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Mabayu's's proposal to have Mami join them is rejected by Homura. After that, when she tried to erase Mami's memory of her turning into a witch, she saw in Mami a self she didn't know. It was the memory of the crime of recruiting a girl to become a magical girl, and turning her into a witch while fighting alongside Mami. It was Madoka who saved Mabayu from drowning in the fact that she was the only one who had erased her memories. What she saw in her wish was the lost first first loop and a future where everyone would be saved. In the first loop, Mabayu had erased the memories of magical girls from herself and Kyubey in order to move forward towards that saved future. Mabayu, who know remembers everything, erases her memory and challenges Walpurgisnacht in order to save Mami, and takes on the final time loop.


Day 1

In the time that goes around, the true wish... where is it?

An alarm rings, waking Mabayu Aki. She wakes up, and immediately begins to ponder what Kyubey had said in the final moments of the last time loop. He had said something about her replacing Madoka, but that's impossible...wasn't it?

As she walked to school, Mabayu was still thinking about it. She had never thought of replacing Madoka; she had only wanted to be able to help Homura. There's nothing else she would want to wish for. No, it was better to just not think about the nonsense the little beast had spouted. What she needed to do was focus on the task at hand: how to defeat Walpurgisnacht. If they ever wanted out of this nightmare, they would need a different approach. Her thoughts are interrupted when Mami Tomoe gets her attention then walks up to her to ask about the book she borrowed. Mabayu screams in fright, before quickly telling her it was nothing. Mabayu apologizes for frightening her then runs off, leaving a puzzled Mami standing there in confusion.

Inside the class, Mabayu calms herself down. She normally ignored Mami so her existence had completely slipped from her mind. But she was a magical girl, and a veteran one at that who was more than capable of working on her own. It didn't work before when they tried it with Sayaka and Madoka by their sides, but if they were to add Mami and use her future vision then surely they would get different results!

The first thing Homura does after Mabayu presents her idea is to completely reject it. Mabayu can't understand why not, so Homura explains the reason is because she's a veteran. She's likely to take proactive measures of her own in response to the strange events that occur in the town. Even the slightest change in their behavior can shake up the future immensely, which is why she always made it a point to send Mami out to exterminate witches in another city. Mabayu argues that Homura's point only proves her own point about Mami's prowess as a magical girl. Homura grabs Mabayu's sweater and warns her she won't allow Mami into their group so that's the end of this discussion. Mabayu meekly says she understands, but still reminds her if things stay the same as last time, then there's no chance of their winning. Can Walpurgisnacht really be defeated by just the two of them? Homura asks if she's scared but mabayu promises it's not that. She begins to speak and immediately trails off into silence. Homura prompts her after a moment of silence. Mabayu continues to think to herself before suddenly getting an idea. Rather than use Mami, they could add someone else to their team.

Day 5

Homura is knocked to one side as Kyoko Sakura catches up to her, her spear stabbing in all directions. Homura takes several stabs as Kyoko angrily glares her. She tells her she has a lot of guts trying to step in and take her territory from her. Before she can continue, Mabayu (then Homura) says her next words for her: She doesn't know who she is, but she better be prepared for the consequences. Kyoko stops her non-stop flurry of attacks, and Homura takes advantage of the lull to stop time. She moves behind Kyoko, out of range of her attacks, then restarts time. Kyoko is bewildered, particularly when Mabayu takes her next words right out of her mouth before she can even attempt to speak them. Mabayu then predicts Kyoko will ask if she can read her mind, and with a smile on her face she assures her she can't. Homura explains she's able to manipulate time whereas Mabayu can see the future. They introduce themselves, then offer a suggestion.

Kyoko looks around Homura's pendulum room as she takes in all of the information on Walpurgisnacht. Homura continues her explanation, informing her of how they have been resetting time over and over trying to find a way to defeat it. Hence why they sought the help of Kyoko. Kyoko isn't so sure she believes them because it's a story from a different world from here, so whether she believes it or not doesn't really matter. Homura nods in agreement. If things were to go sour, she and Mabayu would simply take off to another world and their connection with Kyoko would be severed. Kyoko doesn't really care if their story is a hoax or not. If Walpurgisnacht really is coming then a fight against her wouldn't be so bad. Plus, they would collect a ton of grief seeds and do whatever they wanted in the interim. She certainly didn't hate the idea so she agrees to call a temporary truce between them.

Day 6

Mabayu directs Kyoko on when to dodge and in what direction as they take on the Cow witch. Kyoko gleefully shouts Olé as the witch barrels past her in a rage. She taunts it before slicing up the witch neatly into pieces. The barrier dissipates, leaving the two magical girls standing before the auto plant. Kyoko can't believe they had been having such an easy time fighting against witches. It was practically cheating! If it's true that Homura can stop time, then she's glad she's on their side because fighting against them would be too much of a losing battle. Mabayu giggles gleefully at first until Kyoko points out they won't be able to defeat Walpurgisnacht at this rate.

Homura and Mabayu approach Kyoko at the arcade where she was playing her favorite dance game Dog Drug Reinforcement. Homura asks what she meant when she spoke with Mabayu earlier. Kyoko shrugs and tells them it's a simple question of firepower. Mabayu's future vision is useful, but the power of her scissors is rather minimal. Homura is in the same boat: her ability to stop time is powerful, but on its own it doesn't do any direct damage. Whereas Kyoko was rather confident in her own firepower, although there's a limit to what one person can do alone. Homura shakes her head; she has no intention of gaining more allies. The more uncertain elements they add, the more their communication will be disrupted. Kyoko already knew that, which is why she had a different suggestion. Homura uses guns and bombs powered by her magic to increase the physical effects of the explosions. Rather than boost their magic power, she should boost her power of physics instead. If she were to freeze time, she could sneak onto military bases and take their tanks or fighter planes at will. Mabayu is a little scared at the idea, but Homura expresses gratitude for her suggestion. It's not that she hadn't thought of it before, it's just that she would have had difficulty settling the matter on her own. It's decided: they'll counter Walpurgisnacht with as much firepower as possible. To do that, they'll need time to transport the military arms and gather the large number of grief seeds necessary. Even then it's not guaranteed they'll win, but at least they'll have a much better chance than they do now. Kyoko thinks this is getting pretty interesting. But first, Homura has a favor to ask of her.

Day 7

Mabayu welcomes some customers into the café. Beside her, a disgruntled Kyoko also utters a welcome to their guests. Almost immediately she begins to berate Mabayu telepathically, demanding to know why she has to dress like this. Mabayu shrugs and reminds her this is a cake shop. Kyoko rolls her eyes. She already knew that, what she wanted to know is why she's working here when she agreed to help them with witch exterminations. Mabayu informs her there won't be any witch sightings today, and besides which she knows that one day in the future she'll ask Kyoko to take care of the shop without her. This only sets off Kyoko, who is ready to tear Mabayu a new one. However, Mabayu is saved when her aunt Sakie Aki calls Kyoko over.

She shows Kyoko the café's newest product, an apricot tart. Sakie offers her one as Kyoko stares at the delectable treats, drool starting to come down the corner of her mouth. Kyoko asks her if she's sure it's ok for her to eat it, but Sakie only smiles sweetly and tells her it was inspired by Kyoko. Kyoko gingerly takes the tart and begins to eat it. Sakie stares intently as she eagerly asks her her opinion. Kyoko breaks out into a broad smile and gives a little whoop of joy as she describes how delicious it is. Sakie couldn't be more pleased to hear it and, since she made so many of them, she tells Kyoko to take the tarts home as a staff meal. Kyoko graciously accepts.

She makes her way back to where Mabayu is standing and watching. She giggles as she accuses Kyoko of being totally spoiled by Sakie. Kyoko insists that would never happen. Mabayu gets serious as she explains how she wants to protect everyone's everyday life. Even if they defeat Walpurgisnacht, there's no point if the town gets destroyed in the process. That's why they try to live normal lives as much as possible, so that everyone else can also live as normal a life as possible. That's why she invited Kyoko to help out here, because defeating Walpurgisnacht and making this cake shop even better are both important things to Mabayu. Kyoko frowns and calls it all a bit creepy. Did she seriously believe she could beat Walpurgisnacht in a single attempt? Just because Homura can stop time doesn't mean she'll be able to easily steal military weapons. Deep down, Kyoko is sure Mabayu is already making plans to abandon this world as well. When Mabayu attempts to protest, Kyoko tells her she would have. So long as Homura doesn't give up, they can start over as many times as they want. If that's the case, wouldn't it be better to just enjoy it as much as possible. It certainly seemed like she was having fun just now. Mabayu looks crushed at Kyoko's words as she continues. Kyoko guesses Mabayu has already adjusted to it, or is it just that she seriously want these days to end.

