Six

BD 6 Booklet 01.jpg

Translation courtesy of symbv of evageeks forum

Left page:

Kishida Takahiro, Ultimate Madoka (Character Design Sketch)

Ultimate Madoka

  • カミの毛の先は カナラズ フレーム外 - The end of the hair always outside the frame
  • 背中のハネっぽいものは - The wing-like things at the back
  • 基本ダブラシ - generally double-exposure [symbv: in anime it is done to create a translucent and veil-like effect]
  • 別素材 - a different material
  • タクトか弓を 持つ - holding a taktstock(a baton) or a bow
  • コスチュームに/あたるものの - The cloth that is part of the costume
  • 裏地は撮影ショリ有り - has photo processing on the reverse of the cloth
  • カゲは不要 ヌリ分け有り - don't need shadows, has separated coloring
  • ヒトミの中のディティールは 全てイロトレス - All details inside the eye use color trace

Ume Aoki / 4koma Part Six

BD 6 Ume 4koma TL.jpg


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