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Carmen CARMEN is the Witch form of Tsubaki Mikoto. She was named in Magia Record.

In Suzune Magica

Carmen Card.png


TypeShrine gate witch
EpisodesSuzune Magica Chapter 7, Magia Record

The Witch of avengement, her form is that of a shrine gate. Not much is known about Carmen other than that she used Fire Magic, given how Suzune captures Carmen's power and keeps it for most of the story.

In Magia Record

Carmen, Tsubaki's doppel

The Doppel of avengement. Its form is a shrine gate. The master of this emotion is haunted by memories of her revenge in the form of nightmares to this day. This Doppel loathes the sworn enemy that drove its master’s fate off course and stole her loved ones from her, to an even greater extent than its master herself. Thus, it repeatedly shows past memories to her, pushing her to re-enact her revenge. Each time she enacts revenge, however, her enemy’s form is obscured by clouds and fades away, thereafter tormenting her as a mere nightmare and burning further feelings of loathing into her. - Doppel Description.

Carmen appears in Magia Record as Tsubaki's doppel. She takes a very different appearance in Magia Record compared to her Suzune Magica counterpart, more closely resembling a shrine spirit than her previous incarnation.