Day 11

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 11).

Scene 1 (Kyoko)

Sayaka and Kyoko thank each other in anticipation for their hard work today at the café. Sayaka introduces herself as this is her first day on the job. Now that she's the senior, Kyoko decides to leave it all to Sayaka while she puts her feet up but Sayaka tells her to hold on. She literally just started so she has no idea how to serve customers and was relying on Kyoko to teach her. Kyoko sighs heavily as she complains about the annoyance of the situation. Sayaka begs her senpai once more to teach her but Kyoko tells her to stop calling her that. She herself only started part-timing here earlier this week, but according to Sayaka a senpai is a senpai whether it be by a day or a second. Kyoko calls the whole thing tedious.

Day 14

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 14).

Scene 2 (Kyoko)
At café Récompense, a customer asks a glum Sayaka for the bill. When Sayaka doesn't respond at first, Mabayu steps in and rings the customer up. Once the customer leaves, Sayaka half-heartedly bids them goodbye. Mabayu thanks her as the girl leaves. It seems Sayaka has now come out of her daze as she thanks the girl as well, although Kyoko wonders aloud why she's bothering. Inwardly, Kyoko recalls that Homura had warned her Sayaka had the potential to contract, and would most likely meet with Kyubey soon. She shakes off the thought and clarifies her earlier statement, asking why Sayaka is bothering with a part-time job. Is it the money that she needs and what will she do once the school finds out? Why else would she be working secretly unless perhaps she was homeless? Sayaka flatly denies this explanation, weakly responding she simply wanted to work there but Kyoko isn't buying it. She thinks if Sayaka needed the money, she could very easily just take it. Kyoko doesn't know what she's gotten herself in to, but it doesn't matter.

Day 15

Mabayu finishes looking into the future. Kyoko was wrong, she wasn't having fun. The fight against Charlotte rages on as she continues her train of thought. She didn't want these days to last forever. She gives out a battle cry as she dashes in and slices at the witch. Kyoko is impressed with how well she can fight but they're soon interrupted as Charlotte takes on its second form.

Kyoko calls out a warning to Mabayu, but Mabayu stands there calmly not moving an inch. She assures Kyoko she's already seen this part of the future play out as she stabs into Charlotte from several direction. Charlotte is immediately destroyed and the barrier dissipates.

Homura appears and they thank each other for their hard work. Kyoko can tell they're used to this as this is the 5th witch they've destroyed this week. Mabayu is already thinking of which witch they should take on next. Kyoko tells her to calm down a bit, but Mabayu is determined to make this their final time loop by defeating Walpurgisnacht once and for all.

Back in Homura's pendulum room, Homura once more congratulates them on a job well done but once more Mabayu is lost in thought as she ponders how they'll defeat Walpurgisnacht. In order to accomplish Homura's scheme, they'll need to collect even more grief seeds than before. Homura tells her to calm down because she's starting to act weird. Mabayu insists there's nothing weird about needing to get out of this loop already. Homura doesn't understand what the hurry is, but Mabayu is tired of making sacrifices like Madoka, Sayaka, Kyoko, and Mami. Homura asks if that includes Nagisa-chan. Mabayu's eyes grow wide. She had been so absorbed in collecting grief seeds that she didn't feel a thing when she callously cut down Nagisa's witch. She cries a little as she remembers Nagisa and the time they spent together. Homura understands what Mabayu is going through because it's the same for her. The long they stay in this span of time, the more detached they become from this world. Little by little, the meaning of everything fades away. She has Madoka as her guidepost, but there are times when that light seems so far away and it feels like her heart is about to break. At times like that, Mabayu had been by her side and supported her when she felt like she was about to fall. She looks at her for a moment, then quietly tells Mabayu it's she doesn't mind if Mabayu refers to her by her first name since they've been together for some time now. Mabayu is taken aback at first, but soon she begins to hold back tears as they threaten to spill down her face. Homura attempts to comfort her, but Mabayu can only give out sporadic sobs. She soon gets up and runs out the door all while yelling out an apology to Homura. Confused, Homura simply stands there staring at the door.

Mabayu had run all the way back home and into her room. She keeps telling herself this isn't good because she has no wish to become Madoka. Besides which she doesn't believe she could ever become one. That settles it, she HAS to end these days soon before she gets any closer to Homura.

Day 16

At café Récompense, Kyoko bids a customer goodbye as a glum Mabayu stands there ignoring her. Kyoko asks her what the matter is since she has such a rotten face on. Mabayu doesn't know what she's talking about, but Kyoko guesses accurately it has something to do with what she said the other day about Mabayu not wanting these days to end. Mabayu tells her it's a little different than that but fails to elaborate. Kyoko gets annoyed at how unclear Mabayu is being. Mabayu suddenly pipes up and asks Kyoko if she wouldn't mind hanging out with her after work so she can show her her magic.

Outside in the light of the setting sun, Kyoko nods in understanding. Mabayu's magic is to turn memories into film and cut them. She asks if it was ok for Mabayu to show her her trump card like that. Mabayu detransforms and explains she wanted them to be on more equal footing. Kyoko doesn't get what she means, so Mabayu tries to elaborate. She asks Kyoko if she isn't scared of having met Mabayu before only for Mabayu to have cut her memories of the encounter. Or how Mabayu might know what Kyoko's next move will be. Kyoko shrugs and tells her it doesn't really matter since she'll still be herself no matter what kind of magic Mabayu may have. If Kyoko gets mad at her, she'll just punch her. If Kyoko is interested, she'll go out with her. If Kyoko feels like it, she'll help her if she's suffering. That's not what Mabayu is worried about so much as the growing distance between them. The more they repeat time, the more incapable they become of forming an equal relationship with others. What was once a pure wish for someone fades away little by little as their relationship changes more and more. Kyoko tells her loops don't matter because wishing for the sake of others was a mistake in the first place. That sort of thing should be avoided at all costs, or at least that's what she thought before she met Homura. If either of them were in her position they would have given up a long time ago, or just done whatever they wanted during the repeating time span. Kyoko believes there must be something important inside her, some sort of destination that enables her to not falter or stop no matter how many times she fails. Something that any fate can't interfere with. Mabayu repeats these last words to herself and begins to giggle gleefully. With a relieved look, Mabayu agrees with Kyoko on that. Homura is the type whose wish won't bend even by a millimeter. There's no way she could change even if Mabayu gets closer to her, so the problem is what she wants to do. She thanks Kyoko, but Kyoko doesn't see what she's done to deserve any thanks. All she did was stand around and say some weird things. Speaking of, Kyoko asks Mabayu what would happen if Sayaka were to contract for someone else's sake, but Mabayu is hesitant to answer.

Day 17 (First Half)

Mabayu waits for the witch to appear as she stands by herself in the alleyway. It's true she admired Homur and was happy to be with her, but if she were to get too close would that mean Homura's feelings for Madoka would change? She can't let that happen! Soon enough, the barrier opens up around her as Anja prepares to swoop down at Mabayu.

Mabayu wastes no time however as she slashes at it with her scissors. The golden blades flash as they slash left and right at the familiar. Mabayu is certain there's no way Homura's feelings for Madoka would ever change. If she's the one who's afraid of getting closer to Homura, then the problem lies with her. She wouldn't worry over nothing, so there must be something she's overlooking. That's what she really needs to find out. She finishes off the Anja and the barrier dissipates. She congratulates herself on defeating it all on her own and figures she must be getting pretty good at it. However, Mami approaches her from the other end of the alley.

Mabayu begins to panic a little. She's sure Mami saw her magical girl form, but more importantly something like this has never happened in the previous time loops. She awkwardly forces a laugh as she asks what Mami is doing here. Mami only looks at her sadly and says her name. Mabayu thinks Mami is acting oddly until she realizes that Mami used her first name when addressing her. Mami suddenly says she can't stand it anymore and asks Mabayu if she'll come with her. Mabayu begins to ask what Tomoe-san means to say, but Mami interrupts her. With a pained look on her face, she asks Mabayu to call her Mami-san the way she used to do. In an instant Homura leaps down between them and stares Mami down. She thought she had promised to stay away from Mabayu. Mami scoffs and tells her she changed her mind because nothing Homura said was credible, nor could anything she had said be true. Mabayu begins to ask Homura what this is but Homura only urges her to run away for now and promises to explain later. Homura freezes time, however Mami nods in understanding at the two. Mabayu looks down to find Mami had tied a ribbon onto her leg when no one was looking. Mami now knows that Homura's magic can stop time for everyone except her and anything that touches her. For whatever reason, Mabayu also shares this property. Homura takes a shot at Mami, but Mami dodges it and immediately returns fire with her own musket. The bullet lands on Homura wounding her. Mami continues the assault and fires round after round at Homura, injuring her at each turn. Mabayu can't understand what's going on. Mami's entire vibe is very different than usual. She begs Mami to stop but Mami's only response is for Mabayu to not believe in Homura's lies. As far as Mami can tell she's being manipulated by Homura to her advantage. As Mami closes in on Homura, she promises to show her all the proof she needs. Mabayu isn't going to let her do that and steps in, snipping Mami's ribbon in the nick of time and freezing Mami in place. Homura suggests they head back to her room to confirm the situation.

