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Rebecca (REBECCA) is a witch that appears as a boss in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

Witch Card

MagicaRecord WitchRebeccacard.png

結界内にある柵の中で、自分が何をして良いのかも分からずただ毎日を怯えながら過ごす魔女。周囲を警戒するあまり瞳が増えてしまい、昼夜を問わず全ての瞳が閉じることはなく眠ることもないという。 この魔女は今まで一度も柵から出たことはなく、これからも出るつもりはない。 その柵の中では自分の手下達に飼われているつもりで生活しており、餌である人間を手下達が狩ってくるのを待っいる。常に何かに怯えているため大人しい印象だが飼い主である手下が倒されるとパニック状態になって暴れ出してしまう。


TypeSheep witch
EpisodesMagia Record Game, Episode 2

The witch of sheep. Her nature is insomnia. This Witch is scared of everything. Not knowing what to do, she stays within a fence in her Labyrinth. Being so wary, she has grown many eyes. There is no moment, neither day or night, that she closes all of her eyes at the same time, which means she does not sleep. She has never gone outside of her fence, and never will. She sees herself as her Familiars' pet and waits inside her fence for them to hunt humans to feed her. She looks so meek because she seems scared, but when one of her Familiars is defeated, she becomes filled with panic and goes on a rampage.


MagicaRecord FamiliarJosephcard.png



TypeSheep witch's minion
EpisodesMagia Record Game, Episode 2

Minions of the witch of sheep. Their role is to be shepherds. These Familiars stroll leisurely about their Labyrinth. They regard themselves as shepherds of their most precious possession: their Witch. Normally they simply watch over her, but when they see a stray human in their Labyrinth, they signal each other using the horns that hang around their necks. Once they have gathered, their hunt begins. Since there are so many of them taking care of the meek Sheep Witch, they do not have much to do other than hunt humans. They have too much time on their hands, so they spend a lot of their days talking about the quality of this year's cheese.

In Magia Record Anime

There are several noticeable changes to Rebecca in the anime:

  • Her name is spelled "REBEKKA".
  • Her eyes have been replaced with a black and white spiral.
  • The feathers that adorn her neck have also been changed to black feathers.
  • She has a new unique attack in which she covers herself with wool before spinning at her foes.


  • Rebecca is a Hebrew name meaning "noose" or "tie up".
  • Joseph is a Hebrew name meaning "he will add".
  • Kuro (くろ)'s fluffy cloak, hoof-like gloved hands, pockets that resemble closed eyes, lack of her own eyes, her weakness, her fearful personality, and her reliance on others to give her Grief Seeds make her greatly resemble Rebecca. However, because she is alive during an event that takes place after Arc 2, she cannot be the same Magical Girl.


Magia Record

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Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
Minion of the Sheep Witch
Normal Passive
Charged Attack Damage Up [I]
Max Limit Break
Charged Attack Damage Up [II]
Sheep Witch Minion. Role: Shepherd.
Strolls around the Labyrinth with ease. These minions regard their Witch as their most precious posession.


Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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