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Brief translation

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DengekiPS515 04.jpg Q: So player has to fight against the witch who was a partner before?

Urobuchi: Yes. Then EXP of Madoka and other magical girls can be easily increased.
Urobuchi: (Pointing to a paper on the desk) This character has many circumstances to become a witch so she can be fight against several times.

Q: So we can't have Sayaka fight against her witch form, can we?
Tomizawa: No, you can't.
Urobuchi: This is not a fighting game(lol). But there was something like Witch vs. Witch in a scrapped route.
Doi: That feels like Monster battle.

DengekiPS515 05.jpg Q: When NBGI provides scenarios, what's the most impression thing?

Doi: Sayaka's scenario. Although during production of anime, Director Shinbo said "I hope you won't belly Sayaka any more"...
Urobuchi: But I didn't even think about that words.(lol)
Tomizawa: There is an event when Sayaka throw her own soulgem into witch's barrier, and needs others to find it. If it is not found, a very bad situation happens.(lol)
Doi: Kyoko's situation is also dreadful.
Urobuchi: Since Sayaka's situation is like this, nothing can't be done. (??) Mami also has such circumstances.
Tomizawa: And we also prepare endings when those situations are prevented. The taste of accomplishment is good when this ending comes.

Q: Although there are many painful events, is there any happy endings?
Tomizawa: Of course. But what is happy ending is needed to be discussed.
Urobuchi: I also use your words often recently (laugh with Tomizawa)
Doi: But we also see a lot of scenes already be seen (in the anime)
Tomizawa: Because Anime is only a single story, sometimes it need a single answer. But this is a game, so we prepare many developments just like a game. If you want to see another, you'll be given a motivation, and it may create a new karma...

Q: Was there any idea about original characters?
Tomizawa: No, We didn't have such idea even when designing stage. Because this game is focused on Kyubey and Homura, if we insert original characters, it will be like other (unrelated) games. But it is also good to have other characters to join the dungeon part of game. There might be a spin-off if the need is high enough.

Q: Do you prepare to have something like DLC?
Tomizawa: We didn't plan for this, but I personally hope to do it. Madoka's System structure is not just for playing once. I have thought about what can do and what is fun if we make DLC.

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