Scene 3 (Kyoko)
Sayaka puffs to herself happily as she hears the bell on the café door ring. She greets the customers automatically and offers them a seat. She notices Kyoko staring at her and asks what's up. But Kyoko has no answer, because for once it seems Sayaka's feeling in a pretty good mood. Like she'd dropped the anxiety from a burden. Sayaka says it's because she'd had some high hopes and it's like she'd been blinded by her desires. But even so, she's still herself after all. She thinks it's important to keep yourself grounded, so as long as she's able to help someone then that's enough for her. She blinks as she realizes she's gone off track and maybe this isn't what Kyoko was talking about. Kyoko doesn't get it, but that's ok. People who claim to be doing it for the sake of others are a dime a dozen when most of the time they're just getting off on how good they look to others. Sayaka smiles and calls her words poisonous, but Kyoko doesn't see what's wrong with that. If you're going to go down because of someone else, they just become a burden so it's better to be sincere in your desires and pursue what you truly want. Sayaka laughs; that's just like Kyoko-senpai to say such things, but maybe Kyoko should curb her appetites a bit. Kyoko claims it's not her fault Sakie makes such delicious cakes. She suddenly hears Homura's voice through telepathy, demanding she come to her house right away. Kyoko tries to explain she's in the middle of her shift, but Homura insists there isn't time and urges her on once more.

Back in Homura's pendulum room, Kyoko confirms she was the one who had told her. Because they were old acquaintances, she had found it suspicious that Mami would suddenly surrender her territory since she didn't even know them. It's not like she was forbidden so she naturally tried to find out what was going on. If Homura and Mabayu know Kyoko so well, then what was so wrong with Kyoko trying to look into them. Homura looks at her dead seriously and asks if she also told Mami the truth about magical girls becoming witches. Kyoko simply nods in response. Homura angrily glares at Kyoko before telling Mabayu not to leave this room for awhile. She promises to explain later, but if things continue like this then Mami might become a witch before long. Mabayu offers her future vision but Homura declines. She'll take care of this on her own, then turns and leaves. Mabayu thinks about Mami turning into a witch, then remembers something from before. Kyoko prepares to follow after Homura since she still doesn't trust her. She can't just allow herself to stand by and watch as she does something stupid to Mami. Mabayu transforms and apologizes to Kyoko before immediately staring into her eyes.

Kyoko angrily yells at her for having seen her future without her permission, but Mabayu doesn't respond. Instead she quickly runs out the door as Kyoko yells after her, reminding her Homura had told her to stay put. As Mabayu hurries down the streets, she knows she has no time to waste. According to her vision, she's sure to meet up with Mami before Homura or Kyoko can.

Mabayu soon finds Mami sitting alone at the station. Mami looks up and is glad to see Mabayu came after all, though the saddened expression never leaves her face. Mabayu had seen in her vision where Mami would be. Mami asks Mabayu to come with her and leave this town now that it's under the control of Homura, and she knows everything that will happen next. Mabayu asks Mami what she's afraid of and points at Mami's cloudy soul gem. All of the witches in Mitakihara have already been defeated by Homura, so if Mami were to use her magic in vain then she too will become a witch. She knows Kyoko told her about that, but Mami can't stand to hear any of it. She cries out in tears and fear, she won't become a witch. Before, when Mami had learned the truth behind witches, she couldn't bear with the fact and had killed her friends. If the same thing were to happen again, then no matter how cruel it may seem, Mabayu would erase her memories. She slowly approaches the trembling Mami, repeating once more how afraid she seems at the truth that magical girls become witches. If this is causing her to suffer, then Mabayu will cut her memories. Mami tries to get away from her, warning her she'll see things she shouldn't see. But Mabayu peers into her memories nevertheless

However, she doesn't expect to find glimpses of herself. Herself and Mami as they worked together and Mabayu learned how to fight witches under Mami's tutelage. Meals and conversations, there was so much about her that she didn't know existed.

Film MT Day ?? (1st Reel)

Mabayu Aki greets Mami Tomoe as she enters café Récompense. She looks down and points at Kyubey, informing Mami she's not allowed to bring her pet inside. Mami is surprised and asks Mabayu if she really can see Kyubey.

Inside Mami's apartment, Mabayu is amazed to learn that magical girls really do exist. Mami was equally surprised to learn that one of her own classmates had the potential to be a magical girl. Kyubey says such potential isn't rare since there are several other students at her school with the potential. Mabayu asks if it's really true her wish will come true. Kyubey nods, so long as she makes a contract with him. Just thinking about it fills Mabayu's head with all sorts of desires which ends up just leaving her confused. Kyubey informs her each magical girl has qualities, and the effects of wishes correspond to them. If she were to have an outstanding magical quality, she might even be able to change history, but he has to admit that Mabayu's quality is rather below average. Mabayu is crestfallen to hear this, but Mami reminds her she still gets a wish out of it so it's well worth it. After all, magic is what causes a miracle. Of course, fighting witches will mean she has to risk her life so she should make her choice carefully. If she wants to, Mabayu can come with Mami and see a witch fight with her very own eyes. However, Mabayu says there's no need because she's already made her choice.

Film MT Day ?? (2nd Reel)

Mabayu recounts as the horrified look on her mother's face when she would try to approach her, the way her mother shrieked at Mabayu to stay away from her. She will die, it's her fate and she can see that now. She doesn't want to feel anything anymore, all she wants is to just disappear quietly like this. Once more she begs Mabayu to stay back. Mabayu pleads for her mother to believe her when she says the disease will definitely be cured and she's sure to get better. So she should just keep at her fortune-telling job with the same enthusiasm as before. Mabayu's mother glares at her daughter with eyes full of hatred. She shouts at her as loudly as she can. She tells Mabayu not to kid her, that's impossible because her fortune telling is always correct. Her fate has been decided and there's nothing any of them can do to change it. If she could, she would have done it a long time ago so she never wants to see Mabayu's face again. In a voice hoarse from both screaming and crying, she begs Mabayu to listen and not make her uncomfortable anymore.

Mabayu apologizes to Mami for having revealed something so unsightly. Mami asks if she is going to wish to cure her mother's disease. Mabayu had considered it, as her mother used to be a very kind person but she changed completely after she predicted her own death. For her mother, her fortune telling was absolute, so she's more afraid of being wrong than she is of death itself. Because of that, a wish for her to get better might prove more harmful than good. Mami understands and thinks it's a shame as she was looking forward to fighting alongside Mabayu. Mabayu tells her she's not the type that would risk her life to begin with, but she'd be happy if Mami were to find someone else. Mami looks down at Kyubey. He says it's Mabayu's decision, so they have no choice. Mabayu apologizes for making them come out so far and so late at night. Kyubey thinks they were rather strange since he believed that self-preservation was an instinct of life, yet incredibly each individual one of them has something they would prioritize higher. Personally he believes they would be happier without emotions. Mami shakes her head at the weird things Kyubey is always saying. However, this gives Mabayu an idea. She believes he may have found her wish.

Film MT Day ?? (3rd Reel)

Mabayu cheerfully greets her mother as she introduces her friend Mami. Mabayu then hands her mother a cake that her aunt Sakie had sent with her. Her mother gladly accepts the gift, but since she's already eaten she offers it to Mabayu and her friend instead. Mabayu is excited at the unexpected treat and offers some to Mami, who politely accepts. Mabayu's mother remembers there's tea in the vending machine and asks Mabayu to go get some. Mabayu happily takes off in search of the machine. Meanwhile, Mami thanks Mabayu's mother for her hospitality, but Mabayu's mother insists it was nothing. Instead she thanks Mami for coming to visit her, especially since Mabayu is so introverted and shy normally so she has trouble making friends. This is why she was so surprised when Mami showed up with her, and she thanks her for being Mabayu's friend. She hopes they can continue to be friends and Mami is happy to do so.

Out in the hospital's lobby, Mami tells Mabayu that her mother had seemed calm when they visited just now. Mabayu says it was thanks to her wish "to erase the memory of her mother reading the future". Before she had seen her own fate, her mother used to be kind like this all the time. Mabayu begins to tell Mami how much seeing her mother like this again means to her, but her voice trails off. Mami gives her a big smile and tells her it's ok to call her by her first name because from now on they were partners. She looks forward to working with Mabayu-san. Surprised at first, Mabayu says she also looks forward to working with Mami-san.

Mabayu is practicing her fighting skills on everyone's favorite blue drum. She takes several swings with her scissors then steps back to show off her handiwork. Mami thinks the flower that fell was very pretty, but she had told Mabayu to cut the drum, not the blossoms. Mabayu laughs it off; it's impossible for scissors, even magic ones, to cut through something like that. Mami gets serious and reminds Mabayu this is to help protect her life. Witches weren't going to care about what's convenient or not. Kyubey encourages Mabayu to try again as he reminds her that she's holding a pair of scissors with magical abilities, so it should be surprising if they're capable of cutting up a lump of metal. Mami tells her to try again, so Mabayu lets out a cry and slashes at the drum with her scissors. The three of them stare at the still intact drum as the surface of barely shows a scratch. Mabayu throws her hands up and cries in despair. She knew she didn't have any magical talent, so she's sure to be attacked by a witch and die. Mami tells her to calm down and promises to support her at first so they'll just have to do their best in the meantime. Mabayu sniffs as she nods.

Film MT Day ?? (4th Reel)

The Mathieus leap at Mabayu, slashing at her with their blades. Mabayu screams in terror, saying repeatedly she can't do this and begging to go home where her kotatsu awaits. Mami tries to get her to calm down as Mabayu yells at Kyubey, calling it all a scam and demanding to invoke her legal right per the cooling-off period. Kyubey only stares at her quizzically as Mabayu hangs her head in defeat. The familiars hadn't forgotten them, however, and swoop down to attack Mabayu once more but Mami blocks the attacks. Mami reminds Mabayu she's her senior as a magical girl, so she asks Mabayu to hang back and keep an eye on her. Mabayu nods her head in understanding and looks Mami right in the eyes.

Immediately she sees a vision of the future although at the time she hadn't realized it yet. She sees herself standing confused for a moment before telling Mami she saw a strange vision just now. The familiars attack Mami so Mabayu warns her of their impending attack. She sees herself directing Mami, telling her which way to move and jump in order to avoid the attacks. Mami does as told and easily dodges the incoming familiars. Mabayu then tells her she was now supposed to use some sort of 'Tiro' move. Mami knows exactly what she's talking about and unleashes her Tiro Finale on the familiars, destroying them. Once the barrier dissipates, Mabayu sees herself looking surprised at their victory. Mami thanks her for her help, then asks her what happened with a look of concern. Mabayu doesn't know what happened either. All she knows is an image flowed into her mind when she looked into Mami's eyes. She compares it to a film being projected. In the image, she was directing Mami's movements during the fight. Even in real life she followed the instructions exactly as she had seen in the image. Maybe this was her magic power?

Later that evening in Mami's apartment, Kyubey listens as Mabayu recounts the story. He believes it's very possible this is Mabayu's magic since her wish was related to her mother's fortune-telling ability. So it wouldn't be strange if her magic was the ability to see the future. Mami thinks this is amazing since she'd be able to have any future she wanted, but Mabayu isn't so sure it works that way. For one thing, the vision she had showed her following the instructions she had seen in the vision. This means the outcome of the future had already been influenced by her seeing it, so fate could never be changed once seen. Her mother's ability to see the future was also like that. Mami is saddened to hear this and asks if they won't be able to use her ability in other fights from now on. Mabayu believes she would take a different action if she ever saw a future she didn't agree with, so the future she does end up seeing would have to be the one with the best possible outcome. If what she believes is true, the two of them were likely to become the strongest duo.

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Mami looks around the empty alleyway as she telepathically asks Mabayu if she's sure this is where a witch was supposed to appear. Mabayu promises it is, although Mami has strong doubts. She asks her directly if she isn't just slacking off at home, but Mabayu is absolutely certain it's there and is equally as certain she shouldn't go because changing the future was much too dangerous to attempt. Mami makes a face and tells her it's way too obvious when she lies, even in this conversation. Mabayu makes another cheap attempt at persuading her but Mami smiles and tells her she doesn't mind. Afterall, Mabayu can't really help her in battle with those small ineffective scissors, so it might be better if she played support from the sidelines this time. She suddenly feels the magic signature of a witch about to emerge in the vicinity so she cuts the conversation short and transforms, immediately leaping into the barrier afterwards.

Later that evening, Mabayu thanks Mami as they sit in her apartment's day area. She also hands her a cake from her family's shop as a sign of her gratitude. Mami happily accepts the cake and hands Mabayu the grief seed to purify her soul gem with. Mabayu sighs in relief as her gem is cleansed. Thanks to her amazing future vision, Mami was able to locate and defeat the witch quickly and easily. Mabayu is happy she could help since she can't handle her scissors well which makes her basically useless in actual combat. She jokes around, saying it would be best if she remained her tactician while Mami does the actual fighting but Mami takes her up on it and thinks it would be a great idea. Trump cards are best when no one knows about them, so they should keep her future vision a secret except for other magical girls they can really trust. Mabayu gets a quizzical look as she asks her about other magical girls. Mami takes a deep breath and a moment to collect her thoughts before she begins her lecture. There are many types of magical girls, some like her who only want to protect the people of their town from witches, and those that don't. There are magical girls who only made the contract to get their wishes fulfilled and are content merely gathering grief seeds when they need them. These types of people would look down on killing dangerous familiars because it would be like killing a chicken before it lays an egg. Mabayu finds it hard to believe anyone would consider Mami an enemy, but in any case this only makes it convenient for her. If she's targeted and taken hostage, there's no way she would be able to resist, so maybe she should become the shadow commander. She giggles as she tells Mami she better get to hiding right away!

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In a voice full of false tension, Mabayu asks herself what two maidens would do if they were to stand alone on the school's rooftop, staring deep into each other's eyes? Mami chuckles and tells her to knock it off as they get ready to look into the future. Mabayu tells her she has no taste. The first few times they did this she was a little confused and even embarrassed, but now she's just using Mabayu like some with-exterminating tool. Mami offers to take her along to the battlefield if she's bored, but Mabayu firmly denies this offer. It's not that she's bored so much as she's not sure if it's ok for her to continue her normal everyday life like this forever. She thinks it through and decides she has no problem with that at all. Mami looks at her oddly and tells her she really is weird afterall. Mabayu fakes a smile as she responds in agreement. She knows it's the reason she doesn't have any friends and is easily overwhelmed. Mami counsels her, telling her that having a lot of friends doesn't matter if they're all superficial. It's more important to have at least one friend you can actually trust, especially for magical girls. With that said, she hopes she can continue to keep the peace today with her Lord Tactician. Mabayu transforms and gives a sort of salute back as she prepares to see into the future. She thinks it's rather interesting. Today they'll be helping with a new magical girl candidate.

That evening in Mami's apartment, the new girl thanks Mami and for helping her out today. She then asks if that's how all witch fights are like. Mami tells her it is as she explains how natural disasters and other accidents are often caused by witches and familiars. Kyubey informs her she can see himself and the witches because she has the qualities to be a magical girl. If she were to make a contract with him, she'd be able to fight witches just like Mami. The girl trembles a bit as she tells him she can't do that, she doesn't have the courage for it. Kyubey won't force her into it as it's her choice, but he does inform her she'll get a wish granted in exchange. Mami advises her to think it over before she make any big decisions.

After the girl leaves, Mabayu turns off her camouflage as she sits down with Mami to discuss the new candidate. Mami can't blame her for not taking the plunge after hearing something like that all of a sudden. However, if she has a wish she wants granted, then she should realize this will likely be her only chance. Mabayu points out the gradually increasing number of witches in the city, and suggests adding allies to help them in the battle. There's only so much the two of them can do on their own no matter how much she looks into the future. Mami isn't against the idea so long as it's with someone they can both agree on. Mabayu offers to look into the future and see what the girl wants to wish for or how they can convince her. If they find out what it is she wants, Mami can better support her in her decision. Mami agrees and Mabayu looks into her future.

Mabayu can tell her wish is going to be a difficult subject to broach. What she wants to wish for is to be rich. She's the kind of straight-forward girl that's full of desires. Mami looks troubled at first, but Mabayu assures her it'll be fine. All Mami has to do is tell her the story of her own contract and she'll open up and change her mind.

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The bell on the café door rings as Mabayu begins to automatically greet the customer. She stops midway when she sees it's Mami, so she asks her how her day was. She's pleased to report the rookie was reliable and her advice helped them out without a hitch. Her attacks are also incredibly reliable, and she wouldn't want to be her enemy with her ability to shower molten gold down. Mabayu is happy to hear it since this means the rookie can uphold her end of the fights for her and she can keep working at the cake shop. However, Mami has her concerns. It's true she became incredibly rich when she made her wish, and while she seemed happy at first, she's lately been getting kind of rough. And if anyone disagrees with her, she immediately tries to settle things with money. Just because her wish came true doesn't mean she's any happier. Mami thinks it's time to reveal Mabayu's existence to the girl. The girl has had a lot of questions about Mami's very specific instructions and Mami doesn't feel right hiding things forever for her trusted ally. Hearing this causes Mabayu to freak out because she doesn't have good communication skills. Mami doesn't see the problem since she does just fine talking with her, but Mabayu explains it's easy once they get to know her. It's that first step / impression that's the problem. Mami can see where she's coming from, but she still thinks it's important for her to know she has other allies so she asks Mabayu once more if she could please at least listen to what the new girl has to say.

Mabayu is getting anxious as they wait in Mami's apartment for the new girl to appear. To better calm her nerves, she transforms. Mami asks if she's really going to look into the future over something like this, but Mabayu insists this is important for her. Mami sighs and lets Mabayu look into her eyes. AFter looking into the future, Mabayu has a small favor to ask of Mami.

The new girl arrives at the apartment as planned. She's eager to hurry and kill off a witch, plus she has other things to do later so she'd like to get this done as soon as possible. Mami promises it won't take much time. She knows the new girl has been wondering about how accurate her predictions have been, such as where and when a witch will appear and what their weak points are even before they've fought. She apologizes for hiding it for so long, but she's interrupted before she can continue. The new girl is shocked to find Mami had been deceiving her. Was her ability to see the future the reason Mami had spoken to her and then later encouraged her to make the contract? She frowns as she now realizes this is why Mami had been pushier than usual. Mami tries to defend herself, explaining she thought the contract was for her good. The new girl informs her she became rich and a magical girl that day she contracted, which meant her father could pay off his debts and become the kind person he was before. Their family could now live happily together, or at least that's what she thought. Instead everything had gone to ruin: Her family started doing whatever they wanted, and her parents became divorced and are fighting over the alimony. Mami apologizes for what happened as she had no idea that's how it would go. Angrily, the new girl responds by asking her how she could not when she can see the future. She would have been fine if she'd stayed poor, then her family would have continued to live in harmony. Mami showed her hope when she was told her wish would come true if she became a magical girl. She turns menacingly towards Mami as Mami begins to back away in fright. However, Mabayu steps in between them and throws off her camouflage. She snips the new girl's memories.

Mami asks her what happened so Mabayu explains when she shows her her golden scissors. When the new girl wakes up, she'll have no memory of Mami's persuasion. Mami asks when she learned to do that. Mabayu explains she learned of it when she saw it in her vision of the future. She has the ability to make a person's life into a film and then cut the film of their memories. Apparently, this was her true ability all along.

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Mabayu meets up with Mami on the school's rooftop. It seems they're no closer to locating the new girl. Mami even went so far as to speak with the new girl's parents, but they hadn't heard from her either since she left home. Mabayu doubts the girl will have any money problems, but she never expected her to just up and disappear. Thanks to Mabayu's magic, the suffering the new girl was going through was erased from her mind, but that didn't mean the discord in her family was erased. Mami worries that erasing her memories may have also erased any outlet she once had. Mabayu tells Mami not to worry so much. The fact that she never showed up at the rendezvous spot and left Mami all alone to deal with the witch that appeared there only shows how selfish she is. Mami still looks worried, however, so Mabayu presses her for an answer. Mami tries to tell her it's nothing but Mabayu knows that "nothing" never really means nothing so something must be wrong. At first Mami doesn't want to respond. Mabayu, looking more than a little hurt, asks her if they aren't friends. Mami finally relents and asks Mabayu if she didn't have a fight or falling out with the new girl. It was possible this is what happened and perhaps Mabayu erased Mami's memories of the argument. Mabayu looks at her earnestly and swears on their friendship that she has never erased Mami's memories. There would be no point in cutting Mami's memories if it'll just make her anxious, and even if she were to ever do it she'd do it so cleanly that Mami would never even notice. Mami smiles at her little joke, saying it would be just like her to do it that way.

Later that evening in Mami's apartment, Mami still looks worried. Mabayu tries to cheer her up by giving her the cake she had brought, but Mami only looks at it sadly. Normally she'd love to dig into a delicious slice of cake, but for whatever reason she just doesn't feel so cheery on the inside. Mabayu assures her she did her best to teach the new girl how to fight and which way to maneuver, coupled with Mabayu's future vision they had an easy time fighting witches. But as Mami points out, she still ended up getting dumped. It wasn't just the new girl, but plenty of other girls whom Mami called out to then encouraged to contract also just ghosted her after a time. She wonders if it's something she did wrong. Mabayu believes it's more a question of affinity. Plenty of magical girls make their wishes for the sake of someone else, so when they keep risking their own lives to fight witches, it could be that their will to continue eventually breaks down. Mami says it's the norm to wish for others, whereas girls like her that make a wish for their own sake are far and few between. She only contracted for her own survival, unlike other magical girls with pure hearts who make wishes for the sake of others. She wonders if it was wrong of her to make the wish for herself and whether or not she deserves to stand among those other more pure-hearted magical girls. Mabayu attempts to cheer her up once more, reminding her that she herself made a wish for only her own sake so she's not alone. Mami thanks her and begins to cry as she explains how Mabayu is the only one that's stayed by her side. Mabayu freaks out a little and reminds her she's supposed to be the loner, not Mami. She asks Mami if maybe she got drunk beforehand, but Mami has already begun to stuff her face with cake. Between bites, she tells Mabayu she's not drunk as she stuffs more cake into her mouth. Mabayu suddenly realizes she accidentally brought her a Western liquor cake, and no doubt Sakie went overboard with the liquor part of it. She takes the cake away from Mami and warns her no more cake for now. Mami tears up again as she asks why she can't even eat cake when it's so delicious. Mabayu reminds her that stress eating will only lead to more serious problems later. If only Mami had a different coping mechanism, the way Mabayu does with her movies. This reminds Mabayu of something, so she lends Mami what she considers the perfect book for stress relief.

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Mami is walking to school in the morning. She can't believe Mabayu had lent her a bomb-making manual as a way to destress. Mami thinks she must be a little too weird if things like this help her feel better, or why else would she be carrying around a book like this. She soon spots Mabayu walking ahead of her deep in thought. Mabayu's thoughts are interrupted when Mami gets her attention then walks up to her to ask about the book she borrowed. Mabayu screams in fright, before quickly telling her it was nothing. Mabayu apologizes for frightening her then runs off, leaving a puzzled Mami standing there in confusion. Mami doesn't understand why Mabayu suddenly started referring to her as "Tomoe-san" when they were on a first name basis before.

As they sit in class, Mami can't help but stare at her friend and teammate, who seemed to be deep in thought. Mabayu was ignoring her and treating her like a total stranger. Mami wonders what it is she's thinking about. Normally she just falls asleep on her desk the moment she gets to school, but if she had a problem she was thinking through why didn't she just send Mami a telepathic message? What could have happened to Mabayu? She considers saying something to her but changes her mind and decides against it.

Film MT Day 2

Mami enters café Récompense. Sakie greets her and Mabayu begins to greet her automatically before recognizing Mami. Somewhat awkwardly, Mabayu offers her the option of takeaway or dine-in, with Mami opting for takeaway. Mami stares at her intently for a moment, prompting Mabayu to ask if something is wrong. But Mami tells her it's nothing before smiling once more and placing her order for a lemon cake and sachertorte. Mabayu rings her up.

Back outside the café, Mami sighs sadly. In the end Mabayu hadn't responded to her once and she'd been calling her "Tomoe-san" since yesterday instead of the usual "Mami-san". Kyubey appears and asks Mami if she recognizes the girl. Mami finds it odd that Kyubey wouldn't remember Mabayu, which means Mabayu must have been erased from Kyubey's memories. There must have been a good reason for Mabayu to have erased herself from his memories, so she makes a decision. She tells Kyubey the only thing she knows about Mabayu is she works at the café to help out one of her relatives. Kyubey is surprised that Mami didn't realize Mabayu was a magical girl. But he has no recollection of making a contract with her, thus she is what's called an "irregular". However, Mabayu is not the only irregular around. There is another named Homura Akemi, and he would be happy if Mami could pass on any information she had on them. Mami nods in understanding.

Late into the night, Mami waits alone at the park. For whatever reason, both Mabayu and Kyubey have lost their memories. She doesn't know why, but she does understand she can't give Kyubey any information. Why would Mabayu erase her own memories without telling Mami anything? Homura appears, telling her it's because of Mabayu's future vision.

Mami demands to know who she is. Homura introduces herself, giving her name and informing Mami she is the new magical girl who will be in charge of Mitakihara from now on, as well as Mabayu's new partner. Mami asks her if she's the other irregular Kyubey was talking about. Homura knows Mami is an intelligent person, so surely she must have realized by now that the only reason Mabayu would erase her own memories was because she saw her own future through her future vision. Therefore, she must have thought it best to erase her memories of the time she spent with Mami. Mami admits it's a rational explanation, but if anything it was a little too rational for her to accept at face value. She wants to know who Homura is and why she's giving her this explanation. Perhaps she can even elaborate on the relationship between her and Mabayu. Homura tells her she can't do that because revealing her true identity would get her closer to Mabayu's secret. Mami transforms since it seems they can't come to an agreement. Homura transforms as well and tells Mami she's not looking for a fight. She instead offers to come to a decision about their goals. If Mami wins, then Homura will tell her all the secrets she possesses. However, if Homura wins then Mami will have to stop being active in Mitakihara and never have anything to do with other magical girls or potential magical girls ever again. Mami agrees, but warns Homura she won't go easy on her. She calls out multiple muskets and begins to shoot at Homura. Mabayu is her partner, and she was able to continue protecting this town thanks to her help. She can't be herself without Mabayu and she's not going to back down without knowing the truth! After shooting off a barrage of bullets, Mami finishes it with a resounding Tiro Finale.

Mami catches her breath as the dust clears. Mami had used more firepower than she normally would have, so she hopes the other girl has enough strength left to talk. Mami looks around the area where Homura would have been, only for Homura to ask her where she's looking as she somehow materializes behind Mami. Mami leaps back in fright and prepares to aim her next attack but Homura vanishes before her eyes. Once more Homura appears behind her only to vanish and reappear once Mami faces her. She stands in disbelief as Homura informs her she has now been hit by lead bullets 3 times. If Homura had been serious, Mami would have lost her life 3 times just now. Homura asks her if she can see the difference in their skill, or does she still want to continue the fight? Mami tells her to quit joking around because she's not going to give up on Mabayu so easily. A small explosion suddenly goes off in front of her face, leaving her coughing in the heavy dust. Homura informs Mami she has no problem killing her. In fact, doing so would eliminate a lot of unnecessary risks. The only reason Homura hasn't killed her already is her respect for the Mabayu of the past who erased her own self. Ominously she asks Mami if she's going to continue to defy her.

Film MT Day 9

Mami shoots her way through the familiars. She soon spots the witch and goes right after it, having no time to worry about meaningless familiars. The witch attacks unexpectedly, however, catching Mami off guard. The attack lands and several of the Josephs take advantage and begin to gang up on her. Mami can't lose in a place like this and unleashes her devastating Tiro Finale attack. The witch lets out a cry as it's destroyed, taking its barrier with it. Mami lets out a sigh. She was finally able to track down and kill a witch, and just in time too for her soul gem was heavy with corruption.

On the train ride home, she considers how dangerous the last battle was. It had been a long time since she last fought without the advantage of Mabayu's future vision. It was hard enough tracking down witches to hunt in an unfamiliar city, and Homura was hunting not only in Mitakihara but in the surrounding areas as well. Many of the magical girls in the nearby towns were angry because their territories were being invaded, so she may not have enough grief seeds to get by if this continues. After a moment, she wonders how Kyoko is faring. If someone tried to invade her territory she'd defend it with all her might. Although, it has been a while since Mami last tried to contact her. She thinks for a moment, then decided against it.

Mami walks through the darkened streets of Mitakihara on her way home. She wonders how Mabayu is doing. She'd been going to school and attending her classes, but Mami had refrained from contacting her per Homura's terms. Mabayu seems to have completely forgotten the time she spent with her. Mami couldn't help but yearn for an answer why, however she understood that doing so would go against her will. Still, Mami couldn't help but wander towards café Récompense to see if perhaps Mabayu was helping out there today. She was prohibited from contacting her however Homura never said she couldn't see her from afar. She peers through the windows to find Mabayu working hard on making cafe macchiatos. Mami smiles to herself with nostalgia. She remembers the first time she received a cup with latte art from Mabayu only to find some weird sort of caterpillar drawn on it. She hopes her art has gotten better. She sighs wistfully to herself. Maybe she'll still be allowed to get a coffee from there. She looks inside the café once more and to her utter surprise she sees Kyoko working there, complete with maid uniform. Mami stutters nonsense as she tries to accept the scene before her. Why in the world was Kyoko working at this particular café of all places? With her shift over, Mabayu bids goodnight to Kyoko and leaves. Alone, Kyoko is about to head back in when Mami calls her name telepathically. Kyoko's eyes widen in surprise as Mami warns her not to speak out loud for fear of Mabayu over hearing. She wants to know a few things, so she tells Kyoko to meet her at her apartment after she finishes her work.

Kyoko explains she'd heard Mami had an arrangement with Homura not to work in Mitakihara as they sit in her loft. Mami scowls and calls it more of a threat than an arrangement. She had no choice but to hunt witches outside of Mitakihara. Besides that she still has to go to school and her home is here so it wouldn't be unusual for her to see Kyoko on her way home. But what was unusual was seeing Kyoko dressed up in a waitress outfit. She never thought she'd ever see a sight like that. Kyoko glares and snaps back at her, insisting she's not doing it because she likes it. If that's the case, then all the more reason for Kyoko to tell Mami what's going on. Why is Kyoko working with Mabayu? Was Homura behind this? Kyoko reminds her they aren't partners anymore so she doesn't have to tell her anything. However, she compares their arrangement to the one with Homura. She has a temporary truce with her for now, but that doesn't mean she considers Mami an ally. So rather than give anything away for free, she proposes they trade information on what either of them knows about Homura or Mabayu. Mami agrees on one condition: she never tells her about Mami's relationship with Mabayu.

Film MT Day 16

On the train ride home, Mami sighs to herself. Today as well she had found no prey. Most of the new witches had been hunted down, but since battles have been rare she also hasn't consumed very much magic either. But if this keeps up for an entire month, it'll become a big problem. She wonders if Walpurgisnacht really will come to this town. Kyoko had said that Homura was a time jumper, and somehow Mabayu was involved.

As Mami walks through the darkened streets, she continues her contemplation. So far she could see no contradictions in her story but that still left the major mystery of why Mabayu deleted her own memories. Mami couldn't understand why Mabayu had to leave her and could find no reason for her behavior. If she doesn't know the reason, she can't understand the why and therefore she can't trust Homura. She can't believe Mabayu erased her memories of their time together. She won't believe it. Kyoko's voice suddenly calls out to her, asking why she has a look like she's about to die. Kyoko catches up to her and says they need to talk because she has something to ask of her.

Kyoko dances on the Dog Drug Reinforcement machine while Mami looks at her with eyes wide. Kyoko knew Mami didn't know either, but Kyoko had heard that apparently, when Sayaka makes a contract and becomes a magical girl, her soul gem will eventually become clouded and she becomes a witch. Kyoko had never considered the thought that magical girls turn into witches, but they had a point when she thought about it. Magical girls who had become unwell would disappear without being noticed. Kyoko had assumed they were defeated and killed by witches, but if they actually turned into witches then it made sense. Mami reluctantly nods, but even so she remains steadfast that it's only a possibility. Kyubey had never said anything of the kind to them either. Kyoko informs her she was told never to reveal what they knew to Kyubey, so she suggests Mami ask Kyubey about it. Kyoko grins and tells her to think of it as a bit of give and take. Depending on whether or not it's true will greatly change the way they fight so she's going to leave it to Mami.

Film MT Day 17

Mami stares ahead, lost in thought until Kyubey gets her attention. He asks why she's not in school today and asks if it was because of something Kyoko said to her. He's aware she's been working with two irregulars: Homura Akemi and Mabayu Aki. He would greatly like to get information on them. Mami begins to speak but changes her mind.

Mami walks along the river as the sun begins to set. There's just no way she can listen to any of this. She's encouraged too many girls to make a contract on the basis of their wish coming true and peace in the town. But is it really true witches were once magical girls? Is that what they've been fighting this whole time, and if they continue will they one day too become witches themselves? Did she really let her dearest friend suffer the fate of eventually becoming a witch? No, that's impossible. Homura must be lying to her in a ploy to push Mami and Mabayu apart. Surely Mabayu is being deceived by Homura, so it's up to her to get Mabayu to see the truth.

Mabayu congratulates herself on defeating the familiars all on her own and figures she must be getting pretty good at it. However, Mami approaches her from the other end of the alley. Mabayu begins to panic a little. She awkwardly forces a laugh as she asks what Mami is doing here. Mami only looks at her sadly and says her name. She then suddenly says she can't stand it anymore and asks Mabayu if she'll come with her. Mabayu begins to ask what Tomoe-san means to say, but Mami interrupts her. With a pained look on her face, she asks Mabayu to call her Mami-san the way she used to do. In an instant Homura leaps down between them and stares Mami down. She had heard of the way she moves from Kyoko. Homura thought Mami had promised to stay away from Mabayu. Mami scoffs and tells her she changed her mind because nothing Homura said was credible, nor could anything she had said be true. Mami quietly causes a ribbon to go and tie itself onto Mabayu's leg. Mabayu begins to ask Homura what this is but Homura freezes time. Mami now knows that Homura's magic can stop time for everyone except her and anything that touches her. For whatever reason, Mabayu also shares this property. Homura takes a shot at Mami, but Mami dodges it and immediately returns fire with her own musket. The bullet lands on Homura wounding her. Mami continues the assault and fires round after round at Homura, injuring her at each turn. Mabayu begs Mami to stop but Mami's only response is for Mabayu to not believe in Homura's lies. As far as Mami can tell she's being manipulated by Homura to her advantage. As Mami closes in on Homura, she promises to show her all the proof she needs. Mabayu isn't going to let her do that and steps in, snipping Mami's ribbon in the nick of time and freezing Mami in place. Before Mami's eyes it seems as if Mabayu and Homura have vanished. She's been cut off from them and it seem Homura has stolen Mabayu away from her. She'll have to find a way to contact Mabayu without Homura finding out. She looks down at her soul gem and notes how cloudy it is. She wonders for a moment if she could take Homura on in a fight if it came down to it right now, but she shakes her head at the thought. She'll be at the location, so she hopes Mabayu will be there.

Mabayu soon finds Mami sitting alone at the station. Mami looks up and is glad to see Mabayu came after all, though the saddened expression never leaves her face. If Mabayu used her future vision, then it would be quite easy for her to find where Mami would be. Mami asks Mabayu to come with her and leave this town now that it's under the control of Homura, and Homura knows everything that will happen next. Mabayu asks Mami what she's afraid of and points at Mami's cloudy soul gem. All of the witches in Mitakihara have already been defeated by Homura, so if Mami were to use her magic in vain then she too will become a witch. She knows Kyoko told her about that, but Mami can't stand to hear any of it and in her mind she continues to deny the truth. She cries out in tears and fear, she won't become a witch. Mabayu slowly approaches the trembling Mami, repeating once more how afraid she seems at the truth that magical girls become witches. Mami can't believe what's happening. Is Mabayu really going to erase her memories by cutting out the memory of the secret behind witches? If this is causing her to suffer, then Mabayu will cut her memories. Mami is heartbroken as she realizes what is about to happen. The memory of the truth behind witches is already well embedded in her, and she's too strongly tied to the days she spent together with Mabayu. Mami tries to get away from her, warning her she'll see things she shouldn't see. But Mabayu peers into her memories nevertheless

She hadn't thought she would find memories of her in there. Kyoko catches up to them and angrily accuses Mabayu of cutting Mami's memories. Mabayu runs away in shock as Mami calls out Mabayu's name.

Mabayu had been wrong, she tells herself as she walks the empty streets at night alone deep in thought. Mami wasn't trapped in despair when she learned the truth behind witches because Mabayu was pessimistic about her fate. She was trapped in despair when she learned the truth because she had encouraged other girls to make the contract. She felt responsible for changing their destinies and because she had caused Mabayu to carry the fate of a magical girl on her shoulders. But In Mabayu's eyes, Mami wasn't the only one who led many a girl to make a contract. She as well had done her part. She had sinned together with Mami and yet she had erased her own memories to escape from her past. She decides to go back for Mami, feeling like she'd abandoned a dear friend.

In Homura's pendulum room, Homura notes the state of Mabayu's soul gem and offers her a grief seed but Mabayu doesn't feel like she deserves it. She asks Homura if she knew about this already. Back during the events of Day 6 in the 4th timeline, Mabayu had leapt in front of the witch and died to protect Homura. It was then she asked Mami directly about Mabayu. This is mostly conjecture on Homura's part but it would explain why Mabayu had found it odd that she had no memories of the first timeline until now. Homura figures at some point they must have discovered the truth behind witches, which in itself can be a painful memory for any magical girl. Fortunately Mami's memories are reset by the time jump, but because of Mabayu's magic she ended up sharing time with Homura so her own memories wouldn't have been affected by the time jump. Mabayu must have used her scissors on her own memories to erase all traces of Mami and her memories of ever being a magical girl. Homura had been trying to keep them apart because otherwise she would have to delete her memories all over again. Mabayu is blaming herself for what happened which is causing her soul gem to grow clouded which is exactly what Homura had been trying to prevent. Mabayu gives a dry chcukle in response. She had always thought of herself as a bystander, hiding int he shadows as she looks into the future and gives out irresponsible advice. But that was her own selfish desire. She's been a party to this for a long time now, and has been directly involved in the fate of many girls whom she pushed into making a contract and are now witches. She can't change that fate anymore so she might as well be a witch herself as punishment. Homura assures her she has no reason for punishing herself. If her soul gem gets clouded, Homura will get grief seeds for her. She won't allow Mabayu to become a witch. Mabayu tells her to stop because that grief seed is for Madoka's sake. Homura tells her to listen when she says it's not her fault nor Mami's fault. Neither of them did anything wrong, it's Kyubey who's to blame for tricking them in the first place.

After a moment, Mabayu smiles. She's glad to know Homura cares about her. For someone like her, who has no memories of the time she spent with Mami, Homura is her only friend so if it's ok with her she wants to stay close by her side. She transforms and looks into Homura's eyes.

Having seen the future, she turns off the transformation. Homura takes Mabayu by the shoulders as she asks her what she saw. In the future, was Madoka with them? Did she see the future in which she saves Madoka with the help of Mabayu. Mabayu nods. She could see it all perfectly. They'll stop Mami's outburst and all go beyond Walpurgis Night. It's at this moment that Kyubey makes his presence known. Now he finally knows who the two irregulars really are. Homura transforms as she reminds him what will happen. Everytime they reset time, his own memories are reset as well. So now that he's found out there's nothing that can be done about it. She freezes time and riddles him with bullets before releasing time once more. She turns to Mabayu and urges her to hurry along if they plan on freeing the Mami of this world from her guilt.

Down by the riverside in the depths of night, Mabayu and Homura are searching for Mami. Mabayu knows she lied when she told Homura about the vision she had seen because she saw something she shouldn't have. But she has to remember the truth of what she saw because no matter what happens, her future has been set in stone. Kyubey finds her and calls out her name. Mabayu reminds him they can kill him over and over again for nothing. Kyubey instead asks if she doesn't need to find Mami. They split up to cover more ground so they can find her before she witches out. He asks if they plan on erasing her memories of all of her despair but Mabayu doesn't answer him. He wonders if maybe she saw a different future, one where she's not saved. Mabayu decides to tell him anyways since there's nothing he can do to change the fate that was foretold. In the vision she saw, Mabayu becomes a witch due to the despair of her sins.

She's going to try to destroy the town with Mami by her side as they go on a rampage. Homura defeats her, but that wasn't the end of it. She's supposed to be dead but she wakes up again in a new time loop because Homura couldn't defeat Walpurgisnacht. She'll wake up as a magical girl again and as soon as she comes to that realization, the despair will overtake her and she'll become a witch again only for Homura to defeat her once more. And then that's it, time is not rewound after that. Kyubey guesses either Homura didn't need to use her magic anymore or she gave up on the whole thing. Mabayu isn't sure. Kyubey asks her if she really thinks Homura can accomplish everything in just one more time loop. Mabayu is sure she can, even without her help because she's nothing to her. Kyubey isn't so sure. Kyubey understands it's difficult for them to understand his mental structure because human minds have trouble understanding parallel timelines. Repeating the same span of time is a great mental burden on humans. Homura would talk to Mabayu constantly, so in a sense Mabayu was the rock she clung to. If she lost her support, Homura's would have lost all of her emotional stability and would be in no state to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Mabayu asks what he wants from her. She wants to keep helping Homura and be there for her so her wish can come true, but her future is already set. She was cursed to by a magical girl who turned into a witch in the past, and she too will become a witch. It's her destiny. Madoka's voice calls out from the darkness, telling her she's wrong.

Kyubey had told her all about how she and Homura had fought and done everything for her sake, to save her. Kyubey had told Madoka about everything because he can tell Mabayu has run into a dead end and was unwilling to even allow the memory of her sins to be erased. What she needs is the miracle of a magical girl. Mabayu begs them to stop, insisting she doesn't need salvation but Madoka believes otherwise. Magical girls are beings that make miracles happen, so she can't believe she would become a magical girl in search of salvation only to end in despair. Mabayu begs them to stop once more but it's too late and Madoka makes her wish. "Please, Kyubey! Save Mabayu from despair!"

Day 17 (Second Half)

A cold wind blows as Madoka, now a magical girl, looks at Mabayu. After a moment, she hesitantly asks if she saw hope in the film. Mabayu seems to be talking to herself as she describes how hard the burden of a magical girl's miracle can be. Knowing the truth won't erase the past, and knowing you'll eventually be rewarded won't erase the mistakes you've made. It feels like a stiffness in her chest and the murkiness of her soul gem will never go away. That pain is the same for Mami. She had always wanted to get closer to her, but she couldn't. She would agonize over this thought again and again, over and over through the agonizing hours.

Neither could believe that either would become a witch in this world. In her desperation every subsequent loop would turn her into a witch, and while she can't believe the number of times Homura had to be defeated, she doesn't want that to be her future! She will overcome her fate and change the future as she sees it. Mabayu slashes the film of her fate as Madoka gives her a broad, encouraging smile. Kyubey begins to agree but Mabayu points her scissors right at him. She knows what his plan was all along, now: he had wanted Mabayu to develop a friendship with the lonely Homura, but she won't allow Homura's heart to be so easily broken just so Madoka can keep accumulating enough karma. Kyubey doesn't know what she's talking about since he has nothing to do with anything any of the Kyubeys in other timelines have done. Mabayu says he's lucky then, otherwise she would have put him in the ground already. She wonders what kind of future she has led, and when Kyubey asks what she meant by that, she decides not to answer him. Homura calls out telepathically, letting Mabayu know she's found Mami and needs her to come to the school right away. Mabayu responds in the affirmative and is about to take off until Madoka calls her name hesitantly. Mabayu stops and decides to ask Madoka to come with her.

Homura stands waiting at the school's entrance. She glares at Mabayu when she shows up with Madoka in tow. Mabayu begins by immediately apologizing for lying to her earlier, but Homura knew she was lying about her vision from the beginning either because Madoka contracts, she becomes a witch, or both so she was prepared for this. Mabayu, with a remorseful look, promises Homura neither she nor Mami would become witches as that was the reason Madoka contracte. She apologizes for not being able to stop her but Homura doesn't blame her for that kindness since that's just the kind of person Madoka is. For now, they need to save Mami from the fate of becoming a witch. Mabayu and Madoka emphatically agree, both with a determined look to their faces. From seemingly nowhere, Kyoko appears, warning them things are getting ugly. Homura explains it was Mabayu that had found Mami. Mabayu apologizes but Kyoko tells her it should be she who's sorry. Homura explained what had happened, so she's sorry she had suspected Mabayu of cutting her memories. Mabayu doesn't blame her however, since manipulating memories is inherently unacceptable. But that doesn't mean she won't do it if there's no other way. Homura gets them to hurry since Mami's soul gem has already reached its limit and could use up the last vestiges of magic arguing against Homura. Madoka believes they can succeed if they all talk to her together. Kyoko hopes it works out, but wonders why they would think Mami is waiting for them at the school.

The girls wander through the corridors, looking and calling out for Mami. She doesn't respond, but the girls note signs of her presence. They continue to search until soon they find Mami sitting in one of the classrooms. Mabayu approaches her slowly. She can understand why Mami doesn't want to believe the truth, but Mami only opens her eyes and calmly says that's not what she wants. If what she learned was true, then she has no need of this world. She pleads with Mabayu to tell her it's not true, and once more she begs her to run away with her together. They can run off to a place where their salvation awaits them. Both Kyoko and Homura can see there's no sense in trying to convince her so Homura stops time. However, Mami is still moving. Homura looks down to see the floor is littered with ribbons going in every direction. This is why Mami had waited for them there inside the classroom.

There's no point in stopping time in a place like this. Mami has outsmarted them. She throws out some ribbons and ensnares Mabayu in them, vowing to break the brainwashing Mabayu is clearly under. However, Madoka steps in and shoots several of her arrows, tearing up the ribbons that bind Mabayu and set her free. Kyoko congratulates the newbie, but Mami warns them she's not going to hold back if she's going to resist. Mami summons hundreds of her muskets that surround the girls.

She sets off the muskets, peppering the group of girls with a shower of bullets. She warns them not to get between her and Mabayu. She begins to cry and soon she breaks down in tears. It wasn't supposed to go like this. She had only ever wanted to protect everyone and use her magic for others. Mabayu approaches her. If memories of the past are tormenting her, then she will cut the film of her life. Mabayu takes out her golden scissors as Mami pleads with her to stop. But Mabayu won't stop because it's for Mami. Mami demands once more Mabayu not call her by her last name as she fires a few shots at Mabayu. Homura calls out her name in fear but Mabayu assures her there's no problem. She can feel the movement in her hand. Mami cries out, practically screaming about how the Mabayu she knew would never do something like this. Mami tries to run but Mabayu follows after her. She almost catches up with her but Mami eludes her grasp as she keeps running. Mami warns her not to come closer as her ribbons shoot out from the darkness. Homura tells the team to cover for Mabayu as they leap in and slash, tear, and knock the incoming ribbons away. Mabayu thanks them, but she has it from here. She's the one that knows her best. Those 'Memories on a Lost Film". The times from when they first met, the first time she practiced magic, the first time she learned about her ability to predict the future. Mami begs her stop reminding her of those times. She doesn't want to forget the Mabayu in her life. Mabayu apologizes to her for not having done so from the beginning. How she erased her own memories of their times together but had left Mami with hers. At the time, Mabayu had felt like a coward and didn't want to disappear from Mami's life and why Mabayu had seemed distracted to her. But now that she knows it's only kept her in pain, she's going to fix that. Mami still tries to resist so Mabayu tries to calm her. Even if her memory is gone, the time they spent together will never actually go away. The past they were in is connected to the distant future because beyond that, there's hope for all magical girls. So she hopes Mami will trust her. Mami stops crying for the moment. She looks into Mabayu's and asks if they were friends. Mabayu nods. They will always, always be friends.

The sound of scissors is heard as the film of Mami's memories is cut.

Day 32

In Homura's pendulum room the group listens as the news announces an emergency evacuation order due to abnormal weather. Homura looks around at each of the 5 allies who have joined her for this battle. She tells them how much she appreciates them sticking it out with her. Thanks to their collective efforts they were able to rob weapons from military bases and installed them at various locations throughout the city. It was only about 70% of their original goal but even so, she couldn't have done it without their help. Both Madoka and Mabayu don't really understand most of it, but they get the gist and are enthusiastic about the plan. Kyoko thinks the whole idea was pretty obvious, however Mami wonders if all of this will be enough to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Nobody answers the question as a silence permeates the room for a minute. Mabayu breaks it by looking at Homura. She's ready whenever Mabayu is. She looks into Homura's future.

The groups awaits with baited breath as Mabayu thinks over what she saw. Homura prompts her and Mabayu responds by tweaking their plans. One of the detonator switches was faulty and some of the missiles are misaligned. Kyoko offers to take care of it. Thankfully there's nothing else they need to do. If they can work together, they'll beat it! Madoka and Kyoko are pumped to hear this good news, however Mami and Homura are not. They both look away though neither says anything. Homura gives the final hurrah as they proceeds towards the final battle.

Outside, Walpurgisnacht cackles eerily as the group looks up at their foe. Mami asks Mabayu if she's sure they can defeat Walpurgisnacht. Mabayu laughs at the question and reminds Mami her future is always right no matter what she tries. Mami still doesn't believe her but for now she has no choice but to take her word for it. Mabayu doesn't blame her and asks if she's anxious. Mami admits she is. As glad as she is to be able to fight alongside everyone, not just Kyoko, she should be content and yet it wasn't enough. It felt like there was a hole in her chest, like something was missing. Mabayu can understand what she means as she's felt the exact same in the past. It's a hard to describe feeling. Mami looks at her with concern and asks if she wants to sit down but Mabayu reminds her this is no time for a break. They have to give it their all until the very end!

Carried anti-tank rounds roar...

Tankers explode...

Cruise missiles fly overhead...

Countless numbers of C4 packs ignite simultaneously.

But in the end...

Walpurgisnacht still couldn't be defeated. It was just as Mabayu had seen in the film. Homura approaches Mabayu, who immediately apologizes to her. Homura told her there was no need as she knew perfectly well she was lying earlier. Mabayu is aware Homura knows her too well to be fooled, so she tells herself she'll have to lie better next time. Homura bids Madoka goodbye then turns her shield, and resets time as the last hourglass is turned.


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